Under Your Spell
Just a typical night at the Bronze

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by Ensam

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Rating: NC-17

Pairing: W/T, X/A

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Summary: Willow and Tara do a little more than dancing at the Bronze, much to Buffys surprise... Just a typical night at the Bronze...



The Bronze was characteristically dark, and pulsating with the latest soon-to-break band. Members of the scooby gang were dispersed around the room: lined up at the bar, grooving on the dance floor and huddled around one of the many tall bar tables.

Anya and Xander moved closer together to make room for Willow and Tara, who had just returned from the bar with drinks: beer for Anya and Xander and mochacinos for themselves. Buffy was still grooving.

"Methinks the Buffmeisters still working commando boy out of her system," said Xander.

"At least shes giving you some entertainment, Xander. Why are you looking at her breasts?" Anya raised an eyebrow. "Admittedly, she is not unattractive, however, I dont believe they are better than mine."

Xander blushed, and cleared his throat, as Willow and Tara exchanged grins. "As I believe Ive mentioned beforeits what guys do, Anya."

"Mmmm. Mochacinos.ooh! Uh-oh! Ow! Too hot!" Willow changed the subject.

"Are you okay, Willow? Would you like me to blow on it for you to cool it?" Tara offered.

"N-no, thanks, Tara. I can be patient-girl." Willow stuck out her burnt tongue just a tiny bit. "Well...sometimes..."

Tara smiled, then looked down, bashfully. Willow squeezed her hand reassuringly, getting her partner to furtively look up again. Shed been talking about the mochacino, but Tara had made Willow start to think in a whole new direction, and her eyes were starting to give her away.

Anya, as usual, was obsessed with something entirely different: herself. "I want to dance seductively against you and regain your attention. Xander?" Anya pulled him onto the dance floor, where she made her promise reality.

Left alone, Willow continued her line of thought. "My tongues still burny," she pouted, trying to look at the burned part. "All sore, and tinglingy. Wanna make it better?" She attempted one of her innocent puppy-dog cute looks.

Tara raised an eyebrow. She knew what that face really meant only too well. "Uh, Willow, arent were um, supposed to be here on scooby support duty? Dont you think we should be focusing on Buffy? Shes, uh, counting on us," Tara implored.

Willow directed Taras attention to the dance floor. "I think shes coping nicely, thank-you-very-much. Definitely not needing supportive scoobies at this very moment" Buffy was grinding against some appreciative new acquaintance. "She wont miss us for ages.cmon."

"But...W-Willow!" Tara allowed herself to be dragged off, with about the same amount of reluctance as Xander, which was to say, not very much. Tara and Xander knew their women well, and they werent about to complainwell, not really.

They pushed towards the dance floor and, at the last moment, veered slightly away from it. A wide pillar at the edge of the dance floor was Willows target. She gently pulled Tara towards her and started to dance closely with her. To the crowd, they were just another couple moving to the music, but Tara knew that she could expect much more than that from Willow. A whisper in her ear confirmed this.

"Theres a big pillar right behind you, so dont be surprised when you feel it." Willow warned, as she slowly moved Tara to the side of the dance floor. Tara felt the column to her rear, as they slow-danced to the heavy beat of the music.

Willows tongue started to work on Taras ear. "S-so youre t-tongue isnt that sore Tara noted."

"Such impertinence, my witchly one! Im counting on your Tara-ness to make me all better" Willow continued to lick and nibble. "You know that only you can ease my pain...dont you?"

Tara nodded slightly. She would have moved more if shed been able to, but Willows tongue was edging down her neck, as one of Willows hands held her lower back, the other starting to stroke Taras cheek. "Good...now, you better hold on to me tight if you think youre gonna fall..."

