a light in the dark
a light in the dark
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The lights streamed past him. Orlando hugged the small jacket to himself, 
cursing that he hadn’t worn something warmer. As he stood back from the 
road, he could hear the steady pumping of the club music behind him and the 
nocturnal drone of the city all around.
Closing his eyes for a moment, he let the noises seep through his skin. He 
thought of the club he had just left behind, how strangely comforting the 
music had been, he had felt like he was wrapped up in a blanket, shielded 
from the harsh world outside. His faint smile withered when a chill wind 
blew about him. He shivered.
Orlando blinked to try to clear his vision. The extra cocktails were 
beginning to take effect. He had been drinking all night, but as the hours 
had slipped by and as the reality that he would soon have to leave had set 
in; he had drained more glasses than he could remember.
Looking anxiously for a taxicab, he noticed that his breath escaped his lips 
in small white clouds, it was colder than he had earlier thought. He began 
to get restless, patience was not his strong point and it never had been. 
Orlando wondered why there were no cabs.
Turning around, he saw that the hard ground gave way to a grassy area that 
led away from the busy road. The darkness seemed to beckon him, he wondered 
if it was just because he was very drunk. He shook his head. The sudden 
movement dizzied him and his head began to swim. Needing to sit down, he 
walked forwards uncertainly, forgetting all about waiting for a taxi.
There was no bench in sight, so he approached a low brick wall that 
separated the grass and concrete and slumped down onto it. He was thankful 
when the dizziness lessened. He didn’t know what he was going to do; he just 
needed to sit.
Hearing voices behind him, Orlando turned quickly, placing his hands on the 
wall to stop him from falling. He couldn’t see anything, he wondered if he 
had imagined the voices.
Sighing and returning too look across the desolate ground, Orlando felt a 
sharp pain at the back of his head and then everything turned black.
When Orlando opened his eyes, he quickly realised that he was being dragged 
over grass. It was cold and damp, even through his jeans. Terror spread 
through him. He tried to look up at his captor, but it was too dark and the 
ache in his head flooded his thoughts.
He had been hit. It must have been blunt, he thought to himself just as the 
strong hand that held the back of his jacket collar dropped him. He fell 
with a cringe, the cut on his head hitting the ground. Lifting his hand to 
the small wound, Orlando felt a trickle of blood in his short hair.
Just then he heard a small laugh. A tall figure stepped into view, while 
another pair of hands grabbed his shoulders. He was too weak to struggle.
Orlando couldn’t make out the features of the man that loomed over him; he 
just stared, frightened, into his shadowed face. He tried to speak, but 
sickness rose in his stomach, forcing silence upon him.
The hands that held him turned him around roughly so that he was lying flat 
on the ground. This new position startled him even more; he couldn’t see 
anything. The hands returned, but this time they were at his hips, reaching 
around to unfasten his jeans. He then he felt them being tugged down to his 
The cold air hit his naked flesh, telling him that this was actually 
happening. He felt a cry burst from his throat as the realisation that had 
been delayed by that alcohol finally set in.
A different hand touched him now; this new contact was frighteningly gentle. 
It ran up the inside of his thigh and was taken away just as suddenly as it 
had come. Mere seconds passed, but they seemed to last forever to Orlando. 
He dreaded what was to come.
As he felt his buttocks being parted, he let out another cry and struggled 
to get free, but hands soon pinned him to the floor with fingers that dug 
deep into his shoulders. He could do nothing but squirm under the force.
Without warning, he felt the man’s hard length pierce his tight opening and 
push its way inside, the dry stretch ripping his sensitive skin. The pain 
was more than Orlando could take, he buried his face into the grass.
He lifted his head as his captor began to pummel into him, his features 
twisted in agony. Burning tears rolled down his dirtied cheeks as thrust 
after thrust came. He shut his eyes tight and wished it would stop. But it 
The pain grew even more and lights started to flash behind Orlando’s eyes. 
With his hands digging into the soft ground, there was a final thrust and a 
deep-throated groan as he felt the spill of warm seed deep inside him. He 
wept silently, thoroughly exhausted.
After the man drew back out of his sore and torn flesh, the hands that held 
him were taken away. He didn’t dare to move. He didn’t even know if he could 
move. After a little while, he heard rustling and then hurried footsteps on 
the concrete. All was silent around him. He was alone.
Using the tiny shred of will that he still had left, Orlando rolled onto his 
back and stared up at the dark, cloudy sky. His mind was full of incoherent 
thoughts. He reached down and managed to pull up his jeans. Another wave of 
tears erupted, this time he let out the strangled cries that fought their 
way out of his throat.
Nausea came over Orlando. He rolled again onto his side and released the 
acidy vomit. Choking and shaking, he finally got to his knees and spread his 
hands on the grass in front of him.
