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by Last_days_of_pern

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Spoilers: Everything in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series if fair game

Rating: R (maybe NC-17 in the honeymoon scenes)

Pairing:  Willow/Tara, Buffy/Faith, Anya/Xander, Cordelia/Kate, Dawn/Danny, Iz/Samantha, Giles/Tabitha

Disclaimers:  Buffy, Dawn, Willow, Tara, Faith, and all the others (except Iz, Tabitha, Samantha, and Danny) are all property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, the WB (soon to be UPN), the actors, and the other creators.

Summary: A Wiccan Wedding.

*Willow and Tara's apartment*

      Tara gazed down lovingly at the small frame wrapped around her.  Willow, during the course of the night, had practically placed herself on top of Tara.  Not that Tara minded at all, quite the opposite really.  It had only been about a week since the accident, since Willow got her memory back.  Things were starting to get back to normal for them, well as normal as they ever got.  Tara's eyes traveled down the contours of Willow's body that wasn't hidden by the sheet.  Willow stirred a little, and Tara just waited for her lover and fiancÚ to wake up.

      "Hmm, good morning, how long have you been up?"  Willow asked groggily trying to raise herself up, but being stopped by Tara's grip on her.

      "Not long, you're beautiful when you sleep, I like watching you."  Willow gave her a shy smile.  Then turned her head slightly so she could kiss the skin that was closest to her mouth.  Tara let out a little moan for her effort, which just made her want more, and more, and

      "I love you," ever since Willow had gotten her memory back she felt the need to reaffirm their love often, she didn't want Tara to ever thing she had forgotten that love.  "Even when I didn't remember my heart still knew."  Willow was kissing her way up Tara's chest and stopped speaking when finally lips greeted willing lips.  There was no long any need for words; actions spoke more than the words ever could.  Tara parted her lips allowing Willow access to inner warmth that was her mouth, and it was Willow's turn to let out a soft moan.

      The two made love to each other in the early morning, conveying all the love and passion they felt for each other in every soft caress.  And when they were totally exhausted they lay together on the bed, limbs tangled together, and slept peacefully. 


*Magic Box; three weeks till the wedding*

      "It seems like a fairly complicated ritual," Giles stated while reading from the book he held in his hand, "are you two sure you can handle it?"

      "Well we're cheating," Willow answered, "we're taking out some of the complicated stuff that hasn't been done for millennia, and putting in some stuff from modern weddings."

      The entire Sunnydale chapter of the Scooby gang was assembled around the table waiting patiently for what Willow and Tara had called them there to say.  All they knew was it had something to do with the wedding, so they were more than happy to help out.  "Such as?"  Giles asked.

      "Well take out the sacrificing stuff, `cause eeew, and we want you guys there of course, and well we're going to exchange rings and say our own vows along with the pledge it says in the book."  Willow explained.

      "What of the coven of equal lengths?" 

      "Well that's kinds why we asked everyone to meet, Giles you can't `cause you're a guy, but we were hoping the rest of you would be our, well our coven for a day."

      "I see."  Giles said somewhat upset that he wouldn't be about to help out."

      "Mr. Giles?" He looked up when he heard Tara call out his name, "Willow and I were wondering if maybe"  Tara looked to Willow who nodded her head enthusiastically, "since neither of our fathers approve, and there is a part that one of the fathers is supposed to do, see he is supposed to start the ritual, and your like a father to both of us, and well we were wondering if you would do it?"  Tara who had been studiously studding her hands up till then looked up to see a slight misty-eyed Giles.

      Before answering Giles got up and pulled both Willow and Tara into a hug, "I would be more than honored."  Both girls let out a sigh of relief, neither had actually thought Giles would turn then down, but they worried all the same.

      "So exactly what does coven for the night mean?"  Kate asked.

      "Well since it's a Wiccan ceremony, it's normally done with a coven of witches, of equal length, which just means an even number, but we don't really belong to a coven, more or less one of equal length, and there is no magic involved, so it won't be complicated for you, and you guys are our friends"

      "Willow honey breathe," Tara said squeezing her hand gently, "it's like being a bridesmaid really, all you have to do is stand there and hold flowers without saying you disagree with the joining, easy stuff."