Buffy was boogied out and dehydrated. She brushed past the self-absorbed Xander and Anya, and headed toward their table. Empty. Two full beers and two barely touched mochacinos, but completely unpeopled. Buffy took a sip of what she supposed was Xanders beer, felt the sides of the mochacino cups and calculated. They hadnt been gone long. She looked around the room, expecting to see the witches returning to the table. No one was coming. Buffy directed her gaze to the dance floor, where she had just come from. No. Not there.wait Wasnt that the two girls dancing near that pillar? Yes, definitely Willow and Tara. But not dancing. It looked like kissing. Buffy squinted in concentration. Willow was kissing Taras neck. She looked away. They looked so I shouldnt be looking at them. This is private. But in full view of everybody? I mean its not like they arent in a public place or anything. Buffy couldnt take her eyes off the witches. There was something familiar in the way Willow was licking Taras neck Omigod-vamp-Willow did that! Looks like those two were more alike than I realised That was a disturbing thought. What else did the doppelgangers have in common?

Oxygen was definitely becoming an issue for Tara. Her breaths were constricted, as she knew that she had to remain focused or fall completely into Willows slender arms. Her lover had progressed from a slow neck-worshipping ceremony to some deep kissing that left Taras tongue grazed and her head dizzy. As if that wasnt enough, Willows hands were keeping busy too. Willow had moved Taras back against the pillar for support, leaving her hands free to roam in the places they chose. Willows left hand had deftly unbuttoned Taras shirt just enough to give her access, while her right hand had done the same to Taras skirt. Thank god Tara hadnt worn the elastic-topped one tonight, the young witch thought. I couldve broken a wrist. Tara squirmed, as the redheads hands got closer to their destinations. Would anyone notice? Maybe notthe music was so loud and everyone was dancing or drinkingat least so she hoped. Willow loved to do this, push the boundaries. It was a side of Willow that almost scared Tara sometimes, but she could never deny Willow anything, and she trusted the redhead implicitly not to go too far.

Willow was in heaven. When shed first seen her vampire self in action, shed been mortified. She was nothing like that...skanky and evil! But as time had gone on, Willow had realised that, in some ways, Evil Willow was just Willow with all the stops out. Angel had confirmed this when she had talked to him months later. Of course, Evil Willow was also cruel and sadistic, but that was because her soul was gone. Willow with a soul would never hurt anybody. But she did like a little bit of danger. And finding out what her limits were. Tara provided a safe place to do this. Willow loved her blonde witch and knew she would never harm Tara, and Tara would always allow Willow room to explore, to go wherever she desired, because Tara loved her unconditionally, in a way that Willow had never been loved before. The two witches were a perfect match.

Buffy was starting to swallow a lot. And it wasnt the dehydration anymore, because Xanders beer was all gone now. She couldnt stop watching her best friend, although she told herself that she was just making sure that it really was her best friend and not the skanky Evil one, somehow come back from the alternate Sunnydale. Tara didnt seem to suspect anything, so maybe it really was our Willow. But stillthis was a side of her buddy that Buffy wasnt sure how to cope with. Not dealing yetdefinitely taking a small side trip from dealing right now.

"Buffy drank my beer! How rude! Xander, Buffy has stolen my beer in our absence. Tell her I want my beer back." Exclaimed an outraged Anya.

Have mine. Xander pushed his beer towards his ex-demon girlfriend. "Although I do recall that youve had many warnings on the dangers of alcohol consumption, young slayer. Remember your Neanderthal self much?" He gave a concerned look towards Buffy.

Buffy continued to stare into the distance, ignoring them. Xander and Anya followed her gaze. "Is that Willow and Tara dancing? No, not dancing...oh! Oh!" Xanders eyes popped as he realised what Buffy was watching so intently.

"Are they having sex over there against the pillar? I cant quite see...Xander move out of the way!" Anya pushed Xander aside for a better view. "Yes thats definitely Willow and Tara having sex. Quite daring for those two. Usually they duck out of view when they start to make out. It can be difficult to see clearly."

"Theyve done this before? In what done-this-before-sense have you seen them do it? Do they do do this often?" Xander spluttered.

"Not have sex, just the kissing and touching. No skin-to-skin stuff. But Willow is obviously moving beyond that phase."