The pain still remained, making it impossible for him to try to stand. He 
bowed his head and felt the world around him slip away as he collapsed.
He stirred at the sound of his name. He was being called by a familiar 
voice, but he couldn’t make out who it was. His head was a blur. Then memory 
of the assault flooded back and he crumbled again.
He didn’t care that he was now wet and freezing. He vaguely noted that it 
must have been raining while he was unconscious.
Orlando sat up gingerly; he was still extremely sore. He looked around and 
saw the silhouette of a person coming towards him from far off. Fear ran 
through his veins once again. He began to tremble, awaiting the 
“Orlando!” The person appeared to have seen him, and changed pace. As the 
figure came closer, now jogging, he realised that it was a man, but he still 
couldn’t see him properly.
The man slowed just before he approached him. Orlando let out the breath he 
hadn’t known he had been holding as he recognised who it was. His barely 
shoulder-length hair was tangled and wet, and his face was a mask of worry.
“Viggo?” He choked out, hardly resembling his own voice. He whimpered and 
tried to crawl away backwards as Viggo bent down and offered his hand to 
The older man’s brow furrowed as he took in the sight before him. Orlando 
was terrified. He noticed that he was covered in mud, his jeans were open 
and he was obviously in great pain. His mind raced through many possible 
causes, but he settled on only one. “I’m here to help,” he reassured him.
Orlando closed his eyes at the rough, yet smooth voice and let a few tears 
slip from beneath his lashes. Then he felt a warm hand on his shoulder. The 
touch was light, but it pressed the bruises that marked his skin. He winced.
Seeing the reaction, Viggo took his hand away. But just as he did, Orlando’s 
eyes opened and seemed to beg for the safe contact of his friend. He 
couldn’t refuse such a plea. Lifting his hand to the tear-streaked face 
before him, he gently wiped away a new tear that made its way down Orlando’s 
cheek, “I’m here to help.”
Orlando had never been inside before. He sat down painfully in the chair 
that Viggo had lead him to. He sank back, trying to avoid the other man's 
eyes. Viggo stood before Orlando, checking properly this time for injuries. 
The lack of light did not aid him; Orlando had moaned in discomfort when he 
had switched them on upon entering the house.
Viggo turned and silently left the room. Orlando waited in silence. A few 
minutes passed and he began to worry that he would not return, but his fear 
lessened as he saw him walk back into he room, carrying a small bowl of 
water and a cloth.
Kneeling down beside Orlando, Viggo wet the cloth and motioned for him to 
turn his head so he could gain better access to the cut. The bleeding had 
stopped, but the wound was still open and raw. The contact pained him and he 
whimpered, but kept perfectly still.
The older man frowned as he heard this and he cursed silently at whoever 
could have done such a thing. A question that terrified Viggo suddenly 
voiced itself: did Orlando know his attacker?
Orlando felt the gentle hand retreat and turned to see the dark blood that 
stained the cloth being rinsed, turning the warm water red.
Viggo noticed that the younger man's hands were clasped in his lap, his 
knuckles were white. He reached over and placed his hand over Orlando's. He 
flinched, startled. His eyes were wide as they settled on Viggo's, but after 
a short moment he looked away, as if he was ashamed.
Viggo sighed heavily but inaudibly and set about finishing to clean the cut.
Orlando closed his eyes and breathed deeply, the scent of the other man 
filling him, helping to settle his fears.
Trying to talk to Orlando proved a very hard task, but Viggo already knew it 
would be. Of course he wasn't going to talk about the attack so soon, if 
ever. Still, Viggo cooed soft words of comfort into his ear as he sat beside 
He did not sit too close, for Orlando had shown before that he did not want 
to feel trapped, but close enough so that the young man would know that he 
was there, helping him.
Without a word, Orlando shifted towards the older man and leaned his head on 
his shoulder. He looked like a child who had just woke from a nightmare, 
Viggo thought to himself, saddened.
Orlando closed his eyes, thankful that he hadn't been pushed away. He needed 
the stability of his friend, knowing that he wouldn't be able to cope alone. 
He then realised that no one else would have been able to reach him like 
Viggo had. He needed Viggo.
Orlando felt the steady beat of Viggo's heart against his cheek. He felt 
warmth radiating from him. He felt his strong hands holding him. Yet he felt 
empty. A burning tear slipped from his eye and crawled down his cheek.
He felt the tiny shivers coming from Orlando and wrapped his arms around 
him. Closing the gap between them, Viggo placed a small kiss on the top of 
Orlando's forehead.
Upon feeling this, the younger man lost himself in the embrace, clinging on 
to the sensations of the tiny kiss. It made him feel safe.
Neither knew how much time passed as they sat together, and neither cared. 
Orlando was now curled up beside Viggo. He was content in just holding the 
young man, his arms around him, his fingertips moving in little circles on 
his back. He looked down at Orlando's face and thought to himself how 
beautiful he was.