      "We don't have to wear goofy colored dresses do we?"  Faith asked a little fear showing on her face and in her voice.  Willow and Tara both laughed.

      "Nope, but please no leather, it is our wedding."  Willow looked to Buffy hopefully.

      "I'll make sure she dresses ok."

      "Hey, I'm offended."  Faith grumbled.

      Dawn had a somewhat puzzled look on her face, "there isn't an even number of us though, someone gets left out."

      "Huh?"  Willow and Tara asked simultaneously, they could have sworn there was an even number when they were planning it out.

      "Buffy, Faith, Cordelia, Kate, Marci, Tabitha, Samantha, Iz, and me, that nine."

      "You forgot about Anya, she and Xander will be here then."  Willow reminded the young girl.

      "Oh yeah, ooops."

      "How on Earth anyone could forget Anya after meeting her is beyond me," Giles muttered to what he thought was himself, but realized his mistake when everyone at the table burst out laughing.

      "Ok so you all agree?"  Everyone nodded their head in assent and Willow continued, "good that gives us three weeks to get everything together."

      "Will any of your families be making it?"  Tabitha asked, she had never met either of the families, and just that fact made it seem unlikely.

      Tara shook her head sadly, "we never did hear from Willow's parents, they're still in China, and I'm not on speaking terms with my family any more." 

Willow took the hand she held and brought it up to her lips and kissed it softly, she knew how hard it was for Tara to have to give up her family.  Sure they hadn't been the kindest people, but they were her family and she loved them.  Sometimes Tara's big heart was her curse, it was too easily broken.  Willow on the other hand was use to her parents not being there for the big moments of her life, but Tara was her family now, and if she had her, she was happy.  And their friends of course, all one big happy family.

Tara looked deeply into Willow's eyes and knew what she was thinking, and since the rest of the group didn't she voiced the thought for both of them, "as long as you guys are there, then our family is, `cause you are our family."  This statement of course set off a round of `aws' and hugs.

In a last attempt to hide the fact she was getting all teary-eyed at the mushy stuff going on at the table Faith hopped up, "I have stuff to study see-ya," with that she walked, very briskly, out of the shop.

"Whoa she CHOSE to study, she must really hate mushy stuff."  Dawn said after Faith had fled.  Tara gazed at the door for a minute, and resolved to herself that she would find out what bothered her friend about sharing feelings. 


*W&T's apartment; that night*

            Tara took the towel off her still slightly damp hair and climbed into bed where Willow was waiting for her.  "Love you."

      "I know, I love you too  I don't know if I can do it."

      Tara looked panicked for a second, "do what darling?"

      "Write my own vows, I can't be all poetic and stuff, at least not with out babbling for an hour or, with the poetic mixed in the center somewhere, see babble-mode just thinking about it."

      Tara took pity on her lover and kissed her to shut off the babble-mode.  "Remember what you said when you proposed?"  Willow nodded her head, she had practiced that speech a thousand times, of course she remembered, "well that was the most romantic thing I'd ever heard, if the vows are even half that it would be more than I could ever ask."  Tara kissed her lover again, she had the uttermost confidence in Willow, and she wasn't letting her squirm out of her own idea, no way!

      "No fair, I could never deny you when you kiss me like that."

      "Hmmm, I'll have to remember that."  Tara got as close as physically possible and melded her lips and body with Willow's.  She reached her hand down to the hem of Willow's PJ top and started to pull on it.  In no time flat both girls had shed their PJs and lay naked in each other's arms, before all coherent thought was lost in their love making Tara said, "you know I don't even know why we bother to put PJs on, they never stay."  Then Willow put her mouth on Tara's breast and the thought was lost in a moan of pure pleasure.


*Summers' House; two weeks to go*

      "So you really don't mind?"  Willow asked for about the hundredth time.

      "No, but if you ask again I might change my mind."  Willow looked at her best friend and noticed the glint in her eye, she was kidding.

      "Ok, so we'll go pick out the rings, and then you can pick them up when they are ready, and we're going to ask Cordy to do the people handling."

      "Never underestimate the power of Queen C.  Knew that attitude would have to come in handy some day."

