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by Gileswench

Spoilers: set sometime after The Body

Summary: Pure, unadulterated Scooby smut brought on by ice cream.

Rating: NC17

Pairing: Buffy/Giles, X/Anya, W/T

Distribution: Gabi if she wants it, UCSL. All others, ask and ye shall receive.
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Disclaimer: It all belongs to Joss, Mutant Enemy, etc., etc., etc. I just let them have all the fun Joss won't. I own nothing except my twisted mind which you really don't want. Please don't sue.

Note: The tile for this fic comes from a song on the album My I'm Large by The Bobs available on Great American Music Hall Records. It has virtually nothing to do with anything, but it's a great album.
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Dedication: To Savage and Quinn who have been such a help. Thanks for the idea, Savage!

"What were you doing back there?"

Anya glared at Willow as she slipped out from behind the counter.

"Nothing. I - uh - I just thought I'd see if Giles needed to reorder...eye of newt."

"The newt eyes aren't behind the counter. And they're salamander eyes, anyway. Plus they never sell. We'll probably never need to reorder."

"Well you can tell him from me that's what he gets for stocking salamander eyes instead of newt."

The redhead swept furtively out of the shop.


"Tara? Are you here?"

Assured that she was alone, Willow smiled and pulled the pilfered items from her sweater, laying them out on the bed. She pulled a spell book from the shelf and turned quickly to the spell she wanted.

Food Of Love.

One tiny sprinkle on something edible would make the subject desperate to have sex with their true love. Tara hadn't been in the mood for more than a week and Willow was going lust-crazy without smoochies. She was meeting the gang later at the ice cream parlor and planned to sprinkle the powder on her lover's sundae. It would take a couple hours to take effect, so that was safe enough as long as nobody suggested a trip to The Bronze after.

She mixed the ingredients carefully noting how much she used of each item and how much it cost. She wasn't stealing. She was just a little short of cash and planned to pay Giles back later. Maybe when she paid off her student loans.

The witch carefully poured the powder into a small vial which she then put on a cord around her neck. She would have to watch for her moment, but it was worth it to make love to Tara.


"...and I can't believe we haven't had sex in three days!"

Every eye in the ice cream parlor turned to the former demon and her boyfriend.

"An, why do you always feel the need to bring this stuff up around ice cream? This disturbing trend must stop."

"You never want to talk about it. Am I not attractive? Do you want me to change the color of my hair? Should I shave my -"

"No! I don't want you to change a single thing. You're beautiful. I love you and you're attractive. But I'm not a machine, Anya. You don't just put a coin in the slot and sex comes out."

Anya crossed her arms grumpily.

"Giles even asked me why I was in such a bad mood today. I bet Giles wouldn't let his girlfriend go three nights in a row without sex."

"Giles doesn't have a girlfriend."

"Of course not. He has Buffy, except that he doesn't have her."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Are you really so blind? He's in love with her. He has been as long as I've known them."

Xander's reply was cut off by the arrival of the very pair under discussion. They laughed as he held the door open for her and she backed into the parlor without looking to see if he'd done it. She knew. She turned to face their friends.

"Hey guys. Where's Will and Tara?"

Just then the door opened again and the witches entered the building. The gang took a booth at the back. Once they had ordered, Buffy excused herself to the restroom and Anya and Tara followed. Giles and Xander got involved in a discussion about their cars. Now was Willow's chance if only Tara's banana split would arrive.

The redhead heaved a silent sigh of relief and a prayer of thanks to the Goddess when the sundaes arrived before the other girls came back or the men noticed their choice of subject utterly excluded her. She opened the vial and began to pour a tiny bit onto the split.

"We're back!'

The slayer's cheery announcement made Willow jump, causing her to spill the entire vial onto Tara's sundae. she slipped the bottle away before Tara could see it.

Willow watched nervously as Tara took a bite of her ice cream and got a funny look on her face.