Viggo stopped himself. He wasn't ashamed of what he was feeling, but he felt 
guilty. His friend had been raped only a few hours before.
Orlando had his eyes closed and was just drifting off to sleep when he felt 
the other man shift slightly. He opened his eyes and drew back. He didn't 
look at Viggo straight away. When he did, both didn't say a single word. 
Viggo smiled warmly.
Orlando responded by looking down, a heavy sadness shadowing him. When he 
tried to speak, he found that he couldn't. He was thankful though, he didn't 
have any words to say. He welcomed the silence, he found comfort in the 
Viggo waited. He waited for what seemed to be a long while until he spoke 
again, "do you want anything?"
The younger man looked up again, his eyebrows were knitted together in 
confusion, then his features relaxed a little and he shook his head. He 
attempted to stand up, but the pain returned and his legs were weak. Viggo 
caught his hand.
After Orlando was steady again, he locked his eyes onto Viggo's, this time 
more boldly. As they looked at each other, everything else seemed to fade 
away, there was nothing left but them.
When Orlando awoke, the first thing he noticed was that he was alone. He 
then noticed that it was light outside; the cloud covered sun battled to 
stream through the gap in the heavy curtains of the window opposite where he 
He looked around and saw that he was lying upon a large bed, the sheets that 
covered him were soft and they smelled of Viggo. Orlando breathed in deeply, 
the smell comforting him like it did the night before.
As the haze of sleep began to lift, broken images of the night flashed in 
his mind. The memories had not even left him totally. He wondered if they 
ever would. Just the mere thought of the attack sent Orlando's body into 
violent quakes as he sobbed. He curled up into a tight ball as his heart 
ached more than it ever had.
Hearing the devastated cries, Viggo putdown the book he had been reading and 
quietly passed through the door and into his bedroom.
After Orlando had finally fallen asleep he had gently carried him up to his 
room, having little trouble as Orlando was considerably lighter than 
He had sat with the young man for a while before returning to sleep on the 
The sight of Orlando in his current state brought tears to his eyes, but he 
held them back and sat down on the edge of the bed. Softly he placed his 
hand on the other man's shoulder.
Orlando was facing away from the door and did not see Viggo enter. He gasped 
and turned at the touch.
"Orlando," Viggo started, his voice soothing, quelling the waves of tears. 
"Do you want me to stay?"
Feeling weary and distraught, Orlando nodded.
Viggo paused for a moment before he spoke again, he knew what he was going 
to say, but he didn't want to have to, "do you want to talk?"
Orlando was surprised. Of course he knew that this question was going to 
come, but he wished that he could forget all he went through.
Viggo continued, "what happened?"
Scrunching up his features, Orlando turned away from him. Viggo berated 
himself. It was too soon, "I'm sorry, I don't want to push." The older man 
felt the overwhelming need to leave, but he couldn't leave Orlando alone. He 
fell silent.
Finally, without moving, Orlando spoke in a voice so small that Viggo hardly 
heard him, "I'm glad you found me."
"Don't leave," Orlando's words cut through the silent darkness. Viggo 
stopped in the doorway and turned slowly, looking back into the room. Long 
shadows were painted everywhere. He thought Orlando was asleep.
Viggo stepped back into the room, closed the door and walked over to the 
bed. The faint light that had come from the hallway was now shut out, but 
the pale moon shone through the gap in the curtains. It washed the 
motionless figure on the bed, highlighting his main features ever so 
Orlando's brow was furrowed in plea. Viggo could easily see the fear that 
besieged him. His eyes were wide and his hands clutching at the sheet that 
covered him. Inside the house was much warmer than the chilling wind 
outside, yet he felt coldness running through his body. He shivered.
The older man sat down cautiously, placing his hand on the bed next him and 
leaning back slightly. He could see Orlando a little better now, but not 
fully. He could also smell him, the pure scent that belonged to Orlando 
alone. The scent that made his head feel light.
The softness of the bed beneath Viggo welcomed him and he longed to sleep. 
He moved up the bed and lay with his head propped up on his hand, looking 
down at the young man. "Sleep now," he said, coaxing him to close his eyes.
Orlando complied, taking a moment to really look at the other man before his 
lids slid closed. He could still see Viggo. He smiled, the thought comforted 
Viggo gazed down at the young man. He thought again about how beautiful he 
was. How innocent, graceful, angelic. He shifted so he was lying flat, his 
face against the pillow, still looking at Orlando's face. He seemed more 
peaceful now. More comfortable. Viggo smiled.
Orlando stirred, drifting out of the dream that had held his mind through 
the night. It had been a lovely dream, but he couldn't remember what it was 
about exactly. He inhaled deeply. He could feel a weight across his chest. 
He opened his eyes and looked down.
