Under Your Spell
The Morning After

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by Louise

Rating: PG-13 // 12

Pairing: W/T

Spoilers: Set in Season 4, after New Moon Rising.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Willow or Tara, (although I wish I did!) they belong to King Joss.

Summary: The morning after New Moon Rising.


Fluffy white clouds drifted in and out of the pale blue sky. Willow looked down and breathed in deeply the scent of roses and lavender.

Another, more powerful smell reached the pretty redhead. She closed her eyes, savouring the heavenly aroma.

When she slowly opened her eyes, she saw the most beautiful girl standing in front of her.

Willows heart skipped a few beats.
She noticed that the blond beauty seemed to glow, a golden shimmer with a hint of pink, closer to her smooth skin.

Willow raised her hand and swept a few stray hairs from the blonds face, revealing sapphire eyes, so deep that Willow saw to the depths of her soul. This girl was pure, she was total beauty.

"Willow," Her voice was as lovely as her innocent yet sensual smile, "Willow."


"Willow," As she opened her eyes, Willow smiled as she saw the angel that inhabited her dreams.


"Morning, honey," The blond stroked the side of Willows sleepy face, "Its getting late."

The redhead felt the heat from the girl lying so close beside her penetrate her skin.

"Sshhh." She leaned towards Tara and planted a soft kiss on her lips, "I love you so much, Miss Maclay." Her emerald eyes sparkled, despite the sleep in her voice.

Tara took Willows hand in her own and intertwined her fingers with those of the girl she loved more than anything, "And I love you, Miss Rosenberg."


The warm sun was shining as the two witches wandered hand-in-hand through the quiet park.

A gentle breeze whispered against Taras peaceful face. She remembered the night before...

She had felt so alone, sitting by herself in her darkened dorm. But then Willow came and changed everything.

She remembered the delicate touches and lingering kisses. She had felt Willow all over her, inside her; intoxicating, filling her.

Tara flashed back to the present as the redhead gently squeezed her hand.

They looked at each other with so much love and happiness.

The warm breeze shifted Taras hair over her face. Willow brushed aside the stray hair, "Is this all a dream?"

"It has to be." The blond pulled Willow into a deep kiss.