      "I'm just glad she's on our side now," Willow smirked, "so where is Faith?"

      "I sent her grocery shopping with Dawn and Iz, oh come on you have to see what I picked out for her to wear."  Buffy dragged Willow up to her bedroom and pulled something out of the back of her closet where she had hidden it.

      Willow laughed out loud, "yeah right I bet $10 you'll never get her to wear that in public."

      "Oh you're on, you have no idea of the power I have over her."  Buffy gave and evil smile and laughed a little, if nothing else it would be fun trying.

      Willow looked at her watch, "I have to go meet Tara, good luck, but I still say she'll never wear it."

      Buffy gave her friend a hug, "good luck ring hunting."  With that Willow left, she still didn't think Buffy would get Faith to wear what she wanted her to wear, ten easy bucks.

*Buffy and Faith's room*

      "You're kiddin' right, please tell me your kiddin'," Faith whined.

      "Nope, I promised I'd make you wear something nice and this would be perfect." 

Faith looked at the dress Buffy held in her hand, the DRESS she held.  There was just no way on this Earth that she would be caught dead wearing it, NO WAY!  "Nope, not gonna happen, NOPE, and don't give me that look either, there is nothing you can do to convince me to wear a pastel summer dress, nope."

Buffy let a smirk slide onto her face, "nothing?"  Fear passed over Faith's features as she started backing away from Buffy shaking her head.  Buffy slid her arms around Faith's waist and leaned in and gave her a slow passionate kiss, "not even this?"  Faith again shook her head to the negative, and Buffy rose to the challenge, "how about this?"  Buffy asked, her hands moving under Faith's t-shirt.  Buffy attached her lips to Faith's pulse point and sucked gently while her hand found pleasurable ways to pass the time underneath Faith shirt and bra.

"No fair," Faith moaned before pushing Buffy back on the bed and putting her slightly taller frame on top of that of her girlfriend, "you owe me so big for this."  Faith said before her lips descended to devour Buffy's effectively shutting off any protests she may have.


*Sunnydale jewelry shop*

      Tara and Willow walked around looking at the glass displays until a guy walked over to them and asked, "hello ladies, can I help you with something?"

      "Um we're looking for wedding rings." 

The man looked at the way they were holding hands and figured it best to show them hers and hers sets.  "Of course right this way, we'll see if we can't find the perfect set for you."  He motioned for them to follow him, and they did.  He led them over to some stools and had them sit while he got out some boxes of rings on display from the glass case.

"Wow," Willow said looking at the gorgeous rings, "we don't have much to spend though."  The jeweler nodded his head and grabbed three different boxes of rings from the display and showed them to the two women.

There we dozens of rings in each box, some with diamonds, some with rubies, some with emeralds, and some that were just plain silver or gold bands.  Tara looked at each set carefully, trying to think which ones were perfect, only the best for her Willow.  And then they caught her eye.  A set one gold with a two small emeralds embedded in an eternity sign, and one that had tow sapphires identically arranged.  Perfect.  She took them out of the case and showed them to Willow, whose eyes lit up.

"Emerald to always remind me of your eyes, and"

"Sapphire to remind me of yours"

"For all eternity," Tara finished; glad Willow had seen what she saw when she looked at the rings.  "We'll take them," she said to the jeweler.

"Of course, I'll just need your ring finger measurement.  Oh would you like them engraved?"

Before Willow could respond Tara did, "yes."  She wrote down on a piece of paper what she wanted put on Willow's ring, careful not to let Willow see, and handed it to the man who smiled.  Willow gave Tara an inquiring look.  Tara just handed her her pen and a small piece of paper, "go on, there must be something you would like it to say.

Willow thought for a minute then wrote something down on the paper, being just as careful not to let Tara see, two could play at this game.  She handed the paper to the jeweler.  Then they told him their ring sizes, "our friend Buffy Summers will be the one picking the rings up," Willow told him, "she'll have the rest of the money with her as well," Willow told him, while paying the down payment required.

When they were done they left.  The man looked down at the pieces of paper, and laughed, a second jeweler came out of the back and asked, "what is it Frank?"