The first thing he saw was long dark hair, it fell in waves about strong 
shoulders. An arm lay over him which he soon realised belonged to Viggo. He 
was still asleep and his chest rose and fell in long, slow breaths.
A little smile played on Orlando's lips. He felt warm, protected. He rested 
his hand on the arm that claimed Orlando as Viggo's and slid nearer to the 
man. He could feel his heat and longed to be in his arms properly, to have 
him surround him fully.
A thought hit him: he was lying with Viggo in his bed wishing he could touch 
him. This startled Orlando. But why should it, he asked himself. After all, 
he only seeked comfort, the need for contact. Didn't he?
Orlando was torn from his thoughts as a deep moan came from beside him. He 
almost felt it vibrate through him. Viggo was waking up. Suddenly feeling 
strangely guilty for the closeness he had created, Orlando closed his eyes.
Another noise came and Viggo shifted. He opened his eyes and saw Orlando. It 
was the most lovely sight he could have asked for. He saw that his arm was 
draped over the young man and that he was almost hugging it.
He was also very close. Close enough that he could just reach out and touch 
that beautiful face. And he did. His fingertips grazed down the side of 
Orlando's cheek. The fair skin was unbelievably smooth. He traced the line 
of his brow and around his eyes, gently brushing over his thick, dark 
Viggo thought he felt Orlando move. He stilled his hand and held his breath, 
but when nothing else happened, he continued his exploration, entranced by 
the young man. He glided down to Orlando's slender neck. His fingers stopped 
just above the pulse point, for the beat was far too fast for a person in 
Not daring to move a muscle, Viggo waited. Though he wasn't sure what for. 
Was he waiting for Orlando to open his eyes? Waiting for the accusing stare 
of those chocolate depths he loved so much?
The man was unwillingly drawn back to the fact that his heart was 
thundering, he felt adrenaline pumping through his veins and he began to 
feel dizzy. This couldn't be happening to him, he was always so calm. Why 
was this different, he asked himself.
A few long moments passed without anything happening. Viggo pulled his hand 
away reluctantly, wanting to touch the young man again, but knowing that he 
couldn't. He wasn't sure what to do next, he wondered if he should go, but 
decided against it. He couldn't leave Orlando alone, especially not after 
what had just happened. Had he made things worse for Orlando?
Not finding any answers for the questions raging through his mind, Viggo 
gave in and tried to relax again, closing his eyes and hoping sleep would 
claim him and take away the guilt he was feeling.
Orlando closed his eyes and stepped under the warm spray of the shower. The 
water ran down his cheeks, reminding him of all the tears he had cried 
recently, and why. He bit down on his lip and forced the bad memories from 
his mind. He brought his hands up to his head and ran his fingers through 
his short hair.
He thought of Viggo. He thought of what had happened that morning just after 
he had woken. A smile curled the corners of Orlando's lips. He remembered 
the way Viggo had touched him, the soft caresses that had made him want to 
beg for more.
Still lost in his thoughts of the older man, Orlando moved his hand down to 
his now swollen length. He wrapped his slender hand around it and began to 
stroke himself, slowly at first, imagining how Viggo would touch him. 
Leaning back against the wall for support, Orlando quickened the pace of his 
hand. He thought of Viggo's mouth surrounding him, bringing him to the edge.
Orlando's breath was ragged and his body moved in time with his hand. He 
felt the waves of pleasure build and all he could hear was his heart 
beating. He came with a delicious moan that echoed through the house.
Viggo placed the tray down on the nightstand and sat down on the bed. He 
reached over to the young man sleeping beneath the sheets, touched his 
fingertips to his cheek and whispered, "Orlando."
At the sound of Viggo's voice speaking his name, Orlando stirred and smiled 
before opening his eyes. He felt the lingering touch on his skin and stared 
deep into the other man's eyes. Viggo just looked back, he was held by his 
intense eyes.
Viggo finally broke the silence, "I made you a cup of coffee. Here." He 
picked up the mug of steaming liquid and handed it to Orlando. He lifted it 
to his nose, breathing in the strong aroma, then blew gently across the 
surface of the drink. Still looking at Viggo over the top of the cup, he 
took a sip.
The older man watched as Orlando licked his lips after he swallowed the 
coffee. His eyes followed the stroke of his tongue, gliding sensually.
Orlando felt a spark of desire strike within himself. He thought back to 
what happened earlier in the shower and a tiny smile came to his face. He 
hadn't given it a thought since. Wasn't it perverted that he had masturbated 
over the man, his colleague, his friend, who had taken him in?
He then stopped himself. A thought came to his head that should have been 
obvious, but he had never believed it. Did Viggo feel the same way about 
him? It seemed like he did, especially by what happened that morning upon 
His heart racing, Orlando decided to take a chance. He had always been a 
risk-taker, this is no different, he told himself. But it was. He knew it 
was. This was Viggo.