"Beyond that phase? Willow is good...and sweet...and...good!" Xander said, in complete denial of what was going on before his very eyes.

"Men are so blind. Willow is into kinky sex. And she has a willing partner. Shes very fortunate." Anya raised an eyebrow at Xander. "Tara is compliant and submissive. They are obviously very sexually compatible."

"Stop that! Xander plugged his ears and started singing. Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame"

"Dont act like a stupid child. You like kinky sex too. As do I." Anya sneaked a look at Buffy. "And Buffy is watching them intently. From the looks of it, she would also not be averse to mphwh!" She was cut off by Xanders hand on her mouth. Buffy had finally extricated her eyes from the witches dance floor antics and was glaring in Anyas direction.

"Anya, I think perhaps we should go." Xander knew that look and he didnt wish to go any further with this conversation anyway.

"I-I wasnt looking at them like that! I-I thought perhaps something was wrong...Willow would never..." Buffy trailed off as her gaze drifted back to the two witches.

"Oh grow up." Anya walked off, with Xander at her heels.

But Buffy barely noticed that theyd gone. She knew this wasnt Evil Willow. Tara wasnt in painexactly. Tara was, well Tara was caught up in the moment, thats all. Buffys brow crinkled slightly. I wonder how she feels right now Willows completely in control. To give up control like that to someone you love...who loves youthat must be the most incredible feeling

Tara was hoping that Willow would touch her soon. She bit her lip, knowing that Willow would get there in her own time and that nothing would make her hurry. Willow enjoyed teasing and if she knew how much Tara wanted her, shed probably only drag it out further.

"Ooh. Taras getting all twitchy...want me to stop?" Willows playful tone was taunting.

"No! Uh...n-no...I want...I mean...ohhh. P-please?" Tara begged, cursing herself for opening her mouth to speak.

Willows left index finger flicked the nipple of Taras left breast, the fingers of her right hand grazing her lovers inner thigh. The blonde witch was almost in pain with longing, and Willow knew it was time.

"What do you want me to do?" the redheads tone was almost sympathetic. "Just tell me, sweetie, and Willow will make everything all better..."

"P-please...please touch me..."

"But I am touching you."

"T-touch...touch me inside. Make me come." No sooner were the words whispered than Willow had plunged her fingers inside Tara. Tara gasped as Willows hand on her breast pushed her harder against the pillar. Willow wriggled her fingers, then withdrew as suddenly as she had entered. Her wet fingers headed straight for Taras clitoris and her mouth locked on to Taras before she could utter a sound. The build up had been so intense that it only took moments for Tara to climax, shuddering against the pillar. She held on tight to her lover for balance, but even so, gravity almost won.

"I love you Tara." Such a simple phrase, but it was so suffused with emotion that Tara nearly cried in response.

"My Willow. I love you."

"Can you stand? Walk?"

"Mmmm-hmm. I think so..." Arms around each other, the witches headed to the some darker corner with a lounge.

Across the room, Buffys mouth hung open. She was in aweand she was so...oh god, she was so wet. She had to go to the bathroom.

There were three stalls, one at the end filled. She went to the one at the other end and sat down on the toilet seat, waiting for the other woman to finish and leave. A flush, the running of a tap, and then the door slammed shut. She was alone. What was she going to do? Xander and Anya had left, had seen her watching, staring at her best friend make love to her girlfriend. Willow and Tara would act normal when they next saw her, not knowing what a complete voyeur shed been. How shed violated their privacy. What had she been thinking? What had Anya said...that theyd been working up to this? Did they do this sort of thing often? Didnt they think someone would catch them doing it in public like that? It would serve them right if someone did...oh wait...they did. I did. Oh god. And why am I so wet? Buffy started to feel her wetness as she thought of what she had just witnessed.

Through the haze of touching herself, Buffy became aware of voices. Oh shit. I have to leave. But before she could get up off the seat, she realised who the voices belonged to.

"Wait, Willow, someone might be in here. The end stall is closed."