"Those two girls that were just here, tried to be all secretive with what they wanted engraved on the other's wedding ring."

"So?  Lot's of people do that."  He showed her the pieces of paper, "it says the same thing."

"And that's why I was laughing, boy won't they have a surprise at their wedding?"  The two shared a good chuckle then went about their business, they had rings to size and engrave after all.


*Magic Box*

      "Ok spill," Cordelia stated as the two wiccans looked at her.

      "Well Buffy is handling the ring situation, and letting us have the reception at her house, and we need someone who canhandle people to deal with the caterers and florists.  We were hoping you could help out with that, since you have a way"

      "Basically you want the bitch to take care of things so you don't get screwed over."  Cordelia stated flatly, she was enjoying watching them squirm, a girl could only have so much fun in such a small town, and she had to take every opportunity.

      "Well I wouldn't have put it that way, but yeah, we need Queen C on our side."  Willow said, by the smirk she knew Cordy was enjoying this, so she played along.

      "Well then consider it done.  So the ritual will be in Spencer's field, and the reception at Buffy's?"

      "Yup."  Both Tara and Willow said at once.

      "You two do that way to often, it's unnerving."

      Both Wiccans looked confused, "do what?"

      "You are always either answering at the same with the same answer, or you're finishing each other's answers, it's creepy.  Do you like read each other's minds or something?"

      Neither Tara nor Willow had ever really noticed that they did that, so they just shrugged, at the same time, which set Cordy off on a tirade as she threw her hands up in the air and walked into the back muttering about them driving her nuts.


*Magic Box; Nine days left*

      Cordelia hung up the phone and went over to sit at the table kept at the front of the store.  Faith looked up from the book she was studying, thanks to Willow's `ace the GED' study course, and said "well you're looking mighty pleased with yourself all of the sudden."

      "I got the girls a great deal on the food for the reception."  Cordelia smiled obviously proud of her accomplishments.

      " `The girls' aren't even paying for it," Faith all to helpfully pointed out, smirking at Cordy's now scowl.

      "Ok then I saved Giles's back pay from the council a lot of money, either way.  Don't give me that smirk, do your homework."

      "Yes mom."  This only made Cordelia scowl more; she got up and walked back behind the counter, leaving Faith to her studying.  

Kate walked into the store and saw the knitted brow and tight line of Cordy's mouth, then noticing the only other occupant of the room asked, "what did you do now Faith?"

Faith looked up from the textbook, "me, why do people always assume I've done something wrong?"

"Well using my finely tuned deduction skills I noticed that Delia was upset and you were the only person in the room who looked triumphant, knowing you, it meant you had done something, so what did you do?"  Kate asked again making her way over to the counter to give Cordy a hello kiss before moving over to the table to continue her interrogation of Faith.

"Nothin', simply pointed out a fact or two, harmless stuff."  Kate looked like she wasn't buying Faith's excuse for a minute, but thankfully for Faith that's when Buffy showed up.

"Look at that saved by the bell, hey B."

"Faith."  Buffy leaned over Faith's shoulder and gave her a quick peck on the lips, "you guys are never gonna believe this."  She said happily reaching into her pocket to pull something out.

"If it has anything to do with slime monsters, leave me out of it," Cordy joked as she walked over to see what had Buffy bouncing up and down like a kid on a sugar buzz.

"Nope, no slime," she pulled a small velvet box out and opened it showing them the rings that Tara and Willow had chosen.  "Aren't these the coolest?  And that's not even the best part, Will said they each chose something to engrave on the ring, and didn't tell the other what it said, but check this out," Buffy pulled the rings out and showed the small group the engravings. 

"Figures, it's just like them to pick the same thing to say, I swear they can read each other's minds, it's unnerving at times," Cordelia harrumphed good-naturedly.

"I swear I'm getting cavities just knowin' `em," Faith added in the same playful tone.

"I can't wait till the ceremony when they find out, oooh I wonder if cameras will be allowed."

"Speakin' of ceremony isn't everyone supposed to come over tonight and find out what's goin' on?"

"Oh god is that tonight, damn, ok I'm gonna go and try to put the house back in order."  Buffy again gave Faith a loving peck and headed out the door.