Without letting another thought enter his head, the young man placed the mug 
back on the stand beside the bed and leaned forwards, laying his hand on 
Viggo's. He looked back up into his face but he could not read the 
expressionless features. He took a deep breath and leaned forward even more, 
closing the gap between their lips.
The warm lips pressed against his own retreated. Viggo was surprised, of 
course, but he didn't want the kiss to end. Now far enough away to look at 
Orlando's face fully, but still close enough to feel the caress of his 
breath on his skin, Viggo smiled. The man before him looked so young, so 
innocent, he almost felt like he was taking advantage of him, but not quite.
Orlando saw this smile and his confidence began to grow. He wanted nothing 
more than to be even closer to the older man. Before, he had wanted to feel 
safe, now he wanted to feel Viggo's strong hands on him. He moved slowly and 
kissed Viggo again.
Kissing Orlando was like nothing he had ever felt. He rubbed his thumb over 
the back of the young man's hand and heard him moan slightly, his lips 
parting. Viggo used this as an invitation and slipped his tongue cautiously 
past the soft flesh of his lips. He tasted like hot sweet coffee.
The kiss growing with passion, Orlando kneeled up and removed himself from 
the confines of the bed sheets. He crawled closer to the older man and 
pressed his body against Viggo's.
Viggo snaked one hand up around to the back of Orlando's neck, holding him 
close. Orlando lifted his hand from Viggo's and placed both at his 
shoulders, feeling the strong muscles under his palms. Arching into Viggo's 
lap, Orlando let out a moan as he felt the man's hardness against his own. 
Pulling away just a little, he looked deep into his eyes, breathing heavily.
The lust in the young man's eyes made Viggo become dizzy, he let his eyes 
slide closed for a moment before pulling Orlando flush against him by his 
slender hips.
Orlando leaned into Viggo's neck, breathing in his scent and kissing and 
licking the skin he found there. This sent shivers all over Viggo, the warm 
wet touch of his tongue promised more.
Orlando began to move his hips, grinding into Viggo. The hard heat rubbing 
against him made him moan again, the need for more contact tore through him 
like a knife. He felt Viggo's hands tighten as he pressed upwards while his 
lips teased his neck. He slid his hands up into Viggo's hair, running his 
fingers through the smooth strands.
The heat in the room was constantly rising, the think air held the two men 
in a timeless embrace, moving against each other in a rhythm that drove them 
both crazy with desire.
Without hesitation, Orlando moved his hands to the front of Viggo's shirt 
and began to unfasten each button, going from one to the next with light 
fingers. Viggo smiled at how Elf-like Orlando actually was; his grace, his 
beauty. Pulling the shirt down his arms and dropping it onto the floor 
behind, the younger man sat back.
Viggo looked into the dark eyes before him and silently asked permission to 
do what he wanted so badly to do. The bottom of Orlando's t-shirt between 
his finger-tips, he lifted the material up and Orlando raised his arms above 
his head.
Viggo took hold of Orlando's hips again. Almost lifting the man, he set him 
back onto the bed, lying him against the soft pillows. Leaning over him, he 
let his hands travel down Orlando's bare chest, feeling every contour. He 
bent down further and kissed awaiting lips.
The kiss ended all too soon, but Orlando then felt Viggo's mouth traveling 
down his neck and chest. The softness of the man's lips was an erotic 
contrast to the rough stubble that dusted his jaw.
He kissed and nibbled a path down to one of Orlando's tight nipples. There, 
the older man took the hard flesh into his mouth and swirled his tongue 
around it, his prize was a tiny whimper from the man beneath him.
Orlando thought he might pass out from need. His eyes squeezed shut, he 
pressed up, needing contact.
Feeling this, Viggo moved his hands down to the top of the young man's 
trousers. When Orlando opened his eyes, begging for him to go on, he slipped 
his fingers beneath the waistband and began to pull the fabric down, but 
Orlando suddenly pulled away.
Viggo's brow furrowed. "Did I do something wrong?" he asked in a voice full 
of worry.
Orlando tore his eyes away from Viggo's, tears starting to well up. He 
wrapped his arms around himself as if trying to shield himself. Conflicting 
feelings battled inside him, he wanted Viggo, but he was scared.
Viggo sat back and a heavy sadness fell on him. What was he doing? He should 
not be doing this, not now. Looking at Orlando, he saw him shake his head 
just a little, but he didn't feel any better. Starting to get up, the older 
man felt a hand on his arm, stilling him.
"Don't go," Orlando's voice was barely above a whisper. A single tear 
started to slide down his cheek. He looked so vulnerable and frightened.
Viggo reached up and held Orlando's chin, bringing his eyes up to meet his 
own. He trembled under the touch, another tear falling. Viggo moved closer 
and wiped at the tear with his thumb. Orlando leaned into the palm of his 
large hand, closing his eyes.