"No, its jammed. The flush doesnt work. I was in here earlier, after the first two Dr Peppers, and no one would choose that one when the others are free. And no ones come out in ages. I was watching. I am very thorough. Call me detail girl."

"O-okay. If youre sure..."

"I am." The door to the end stall shut with a click. "Now, you were wanting to show me something?"

"Mmm. Kiss me and Ill show you."

Could this get any more disturbing? I have to get out of here! I cannot be here for round two But still Buffy sat there listening as the sounds of Willow and Taras kissing grew louder. A jolt of electricity flew from where her finger was circling to a very primal part of the slayers brain.


The kissing stopped momentarily. "D-did you hear something?" Tara questioned.

"Nnnno...keep going, please...I want you so bad...dont stop." It was Willow begging now.

Tara was sure she had heard something coming from the end stall, but her Willow needed her right now, so there was nothing she could do. Tara went back to her task of pleasuring her lover. She pulled the redheads jeans and panties down towards her knees and ran her fingers up Willows thighs. Willows whiter-than-white flesh made her look like some ancient statue in the fluorescent bathroom light, but her body was feverish with desire. Tara kneeled on the floor, holding on to Willows cheeks for support as she breathed on her girlfriends wet clitoris.

"Oh, Tara..." Willow gripped onto the top of the stall as her lovers tongue finally hit home and her knees started to buckle. Taras flickering tongue lapped gently at Willow until she could take no more. "Oh god! Tara!" As Willow had come, the blondes right hand had released its corresponding buttock and she had plunged those fingers deep inside her lover. Willows back slammed back into the wall of the stall as she came again and again.

Buffy chose this moment to leap out of her stall and race out of the bathroom. She figured the witches would be least likely to notice her leaving at this point and she couldnt risk staying in case they checked the stall on their way out. She stumbled as she left the room, almost losing the contents of her purse as she scurried out.

When Willow came to her senses again, Tara was holding her upright. She licked gently at Taras wet mouth. "Mmm. Familiar somehow."

"Essence of Willow. My favorite flavor." Tara licked her own lips then kissed her lover. "You look tired. We should probably go."

"Yes, but I need sustenance. In fact I need more sugar than the human body can handle." Willow grinned as she pulled up her jeans.

"Mochacino?" Tara straightened Willows shirt.

"I think emphatically mochacino. Didnt we leave some at the table?" Willow wondered as they moved out of the stall.

"Cold by now, I think."

"Yes." Willow paused and turned around, looking back at the far stall. "I just want to..." She opened the door. The stall was empty. "See, I told you no one was..." Willow looked down as her eyes caught something shiny on the floor. Keys. She knew the tag, but turned it over to check anyway. Buffy. Hmmm.

"Whats that you picked up?" The keys were out of Taras line of sight.

"Nothing, just a piece of metal-thingy. It must have fallen off the door." Willow considered, "Lets go, my gorgeous one. Our mochacino awaits."

As Tara waited for their fresh mochacinos, Willow returned to the table. Buffy was trying to look cool. "Hows it going, Will?"

"Okay. Taras getting post-dance mochacinos, Im all, you know, for sugar." Willow shook her hands over the table.

"Me too. Uh, I just got this one. Mmm. Good. Got to go now though. Late. Much sleepiness." Buffy babbled, then affected a yawn.

"O-okay then. See you tomorrow? At the magic shop?"

"Yeah...magic shop...sounds good." Buffy made to go out as she saw Tara approaching in the distance.

"Uh, Buffy?"

"Yes Will?"

"You might need these. Found them on the restroom floor."

Buffy blushed . "Oh! Thanks!" And practically ran from the Bronze.

"W-whats wrong with Buffy?" Tara mopped the saucers of the mochacinos she had almost lost as hurricane Buffy shot past.

"Dont know...mustve been the sugar in the mochacino." Willow looked down at her own. "It looks steamy. Want to blow on it for me?" Tara raised her eyebrow. She was going to have to get Willow home fast.