a light in the dark
a light in the dark
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Flashes Of Red

Bright flashes of red echoes off the black walls
My imagination is murderous
Needing another's life-source surging through my body
Needing blood
White-hot claws scrape at the back of my brain
I leave my dark resting place
My footsteps are hollow
Roaming the midnight streets for a thousand mortals
If only I could quench my deadly thirst
My senses close in on a heart beat
I can feel it pumping
It calls to me
I approach the girl
Appearing from behind her
I place my hand at her neck
She flinches but knows what I am
She is helpless
Her dark eyes close as I lean towards her pale skin
I plunge my razor-sharp fangs into her flesh
The familiar taste fills my mouth
The claws in my head dissappear
My nerves burst into flame
She leans on me as her life flows into me
I pull my head away from the dead body in my arms