"I won't hurt you," Viggo told him with sincerity that swelled Orlando's 
heart. His barriers fading slightly, he relaxed his arms. They both sat 
there for a long moment, their eyes locked, not a word passed between them.
The older man brought his hand down to Orlando's and laced his fingers in 
his. The gesture filled Orlando with warmth and a slight smile graced his 
Slower this time, Viggo leaned towards the young man and placed a tiny kiss 
on his lips, not wanting to push him, testing the ground. Orlando kept still 
and silent. Just as Viggo was almost sure that Orlando didn't want to take 
it any further, he felt the young man move close again.
Viggo looked up at Orlando's face from where he sat between his legs. 
"You're sure?" he asked, his voice thick with desire. At Orlando's nod, he 
lowered his head and ran the tip of his tongue up the length of his shaft.
Orlando's breathing was labored already, but this made things worse. He 
began to lose grip as he felt Viggo take him into his mouth. As the hot 
wetness surrounded him completely, he tried to lift his hips, but the older 
man held him down, firmly but gently. A small cry passed his lips as Viggo 
began to move up and down his length.
Viggo's own erection was straining inside his jeans, almost painfully. But 
his thoughts were taken away from himself by the most wonderful noises 
coming from the young man. Orlando was moaning and whimpering, the sounds 
were delicate, submissive. Orlando was letting Viggo take over.
In just a few minutes, Orlando felt the tide of pleasure collect and break, 
a deep throated moan erupted and his back arched as he released.
Crawling back up Orlando's body, Viggo left a trail of hot kisses. Orlando's 
breathing finally slowed and he opened his eyes. He moved his hand up to 
Viggo's cheek. "I want you inside me," he said, his hardness returning at 
the thought.
Viggo was taken back, he wasn't expecting this. Was he willing to follow 
through Orlando's wish? He certainly wanted to, he wanted it more than 
anything, but was it the right thing to do? He didn't want to hurt him, 
physically or emotionally. And he knew that at least one of these things 
would happen. But just seeing the look in Orlando's eyes, in the way he 
opened up his soul to the older man through his lovely chocolate pools, made 
Viggo think again. Orlando knew what he was asking of him, he knew the 
Smiling and nodding slightly, Viggo set about removing his jeans. Discarding 
them quickly, he reached over to the nightstand and opened a draw and out of 
it he took a small tube. Returning to Orlando, he leaned down and kissed 
him, their lips just grazing at first, then passion taking over.
Orlando could feel the other man's erection on his thigh, so close to his 
own. He moaned and broke off the kiss. He stared hard into Viggo's vibrant 
blue eyes. The older man saw the smoldering look and kissed him again.
Quickly, Viggo moved back down the bed to the place he had been a little 
while before. Coating two of his fingers in the lubricant from the tube, he 
laid it aside and parted the younger man's legs. His heart was thundering as 
he pressed the tip of his index finger against the entrance to Orlando's 
He tried to relax, but it was nearly impossible, having Viggo so intimately 
close was exhilarating. Viggo's finger pushed in slowly, passing the tight 
ring of muscle. Orlando winced as pain shot through him. The skin had not 
properly healed from when it had been damaged before.
Orlando took a deep breath and pushed the memories away. This was nothing 
like what had happened to him. This was what he wanted. This was Viggo.
Feeling Viggo's finger inside him, stretching him, made Orlando crazy. This 
was the closest he had been to anyone before. It hadn't mattered all those 
times with all those girls as it did now. This was what he had dreamed of, 
though he had never actually believed it, and now it was happening.
Viggo locked eyes with Orlando and pushed is finger in further, the 
lubricant making access easier. Soon, the young man let out a cry as Viggo 
brushed his pleasure point. Viggo smiled and removed his finger, receiving a 
whimper from Orlando.
Moving faster than Orlando thought was possible, the older man whispered in 
his ear, "turn over." Guided by Viggo's hand, he rolled onto his side and 
waited. After a moment, he felt the other man's hands at his waist and his 
leg parting his own. Moving his hands down to Orlando's hips, Viggo pressed 
the tip of his lubricated erection against Orlando's puckered opening, just 
as he had done with his finger beforehand.
"Ok?" Viggo asked again, wanting to make sure. The younger man nodded. Viggo 
pushed forwards slowly with his hips, feeling Orlando's muscles start to 
give way to his size. He used his hand to rub circles at the very bottom of 
Orlando's back, helping to ease the pain.
A tear formed in Orlando's eye and he bit his lip. He didn't let a single 
sound pass his lips for fear that Viggo would stop. That was the last thing 
that Orlando wanted.
Once Viggo was flush against Orlando's lean body, he moved his hands around 
and intertwined his fingers with the young mans. Then he pulled back almost 
all the way and pushed gently forwards, not wanting to hurt him too much. 
The tightness made Viggo groan into Orlando's neck.
