a light in the dark
a light in the dark
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First Time

It was a quiet night. The only sounds were the gentle rustling of the breeze 
through the leaves on the trees overhead and the peaceful breathing of the
man lying beside me. It had been so long since I had seen Aragorn sleep. I 
was worried about him, after all, he is human, and humans need a good amount 
of sleep.

I, on the other hand, didn't need so much. I was quite happy to see the whole night through without sleep; that way I could watch Aragorn. I could watch the graceful rising and falling of his chest as he breathes, the slight wind tugging at his tangled hair, and the content look on his face.
I loved to watch him, and I had ever since I met him. There was something about him that caught my attention and held it. He moves like no other, the defined nature of his step, the distinct swing of his sword.
Since our journey began, I could see the look of anxiety upon his features. I can't speak for the others, but I think it was obvious, although he tried to hide it. He tries so hard not to be like other men, not to be as open to corruption. I know something he does not; he has such a strong heart.
I've never experienced love before. The emotions of Elves are extreme, more so than those of other creatures, and I know this well; the feelings I have for Aragorn are intense indeed. Nothing could happen to make me feel any different. But I do not let my love take over, not completely. We Elves are still clear-headed when it comes to heavy emotion.
Aragorn shifts in his sleep and I notice the hand that was clutching at his sword move and rest upon his stomach as he rolls onto his back. To any other creature, the change in his breathing would have been unnoticeable. The deep, steady breaths change to sharp intakes of air as his eyelids flicker furiously. He is having a nightmare.
Reaching over from where I lay with my head resting on my arm. I touch my fingertips to his cheek. My touch is gentle and graceful as I caress his skin. His breathing calms slightly and his eyes flutter open. He looks at me, "Legolas?"
The hushed sound of his voice pronouncing my name reaches my sensitive ears. I smile at him and pull my hand back. He follows my arm with his gaze then returns to look in my eyes, "Thank you." He whispers when he realizes why I woke him.
"Any time," I reply, careful not to wake the sleeping dwarf the other side of the charred remains of the fire. After a pause I ask him, "What did you dream?"
"I dreamed of the ring, and of our quest." He tells me with an edge of worry in his voice. The sadness in his eyes portrays his dying hope; "do you think we will make it? All of us?" He adds with a falter and looks to me for an honest answer.
"I hope so," is all I can say. My heart saddens at the thought of losing Aragorn. My expression mimics my inner sorrow; he notices and furrows his brow.
He reaches his arm over and places his hand atop of mine and squeezes it gently. Keeping eye contact, I smile faintly at the warmth of his skin. As he begins to take his hand away, I catch it swiftly. He looks down at our hands and then back up to meet my gaze. He waits for me to speak. But I don't quite know what to say.
"Aragorn," I start, my eyes not leaving his, "Can we lay closer?" His reaction to my question is only to smile and nod slightly. I release his hand and slide over the fallen leaves until I am inches from him.
"Better?" He asks, his breath sweeping across the side of my face, "You should have told me earlier that you were cold."
I sigh inwardly as I thank the gods that I don't have to explain my want for being near to him. I give him a look of gratitude and watch as he pulls my cape to cover my body. The feel of his hand on my thigh sends tingles along my skin. I raise my head onto my hand once more. He is so close to me and I feel very light and peaceful.
"Do not worry about the ring for now," I say, "Just rest."
A frustrated look crosses his face and he rises onto his elbow, "I do not think I can sleep."
I sigh. "I shouldn't have woken you."
His expression changes upon hearing my words, "I'm very thankful that you did." He smiles reassuringly as he brushes his hair back from his eyes. He laughs slightly when it falls back where it was lying.
"Here," I say. With a racing heart I lift my other hand to his forehead and sweep the dark strands aside and behind his ear. My hand still lingers on his face. He remains still, his eyes staring into mine. Seeing his questioning look, I take a deep breath. On a sudden whim, I do something I have wanted to do for so long. I lean forward and press my lips softly against his.
When I pull back, I feel a slight blush rise in my cheeks, "I'm sorry," I whisper. He seems lost for words.
I await his response with great anticipation and worry. He shakes his head and smiles sweetly, dismissing my apology. My heart beats even faster as I start to repeat my previous actions, this time approaching his face slower.