"W-what's wrong, Tara?"

"This ice cream. It tastes a little off to me. Here, take a bite." She offered a spoonful to her girlfriend. Willow decided it wouldn't hurt if they both got some of the potion, so she accepted the bite.

"Tastes like ice cream to me. Nothing off about that."

"Are you sure? I don't know what it is, but it tastes wrong to me."

"Here, I'll take some and tell you." Anya scooped up a spoonful unceremoniously and ate it. "Seems fine to me. You try some Xander."

Every person at the table ended up having a bite or two of Tara's sundae as Willow grew more and more uncomfortable.

Another magic disaster.

Giles would never forgive her.


Two hours later, Buffy and Giles were in the training room behind the shop. It had been a long, sweaty session and was getting nothing but longer and sweatier.

It was a hot day and Buffy had stripped down to a sports bra and a tiny pair of spandex shorts that left virtually nothing to Giles' fevered imagination. Her lithe body shone with sweat from the combined heat and effort. The Watcher tried to adjust himself unobtrusively, but wondered how much longer Buffy would remain unaware of his condition. He hadn't been this horny since his Ripper days. She was driving him mad with desire.

As for Buffy, she was almost ready to just throw Giles onto the exercise mat and grab him whether he would or no. She had practically stripped naked yet he made no move. He hadn't even taken off his heavy sweats.

With a growl of frustration, Buffy hurled herself at her Watcher. He was utterly unprepared for the attack, and went down immediately. She landed straddling Giles' hips on the mat. A slow smile spread over her face as she realized how much he was affected by her presence and near nudity. She gound herself wantonly against the hard length hidden by his clothes and lowered her face to his.

The kiss was wild and hungry as both tried to say what they had left unsaid for so long. It left both breathless, yet wanting more. Much more.

"I think that's enough hand to hand for today, Giles. I'm ready to move on to other body parts."


Willow tried to concentrate on her assignment for her calculus class, but Tara was beginning to drape herself seductively across the bed, lazily eyeing her lover where she sat at the desk. The blonde wiggled her posterior in an inviting manner and Willow's green eyes lit with desire. A crooked smile was emphasised by crooking a finger in a come hither gesture.

As if compelled, Willow rose and moved to the bed. She ran her hands over Tara's soft skin teasingly. The young witch whimpered and cupped Willow's cheek to bring her down for a fiery kiss.

"I want you so much, Willow."

Willow had always been generous with herself.


Xander gripped the arms of the chair he sat in as Anya knelt before him and unzipped his suddenly uncomfortably tight jeans. She skillfully freed his cock from his boxers and began to lick the shaft up and down, carefully avoiding the head.

All the time she licked and teased his erection, she watched his face with large, lucious eyes filled with love and desire. Xander was unsure how much more he could take when Anya suddenly engulphed his cock in her hot mouth. He threw his head back and groaned as he wove his fingers through her soft hair. He'd never been so horny in his life.

For Xander Harris, that was an impressive fact.


Buffy writhed with pleasure as Giles' tongue worked its magic on her sopping nether lips. She gasped when he thrust into her channel. Her hands gripped the edges of the exercise mat as her hips rose of their own accord to meet his insistant rhythm. Suddenly he pulled out and flickered his tongue across the swollen nub of Buffy's clitoris again and again.

"Oh God, oh God, ohgodohgodohgod Rupert!"

Without hesitation, Giles moved up to plunge his nearly bursting cock into Buffy. They kissed wildly, neither caring that his cheeks and chin were glazed with her juices. Her hands moved to his firm ass to encourage his movements. Giles balanced on one elbow so that he could stroke Buffy's hair with the opposite hand as they made love.

Soft words of love and desire were punctuated with groans and sighs of pleasure as they rocked together in furiously tender passion. After a time, their moans and soft cries became louder, their thrusts more impassioned, and Buffy's already tight sex gripped Giles' manhood even tighter. With a harsh cry to match hers, Giles erupted, sending wave after wave of sperm deep within Buffy's womb.

