a light in the dark
a light in the dark
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The fire roared from within the brick fireplace. The lights were out and the 
flickering orange glow bathed the small room with a warm luminosity.
The auburn light danced over the redheads silky hair as she sat curled on 
the sofa sipping at a mug of herbal tea.
The petite blond walked over and sat beside her, looped her arm in her own 
and laid her head on a welcoming shoulder. Smiles graced each of their 
content faces as they sat together in silence.
The redhead broke the silence by uttering in almost a whisper, "Buffy?"
The blond looked up at her friend and smiled, awaiting more. "Thank you for 
bringing me up here. Its so relaxing, its just what I need." She closed her 
eyes for a moment, taking in the situation.
"Anything for you, you know that." Buffy told her with a sincere look.
"I know. Me too."
"Willow...Theres something I have to tell you."
"You can tell me anything." She replied with a smile.
"This isnt going to be easy..." She said more to herself, then, "Willow...I 
love you."
"I love you too." Was Willows answer.
"No, Will, Im in love with you." Buffys gaze not leaving her friends. The 
pretty redheads mouth opened but no sound came out, so instead, she blinked 
and continued to stare open-mouthed at Buffy after this shocking secret had 
been revealed.
"B-Buffy...I-I don't...Huh?" Willow suttered, leaned forward to put her mug 
down and turned back to her friend.
"Willow - "
"You're...Your're in love with me?" The redhead questioned, her brow 
Buffy looked down, as if she was ashamed, "Yes." She whispered, just 
audiable to Willow.
Willow reached out and touched the blond's chin, bringing her face back up 
to meet her own. They kept eye contact and without a single word a whole 
conversation was had via the expressions on their features.
"Oh..." Willow breathed, "Is that why you brought me all this way?"
"Kinda...I wanted to give you a break." The slayer answered, trying a slight 
"A break? You tell me you're in love with me and that's supposed to give me 
a break?!" She stood up in front of the cracling fire, looking down on 
Buffy, "Well?!"
"I'm sorry..." Buffy's voice was small.
Willow started to back away from the other young woman, "No...no, this is 
wrong, I can't do this, I - " She turned away, looking into the flames.
"Willow Please," Buffy looked down, "I shouldn't have told you..."
The redhead spun around, "A-And what? Lie to me all of our lives? See me 
everyday and not say a word?!"
The blond stepped up to her, "Will - "
"No, you think you can bring me up here and assume that I'll understand when 
you tell me a secret like this?" Tears started to well up in her wide eyes, 
"Willow," She breathed and took her hands, "Please don't be mad."
"Mad? God Buffy, you don't know the half of it!" She told her.
"Then tell me!" She begged, desperate.
The room was silent save for the crackling of the fire.
Willow took a deep breath and searched for the right words to say.
"Tell me..." Buffy repeated.
The redhead spoke slowly and quietly, "Im not mad at you for loving me, 
Buffy. I could never be. Im sorry for freaking out just now. I...Its just 
that...I feel the same for you..." She looked on at her friend, awaiting her 
"You...You love me?" The blond asked meekly, her brow furrowed at the 
extremely familiar secret.
"Always have." Willow replied with a warm smile. She feared that Buffy would 
reject her.
Instead, the slayer leaned forwards and pressed her lips softly against 
Willows. The touch was electric for each of them.
As Buffy pulled back, needing her head to stop spinning, Willow smiled and 
led her back to the sofa. They sat down, still looking at each other, 
looking for a sign of what was to come next.
The witch spoke first, "I love you, Miss Summers." She stroked a hand up the 
blonds thigh.
"Are you trying to seduce me, Miss Rosenberg?" She asked with a grin.
"Well, it depends..."
"Depends on what?" The slayer questioned.
"Do you want me?" This took Buffy by surprise, so she decided to take the 
little redhead by surprise as well, she captured her lips in a delicious 
deep kiss, her hands wandering down Willows body.
"I want you." Buffy breathed as the kiss ended, her fingertips dancing over 
Willow's exposed skin at her shoulders.