Searching his eyes for permission, and to my delight being granted it, I close my eyes again and kiss him. His lips are those of a male, but still very soft and warm against mine.
I move my hand from the bed of leaves and let it travel up to the back of his head. I press him closer to me, deepening the kiss. As our lips dance, I tangle my fingers in his thick hair. Leaving tiny kisses along his jaw line and down to his neck, I breathe in his unique and delicious scent.
I feel his hand at my waist; he slides it up my side and to the back of my neck, holding my head in place against the warmth of his skin. I realize his breath has gotten deeper and faster, as has my own. This is what I've dreamed of, what I've wanted for as long as I have known him.
Aragorn's skin tastes so good, I am reluctant to take my mouth away, but I do. We are face to face now; his sky-blue stare burns deep into my eyes. Then he smiles. My heart skips a few beats then makes them up again by pumping even faster, if that is even possible.
"What's happening?" He asks.
I try to think, but my head can't see through the intense blur. I don't answer, I just continue to gaze at his face. His wonderfully dark hair drapes at his temples, some hangs over his endless blue eyes. His lips curl up into that smile I adore so much.
I touch his arm tenderly and he brings it down to meet mine. I trace the curve of his hand with my fingertips, feeling how strong yet sensitive it is. My eyes slide closed as I imagine him touching me elsewhere. I lace my fingers between his and revel in the touch.
With my eyes still closed, I feel his lips on mine once more. He is so delicate in his actions. I find myself craving him in a way I've wanted no other.
My heart hammering in my chest, I bring my leg forward and place it between his, pressing up lightly at first. At feeling his growing hardness, I let out a stifled moan. Aragorn presses into my thigh and takes a sharp, deep breath as the pressure builds.
His eyes are heavy-lidded as he looks on at me, silently begging me to go on. I don't give it a second thought. I lower my hands to his tunic and, with unsteady fingers, I manage to get the layers of material off. I soak in the sight of the Ranger half-naked. I have never been with another male before, and I am sure he hasn't. This is our first time.
I lower my mouth to his toned and muscular chest and begin to kiss the expanse of revealed skin. I take his nipple into my mouth and shudder when I hear the groan from deep in his throat.
Despite the chilling air, his skin is on fire under my lips. I want to taste every single inch of him and he doesn't seem to want me to stop.
I have never seen this side of him before; he looks so helpless, yet so full of passion. "Legolas," He whimpers my name and I stop my exploration of his upper body to look up at his face. He nods sideways and I see that he is worried about the sleeping dwarf being woken. I give him a look of excitement, knowing that being so close to being caught would fuel our passion even more.
I notice my own throbbing hardness but return to pleasing the one I love. My hands wander to the waist of his leggings. I'm afraid that I'll pass out in anticipation. He gives a little nod and I set about removing them.
He licks his lips subconsciously as I position my body so my head is above his source of pleasure. Still keeping eye contact, I lower my head slowly. He bites down on his bottom lip and strains to lift his hips, but I place my hands on either side of his pelvis, securing him in place.
I hear soft noises coming from him and I watch as his face floods with total pleasure. As he nears climax, he writhes under my hands and his breath becomes fast and ragged. With a few more descents, I feel his body tense as he releases.
I return my eyes to see the look of ecstasy on his features. His eyes are closed and his lips are curled in a blissful smile. I smile and drink in the view. After a long moment, I say, "Aragorn, are you alright?" He opens his eyes to look at me.
He waits until his breathing is back to normal and answers, "Yes," and sits up. He senses my need and begins to undress me, kissing around my neck as his skilful hands remove my clothing. I feel the blood surging through my veins as his lips flutter over my skin.
He kisses me passionately, our tongues gliding along one another. Pulling back from the kiss, my gaze lingers on his, then he changes position and lets me enter him. The sensations this brings upon me sends warm rays of light washing over me completely, making me lose track of time. All I am aware of is him. The way he feels against me, around me. Even with my Elvish hearing, the only thing I can hear is our laboured breathing and the moans escaping his lips.
After the height of our shared rapture, I return to lie on the leaves and Aragorn collapses by my side.
He lets out the breath he had been holding, staring straight up into the night sky. I shift closer to him, he turns to look at me, and after a little while he says, "You amaze me , Legolas, after all you have been through, you are still so beautiful." I blush and lay my head on his shoulder, basking in the sweet afterglow and the love of the man lying beside me.