a light in the dark
a light in the dark
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My Love

In my head and in my heart 
Tears slowly falling 
Falling in the darkness 
I lift my heavy head 
Heavy with sadness 
I'm cold 
So cold inside 
My body tingles as a ray of warmth 
Caresses my pale skin 
I open my lifeless eyes 
I freeze at the sight 
The most beautiful sight 
I reach out 
As my fingertips touch her 
My heart explodes with happiness 
With love 
She turns toward me 
With a glance and a smile she looks away again 
I move to her 
Facing her 
My tears now made from joy 
She stares into my wide eyes 
I slide my hands around her 
Keeping her safe 
She wraps me up in her warm arms 
Protecting me from the darkness 
She kisses me 
Soft lips pressed against mine 
Blinded with love 
As we part I feel her hair brush my cheek 
I rest my bursting head on her shoulder 
I never want to leave 
Stay here forever 
Forever with her
With my love