A smile grew on the redhead's face as she let her eyes side closed as she 
marvelled at the direction this evening had taken. She was loving it. She 
was loving Buffy.
The slayer's touch made it's way down Willow's front and rested at her 
breasts, teasingly not touching where the witch wanted her to.
"Buffy..." Willow moaned.
Buffy's lips fluttered over the soft skin of Willow's neck, mimicing the 
path of her fingers before. She slid down the strap of the witch's top to 
gain better access.
Willow leaned into the blond and laid her hands at her waist, pulling her 
Buffy looked up at her friend and seeing the bliss on her perfect face was 
so wonderful. She felt her heart race even more as she realsied she had 
never done anything like this before, except in her fantacies.
She continued to kiss and lick a path down to the top of Willow's top.
Without a word the little redhead gracefully lifted off the piece of 
clothing and dropped it to the floor. Willow looked at her love without 
caring about sitting beside her exposed like she was.
Buffy marvelled at how truely beautiful Willow was. But then she had always 
thought so, even when she had first sworn to never tell the witch her 
"What?" Willow asked softly.
"Do you know how beautiful you are?" The blond replied, tucking stray hair 
behind the redhead's ear.
At this Willow just smiled and leaned in for another lingering kiss, this 
time touching her tongue to Buffy's lips and being granted access.
This feeling overwhelmed both women. Both subconciously wondered how and why 
it felt so good.
With their arms wrapped around each other, the kiss continued for a wihle 
until they broke it off in unison, leaving tiny kisses on pleased lips.
Willow leaned in and kissed the slayer again passionately, her tongue 
dancing with Buffys.
A moan came from the slayers throat as the redheads hand grazed her breast.
Willow felt Buffys nipples harden. She knew that this was what they both 
wanted. She fingered the bottom hem of the blonds top and a second later she 
was pulling it up and over her head as she took her lips away from Buffys.
Willow...Touch me. The slayer pleaded, looking directly into the witchs 
emerald eyes.
Willow ducked her head and kissed the slayers neck once more as she removed 
Buffys bra. She gently touched the tiny mounds of rose-coloured flesh before 
leaving a trail of hot kisses down to perky breasts.
She took each nipple into her warm mouth and sucked it, creating more soft 
moans from the blond.
The redhead removed her mouth and lowered her hands to Buffys pants. She was 
nervous, but continued to unzip then drop them to the floor where the other 
clothes lay.
Buffy refused access to her lips and took Willows hand and tugged at it so 
they were both standing. She moved so they were in front of the warm fire, 
Didnt want you to get cold...
Cold? The witch asked, but soon understood when Buffy had finished removing 
every item of clothing except from their panties.
...If I knew it would be this good, I wouldnt have thought twice about 
keeping my love for you a secret. The blond said in a whisper which made the 
redheads skin grow hot.
Willow reached out and drew her love closer, getting to her knees, she 
looked up into that beautiful face and, with her eyes, asked for permission 
to go further.
Buffy's eyes were fixed upon the request on Willow's face, in her wide eyes.
With a smile, the blond nodded her head and closed her eyes as she felt her 
panties being removed.
The redhead felt her heart beating even faster than it already was, she 
wondered if it was healthy for it to be beating this fast. She looked from 
the slayer's face, down her chest, resting upon her breasts for a moment and 
then down her stomach, and finally stopping at her sex.
Willow placed her hands on Buffy's hips, guiding her to a chair by the fire. 
She took a deep breath and leaned forwards.
Buffy gasped as the witch licked her tongue along her nether lips and delved 
in locating her centre.
The moist heat of Willow's tongue made the blond's head spin; she was 
thankful for the chair beneath her. The feelings that her best friend was 
creating were beyond powerful.
The redhead worried if she was doing it right. She grinned when she heard 
Buffy take small intakes of breath, causing tiny quakes throughout her naked 
Willow pressed her mouth harder to Buffy's sensitive skin and swriled her 
tongue faster.
Buffy moved her hands to the hard wood of the arms of the chair and held on 
tight, knowing that she would explode any second.
And then she did. The witch felt the slayer's body tense, shake and relax as 
she stopped her assult with her tongue and moved down, licking up as much as 
she could of Buffy's sweet nectar.
