a light in the dark
a light in the dark
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Where Are You?

Where are you? 
I can see you, you know 
You think I can't, but I can 
I can feel you 
You're cold 
I can feel your damp breath on my skin 
I can smell you 
Musty, old 
You follow me, dont you? 
Everywhere I go 
I can sense you 
Why do you follow me? 
Stalk me 
Watch me 
I don't want you to 
You're with me all the time, aren't you? 
Waiting for me to move 
You feed on me, I know you do 
Every time I move you become stronger 
Forcing me to move 
Why do you do this to me? 
You're close, I know you are 
I know because I can feel you 
Closing in on me 
Suffocating me 
I don't like it 
Why cant you go away? 
I need you to go away 
You're killing me, I can feel it 
Why do you want me to die? 
Where are you? 
You're inside of me, aren't you? 
Where are you? 
Where are you?