Orlando's eyes fluttered closed as he started to move in time with the older 
man's thrusts. Feeling Viggo's heat inside him was the most erotic, most 
electrifying thing Orlando had ever felt. He whimpered as Viggo hit his 
pleasure point with almost every thrust. He felt the hot, fast breath on his 
neck and squeezed the hands in his tighter.
Time must have been passing slowly because both knew that their releases 
couldn't be far away. Feeling himself on the edge, Viggo began to pump 
Orlando's rock hard shaft as he increased the speed of his thrusts.
The young man let out a cry as he felt the height of his rapture explode and 
set his body on fire. Tightening around Viggo, he felt his seed gush out 
deep within him.
Both lay there, catching their breath, in no hurry to move or part from each 
other. They were perfectly contented just basking in the bliss of calm. 
Viggo returned his hand to Orlando's, stroking the back of his hand. He 
nuzzled in the man's neck, placing soft kisses there.
After a long moment, Viggo pulled back slowly and Orlando turned to face 
him. Upon looking into his aqua eyes, Orlando couldn't resist kissing those 
wonderful lips again. But this time it was not lust that fuelled them. The 
kiss was slow, deliberate, each showing how much they treasured what they 
had just shared.
Warm lips fluttered over Orlando's neck as he woke from a deep sleep. He 
felt skin pressed against his own and leaned into the touch. He opened his 
eyes and saw Viggo. He smiled, "morning yourself."
Viggo's hand was tracing the curve of the young man's back and their faces 
lay close together. Neither felt uncomfortable, but soon Orlando realised 
that he was hungry. He hadn't eaten since early the day before, "any chance 
of something to eat, Vig?"
Viggo stilled his hand. Orlando had called him by the shortened version of 
his name for a long time, but this time it was different. It was filled with 
warmth. He smiled and leaned in and kissed him.
"Mmm...I'm starving," Orlando grinned and began to get up.
The nearest thing Orlando had ever seen on Viggo's face to a pout flashed 
across his features as he replied, "you sure? We could just stay here all 
day..." He placed his hand on the tiny amount of mattress between them, 
"that would be fine with me."
A small laugh broke from Orlando's lips. He leaned forwards and kissed the 
tip of Viggo's nose and crawled out from under the sheets. Viggo lay back 
and smiled, watching the younger man fumble around the room, trying to find 
the clothes he had hurriedly discarded the night before. He loved this 
playful, carefree side of Orlando.
Then Viggo thought of the rape. Anger tore through him once more. But it was 
soon quelled by Orlando begging him to get up and get dressed. "That's not 
what you wanted last night," Viggo said with a sexy smile and got out of the 
Orlando closed the gap between them. He pressed his clothed body against 
Viggo's, running his hands over the naked form in front of him. He felt lips 
on his own and moaned just a little, thoroughly enjoying the moment. "Come 
on," he said as the kiss ended. He took Viggo by the hand and began to lead 
him to the door.
"Clothes first?" Came the older man's protest.
Viggo took a sip of his drink and looked up at Orlando. The young man looked 
so incredible, he thought to himself. Even after how he had seen him last 
night, the sight before him took his breath away. It was nothing special; 
anyone walking in at that moment wouldn't have seen what he saw.
This was real life. It was just beginning to hit him that everything that 
had happened was actually real; the torment and hurt Orlando had been 
unwillingly dragged through, the blurred days afterwards, and then finally 
when they had made love.
Making love to Orlando was like nothing he had felt before. The beautiful 
body surrounding him, the delicious warmth, the tiny moans escaping 
Orlando's delicate lips and the extreme pleasure that had erupted through 
Viggo had made it all like a taste of heaven itself.
Viggo soon became aware that his arousal had worked on more than just his 
thoughts, he felt the hardness between his legs and yearned to feel the 
younger man against him again.
Orlando looked up from his breakfast and caught Viggo's eyes running over 
him. He smiled. He loved having this much sway on the normally very 
cool-minded man. Looking down, he saw the obvious bulge in Viggo's jeans.
Viggo started as Orlando stood up from the table. He just looked on as 
Orlando walked round to him and pushed back his chair, surprised at the 
strength he possessed. Lifting his leg over Viggo's, Orlando sat on the 
older man's lap, straddling his crotch.
Then, a question that Viggo hadn't expected was spoken, "what happens now?"
Viggo knew what he wanted to happen, but was it the right thing to do? It 
certainly felt right, but there were things that he still wasn't sure about. 
One thing being the age gap, he was twice Orlando's age. But the main reason 
was the sensitive issue that he didn't dare to speak of: the rape.
Orlando, unaware of these thoughts, leaned down and kissed Viggo softly and 
whispered into his ear, "I love you."
Viggo's heart was racing, as was his mind. Orlando's words kept repeating in 
his head. I love you. This was no passing phrase said in a moment of lust, 
this was real. Yet he asked himself; how could this be real?