"Oh Willow," She breathed and Willow moved so her face was cenermetres from 
hers' and kissed her softly.
Buffy tasted herself on the redhead's lips and wondered what Willow tasted 
like, wondered if she tasted like she did herself.
Her inquisitivness got the better of her and she saw the way Willow was 
looking at her and she knew what she was going to do, "Now, Willow, it's 
your turn." She told her and swapped places with the other young woman.
After Buffy ran her fingertips over Willow's soaked panties and slid them 
down her perfect thighs.
The redhead's breathing increased rapidly and she felt sleek fingers slide 
into her tight opening and saw the slayer lean forward and flick her tongue 
over her centre.
Willow watched her best friend's head bob up and down between her thighs. 
She saw how careful Buffy was, it made her heart flutter.
The slayer's skin was on fire, her love tasted so good. The warmth radiating 
from her was competing with the nearby flames.
She drew her fingers out further and pushed them in deeper, producing a moan 
from the redhead.
Willow closed her eyes and still she saw Buffy. The sensations coming from 
below and the blond swirled around her head. She began to moan heavily and 
she felt she was close to climax.
The witch threw her head back and moaned Buffy's name as an orgasm crashed 
through her.
Then everything was silent. Even the fire was inaudiable as Willow basked in 
the wonderful afterglow. When she opened her eyes, the blond was looking up 
at her.
Buffy watched the redhead's blissful face, she was close to tears with all 
of the feelings and emotions. She stood as Willow did, bringing her close 
and kissing her tenderly.
Buffy laid her bursting head upon Willow's shoulder, tracing the curve of 
her back with her finger-tips.
This was how everything was meant to be, the witch thought as she held the 
slayer in her arms, still a bit hazy from her previous experiences.
When they were face-to-face again, Buffy placed a hand on Willow's cheek, "I 
love you so much." She whispered and kissed her again.
The redhead smiled and replied, "I love you too Buffy," She paused, "Come 
here..." She kneeled down on the soft flooring and the blond followed. "You 
got any other secrets to tell me, you know 'cos this one turned out so 
well." She grinned.
"No...But if I do, I'll definatly fill you in." Buffy grinned back, kissing 
the witch deeply. The slayer pushed Willow back and straddled her hips, 
"How will I ever escape?!" Willow playfully pondered. She pressed her sex 
into Buffys', "Why, I wonder if this'll work..." She grinned widely.
"Uhh...It's beginning to..." The blond breathed, grinding down into the 
redhead. Buffy leaned down and kissed Willow. She trailed her mouth down her 
neck to her breasts, licking and sucking her nipples.
"Goddess...Buffy." Willow moaned.
Beside them, the fire bathed the room, and it's inhabitants, in a soft, 
flickering orange glow.
"The fire is almost out."
"Yup." Buffy replied to the sleepy redhead as she continued to gaze in
admiration her amazing naked form. They were lying together on the soft rug
in front of the dying fire.
A smile came to Willow's peaceful face.
"What?" The slayer asked her.
"This is what I've dreamed of for so long, you and me, this whole evening."
The redhead answered.
Buffy placed a tiny kiss on Willow's lips, "Me too Will."
After a little while of silent gazes the witch mumbled, "I'm sleepy."
"Then sleep..."
"But what will you do, are you sleepy too?" Willow asked, her eyes beginning
to close.
"I'll just lay here with you." The blond said, kissing her forehead as her
boy relaxed further. Buffy rested her head on her hand an watched as her
lover fell into a lovely sleep.
The slayer smiled at her luck. Was it luck, or was it fate? She decided it
was fate, it had to be. She was finally with her love and everything was
The gentle curves of the redhead's body filled Buffy's sight, she memorised
her every inch. This girl was fabulous, but then she had always thought so,
before the secret, even before she had realised her love for the little
The blond leaned down and relaxed, lying beside her love as she slept. She
closed her eyes and wondered what tomorrow would bring.
Sleep took over the petite slayer and she slipped into a night of wonderful
dreams filled with Willow.
