Under Your Spell

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by Louise

Rating: PG

Pairing: W/T

Status: Complete

Disclaimer: I do not own Willow or Tara.

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Summary: On the night of Taras Birthday, Willow and Tara remember back to the beautiful night that they shared this time last year.


"Remember the first time we danced to this, baby?" Willow held Tara close, whispering in her ear.

"How could I forget?" The blond breathed, gently swaying with her lover, wrapped up in her safe arms.

The room was warm and dark. A few candles were lit around the room.

Both girls listened attentively to the romantic lyrics.

Tara picked out the lines that reminded her the most of Willow; 'So dear to me, always keep me company, who needs to go outside I will be your silent bride...you fill me up when Im alone...I cant take my eyes off you.'

"...And I really couldnt." Tara told her girlfriend, following the last lyric.

For the next minute or so, the two witches swayed, pressed against each other, feeling each others heartbeat and the warmth of soft skin to on soft skin.

"Good Birthday?" The redhead asked Tara, remembering back to the sweet night she had asked the same question.

Tara smiled, "Best Birthday..." It had been.

The present music filled Willows head, 'So maybe your not as real as the others, but I choose you over all my past lovers, they have come and they have gone, but I can always turn you on.' She thought back to the decision she had made on that fateful night of the New Moon. She loved the blond beauty more than anyone and anything.

"I love you Willow."

The redhead opened her emerald eyes and lifted her head from her loves shoulder and looked into endless pools of bright blue heaven.

Tara saw the spark under the stray fiery hair lying over Willows peaceful face.

She leaned in and planted a small, loving kiss upon silky lips, "I love you too..." She brushed her lips against the blonds.

Hot breath lingered on Tara lips, she made contact again, feeling Willows hands gracefully gliding down her arched back.

The redhead invited her girlfriends warm tongue into her mouth. As the beautiful song ended, the two lovers laid on their bed, listening to the start of the repeat, feeling each others love in warm, tingling rays caressing every single inch of their beings.