The older man frowned. Orlando saw this and traced over Viggo's lower lip, 
"what's the matter?" he asked, his voice quiet and soft.
Viggo caught his hand in his own and gently kissed the young man's 
fingertips and then his palms. Viggo closed his eyes and siged heavily, he 
wanted to tell Orlando that he loved him more than life itself, but he 
didn't know how to put it into words so it wouldn't sound like he was just 
saying it back.
"Viggo?" came Orando's voice, now edged with worry. Viggo opened his eyes 
and fixed them on Orlando's. After a moment, Viggo spoke, "And I've loved 
you since the first time I saw you." It didn't sum up what he felt for him, 
but it was a start. "I love everything about you. The way you move, the way 
you smile, the way you feel when you're in my arms..."
Orlando didn't let him continue, he brought his head down and pressed his 
lips against Viggo's. The kiss finished whatever Viggo was going to say. It 
captured the love and held them in a tight embrace.
Slowly they broke apart. Orlando ran his hands through Viggo's lustrous dark 
hair, as he looked into his blue-green eyes that looked back at him. He 
smiled. His head felt light as it had done so many times before when he was 
near to Viggo, even before they had gotten close.
Viggo moved his hands down to Orlando's hips, loving how Orlando shifted, 
loving the look on his beautiful features. How could a person be this 
perfect, Viggo wondered as he pulled him close again.
"Vig?" Orlando whispered in the older man's ear as they sat curled up on the 
sofa. The lights were out and candles flickered around the walls, a fire 
blazed from within the hearth, bathing the room in a warm glow.
"Hmm?" He answered, his eyes closed.
Orlando paused for a moment. "I want to talk about what happened," he said 
Viggo opened his eyes and turned to face Orlando. He moved his hand to the 
young man's and squeezed gently, "you can tell me anything." His voice was 
laced with love.
Orlando nodded and let his eyes close for a second and took a deep breath. 
"I was so scared, Vig." The sadness in his voice made Viggo's heart bleed. 
"There were at least three of them. They were strong...so strong..." Tears 
started to well up in his eyes and his voice was choked with hurt.
Viggo began to pull him close, but Orlando pulled back, shaking his head, 
and continued, "I...I couldn't do anything...they held me down. Then I felt 
him...I felt him..." He couldn't bring himself to say it, but he knew he had 
to. He had to say it. "He raped me."
The words cut through Viggo like a knife. He opened his arms as the young 
man fell shaking onto his chest. He wrapped Orlando up and held him tight, 
his hands securing him in place, one on the small of his back and the other 
on the back of his head, careful not to disturb the healing wound. He let 
his own tears fall freely.
After he had calmed, Orlando lifted his head and stared up into Viggo's 
eyes. The older man raised his hand to Orlando's face and stroked the side 
of his cheek. "You did it," he said with a slight smile.
Orlando's heart swelled. How could this be happening to him? It wasn't what 
he always dreamed of, he couldn't lie to himself. But this was perfect. It 
was perfect.
Viggo brought his lips down onto Orlando's, melting into each other as the 
kiss deepened. Viggo pulled back and saw the young man smiling. He looked 
like the weight of the world had been lifted off of his shoulders.
When Orlando spoke it sounded to Viggo like the voice of an angel, "I love 
you so much, Viggo."
"Viggo!" Orlando's call vibrated through every cell of Viggo's body as they 
released in unison. He practically collapsed on the younger man, his muscles 
giving way as the waves of pleasure crashed through him.
Orlando was so swept away by the sensations that he didn't even hear his 
name being spoken. A hand touched his face and he opened his eyes. Viggo was 
above him, looking down at him intently. Orlando simply leaned up and kissed 
his lover.
"God, you're beautiful, Orli,"
The breath caught in Orlando's chest. The way Viggo said that one word. One 
simple word: Orli. Like the whole world revolved around him, like he was 
sacred. Smiling, he brushed the hair from Viggo's eyes, his hand lingering 
on his face. He had nothing to say, he didn't feel he needed to say 
Finally pulling out of the young man, Viggo laid down beside him on the bed. 
Orlando frowned at the loss, but was happy again when he felt soft warm lips 
against his neck. Taking a deep breath, Viggo's scent filled Orlando. He 
closed his eyes and snuggled closer to the older man as he felt sleep 
Viggo wrapped his arms around Orlando and rested his head at the warmth of 
the younger man's neck. Looking up at him, Viggo smiled and let his gaze 
wander over the beautiful features before closing his eyes.
Orlando's lips curled into a little smile and he sighed contently. He didn't 
want to be anywhere else, he never wanted to leave this wonderful bliss. 
Nothing could touch him here, he was safe with Viggo. But most of all, he 
was loved. With that, he gave himself up to sleep.