"How do we tell the others?" Buffy asked as she sat beside Willow in the
The witch thought for a moment, "Im not sure, maybe we should just tell
them straight out."
Buffy frowned, "What about Tara? Oh God, and Riley?"
Willow closed her eyes and tried to push away the feelings she had for Tara.
Although she loved Buffy, she still didnt want to hurt her girlfriend.
"Will...Ill understand if you still want to see Tara - "
"No!" She cut her off, "No...Buffy I want to be with you." She reassured the
blond, "...And Riley?"
"I dont love him...I never really did. It was always you Willow." She told
her, lifting her hand to touch her fiery hair, "Always."
As the cab drove the two young women back to their home they replayed their
wonderful weekend together. Both magic and memories were made.
"We are almost there, Will." The blond took a deep breath and slipped her
hand into the redheads.
Willow gave her a sweet smile, "We can do this. Together." She lifted
Buffys hand and planted a tiny kiss on the smooth skin.
The slayers heart fluttered as it had done the night before at the touch of
her lovers lips on her skin. So warm and soft she craved more of them. She
leaned close and tilted her head, kissing Willow tenderly.
The taxi pulled up outside the Magic Box, "Here we are, Miss." The driver
told Buffy. She paid him and opened the door, slowly getting out.
When they were standing side-by-side on the sidewalk with their suitcases
they looked at each other, before taking the few steps toward the shop.
The bell above the door jingled, alerting the rest of the Scooby gang of the
return of their friends.
"Hey guys." Buffy smiled and Willow waved with a grin.
Tara walked over to her girlfriend, but stopped as she the look on her face,
Xander joined them, "Hey," He greeted Buffy and Willow, "...Is there some
awful secret Im missing out on?"
"Kinda." The slayer said.
"We have something impotant to tell you all." Willow announced, slipping her
hand into her loves for support.
From where the redhead stood, her hand fixed in the slayers', she looked at
her friends. Xander, Giles, Anya, Riley, her eyes finally resting on Tara.
She hurt inside, but upon turning her head back to face Buffy, she felt and
knew this was right.
"It's about me and Buffy...We're together." She said, her face portraying a
mix of worry, guilt, hope and aticipation.
The blond saw a tear form in Tara's crystal blue eye and made it's way down
her pale cheek. In that moment, she felt the blond witch's pain.
Riley stood with his hand on the counter, holdind him up. His mouth opened
to speak, but he was unable to, due to the processing of this statement.
Xander stared at his two best friends and felt a wave of happiness for them.
He had seen their love for each other a few years ago.
The silece was deafening. Anya broke it, "So you are having orgasms
Tara looked directly into Willow's eyes. New tears streaking her face,
before running past them and out of the shop.
"Tara!" Willow called after the young woman, and then to Buffy, "I have to -
"I know." Is all the slayer said.
The witch ran out of the door and spotted Tara sitting on a near-by low
wall. She approached her and sat down, "Tara?"
The blond raised her head from her hands, "I knew this would happen,
someday. I knew it."
"What?" Willow asked.
"I could see it. I could see the tremendous love you feel for Buffy." She
wiped at her tears roughly, "I could see she felt the same...I don't want to
break that. I can't."
The smaller witch's eyes welled up with glistening tears, "Tara...I'm
"Don't be, please. I was only borrowing your heart, I knew all along that it
truly belonged to Buffy."
Willow wrapped an arm around the blond's shoulders and held her close as
tears spilled over her own face.
"Did you talk to Riley?" Willow asked. She sat cross-legged facing Buffy on
her bed.
"Yeah...He understood. Said that he felt something was wrong all along." The
slayer told her lover.
"Tara did too. She knew we were in love with each other and she had accepted
that a while ago. She said we were meant to be together."
"Like fate?" Buffy queried, remembering that she had decided the night
beofre that it was fate.
Willow smiled, "Yeah." She placed her hand on the side of the blond's head,
leaned forward and kissed her.
Buffy smiled and opened her eyes, looking into those of her loves', "I love
"I love you more." The witch said, a wide smile on her pretty face.
Stealing another kiss, Buffy replied, "Impossible."