Still, Buffy gave him no rest. She petted his sensitive nipples and caressed his body as she kissed him deeply. He returned the favor with delight. It was a very short time indeed before he began to initiate more gentle thrusts. As in so many other aspects of life, he found that Buffy was already in synch with him.


Willow's tongue swirled over the hard nub of Tara's clit as she pumped her fingers in and out of the girl's sex. She ground her own womanhood against her lover's face as her caresses were returned skillfully.

Suddenly, Willow's thighs tensed and she raised her head to cry her release for the third time that night. Moments after she returned to her ministrations, Tara did the same and both finally collapsed in a boneless heap on the bed.

"I'm exhausted." Willow sighed as she rolled off her lover and pulled her into a tight embrace.

"Me too. But that was incredible. I hope the others are having as much fun as we did."

"What do you mean?" Willow tried not to sound too panicked.

"I saw the spellbook out two days ago when you were in the shower. When I took a bite of my banana split, I could feel the magic so I knew you'd done it."

"But...but you didn't say anything and, oh Goddess! You let the others have bites too. Tara!"

"Xander and Anya were going through a dry spell too. And as for Buffy and Giles, well, they just needed a helping hand."

"But, but they're...they can't...Tara! If they do...that...they can't!"

"Shhh, honey, it's okay. The spell only works if two people are really and truly in love. If they do make love, it's because they both really want to anyway. If either one of them doesn't feel that way, then nothing will happen."

"So I guess that means we're really and truly in love?"

"Was there ever any doubt?"

"No. There really wasn't."


Anya shouted as she came yet again, Xander's cries filling the air almost simultaneously. The former demon collapsed in exhaustion and satiety on her lover.

They kissed as they panted their way down from the high of orgasm.

"That was incredible. Three times. It's a new record."

"I like setting records. Can we set more records another time, Xander?"

He laughed breathlessly as he smoothed the hair back from her face.

"Give me a day or two to recover and I'll see what I can do. You know I love you, Anya?"

"I know. Especially now."

"Because I showed you in such a supremely manly way?"

"No. Because of the spell."

"Spell? What spell?"

"Oh Willow put a lust spell on Tara's food. It only works if both people feel the same way. If they're truly in love. Now I feel completly certain you'll never scorn me."

"Of course I won't scorn you. I love you. Now and always."

"I know." She rested comfortably against his chest. "And Xander? I'll never scorn you either."


Buffy snuggled happily against Giles' broad chest. She rubbed her cheek against him, enjoying the way the wiry hairs tickled her face. He dropped a soft kiss on the crown of her head and held on a bit tighter.

"I love you, Rupert Giles."

"And I love you, Buffy Summers. Though I must admit, I don't know quite how this happened. If I'd been more myself, our first time woudn't have happened her."

"Isn't that our first four times, stevedore man? Besides, this is our place. It seems right that it happened here."

"So long as you understand that was an exceptional performance on my part. I can't usually manage that much in such a short time."

"That's okay. I'll probably be walking a little funny tomorrow anyway."

Giles chuckled softly and kissed the golden head again. After a moment he spoke more seriously.

"Marry me, Buffy."

She looked up in surprise.

"You mean that?"

"Absolutely. I want to be with you always. I don't want to waste another minute being apart. Will you marry me?"

"Well duh! Yes."

They kissed with a gentle passion. When it was finished, she snuggled back down against him.

"It's probably a good idea anyway. After what we just did."

"Oh? why is that?"

"Well, after Riley left...I sorta went off the pill."

"Bloody hell! Buffy! Why didn't you say anything?"

"Well it's not like you asked. So are you okay with that? If I'm...y'know?"

He considered a moment. Would it be so bad? He'd never considered marriage until now, let alone fatherhood. Still, with Buffy...

"Actually, I think it would be bloody marvelous, love."