"Back in order from what?" Kate asked as Buffy made her departure.

"Miny Summers and Iz had a pillow fight this morning over who got the TV, it was hilarious, they were supposed to clean it up when they got home, but I guess B is gonna make `em pay some other way."

"Where'd they run off to?"

"Iz took Marc, Sam and D to the beach for the day, apparently Sam had never been or somethin' like that."

Kate glanced at her watch and called to Cordelia who was now in the back room, "Delia are you about ready I have to get back to work soon."

"All right, all right enough with the rushin', sheesh, so Katie where are you taking me for lunch?"  Cordelia asked walking back into the main room holding her purse.  When she was close enough she reached out her hand, which Kate gladly accepted and held in her own.

"Where ya wanna go?"

Cordelia was still thinking about it as they walked out the door, leaving Faith all alone in the store.  She looked around for a moment then asked to the emptiness, "hey how'd I get stuck watchin' the place?"


*W&T's apartment*

      "Who was on the phone honey?"

      "Buffy, she picked up the rings, and applauds out choice by the way, and she wanted to make sure we were still coming over tonight to tell them how the ceremony will work out."  Willow answered looking back to her computer where she had been working for the last hour or so.

      "Oh, don't your eyes ever start to hurt looking at the screen for so long?"  Tara asked coming up behind Willow's chair and massaging her shoulders.

      "Mmmm, that feels good, and yeah I go cross-eyed every now and then."

      Tara leaned down so her lips were right next to Willow's ear, "so why don't you take a break?"  She asked then nipped said ear lightly with her teeth, knowing it would drive Willow nuts.

      Willow leaned back, resting her neck to one side inviting Tara to keep up what she was doing, and replied, "and just what would I do with my time till we had to go?"  She asked in a low husky voice.

      "Well," Tara said in a similar voice, "I could think of a thing or two to keep you occupied."  Tara kissed her way down Willow's neck emphasizing her meaning by slipping her hand under Willow' shirt to rub small circles around the redhead's belly-button.

      "Really?  Hmm, well why don't you let me think abou"  Willow gasped as Tara's hand found it's way up to her breast and gave up the playful pretence and lust took over her actions.  Willow stood, took Tara's hand, and let her into the bedroom.  Once there she pushed Tara down on the bed and straddled her, "just so you know, if we're late, I'm so blaming it all on you."

      Tara simply smiled her sultry smile in response, and pulled Willow down so their lips could meet in a passionate kiss.  Needless to say, they were late, and Willow blamed it on Tara, blushing wildly as she did.


*Willow's Bachelorette Party*

      "Tell me again why we're doing this?"  Willow asked of her best friend.

      "Because it's tradition," Buffy answered with a smirk.

      "I'd rather be spending my time with Tara," Willow pouted.

      "Well it was your idea not to see each other till the ceremony, remember," Cordelia added playfully.

      "Temporary insanity."  Cordelia and Buffy laughed at their friend, currently Sam, Cordy, Tabitha, Buffy, Willow, and Marci were lounging at the Summers' home playing games and have a girls night, the last one they would have with Willow being single, well not married anyway.  "I wonder what she's doing now?"


*Tara's Bachelorette Party*

      "Truth or dare?"  Faith asked Kate.

      "Tell me again why we're playing a game for teenagers."

      "'Cause I'm a teen a I suggested it," Dawn answered playfully.  She, Tara, Iz, Faith, Kate, and Anya were all lying around Willow and Tara's apartment trying to keep Tara company since Willow had suggested they not see each other till they were all dressed and ready for the ceremony, after all they didn't want any bad luck.

      "Fine, truth." Kate sighed, she needed to get some friends her own age, but she guessed that this is what happened when one dated someone five years younger than them.

      An evil like smirk came over Faith's face, and Kate tried for all she was worth not to let her fear show.  "How long did you and Queen C wait till you went for a romp in the sack?"

      Kate who was taking a drink of her beer spit it out all over the blanket covering the lower half of her body.  She started coughing trying valiantly to get some now much need oxygen into her deprived lungs.  "I'm not answering that due to young ears in the room."  Kate answered when she had finally gotten her verbal skills back.

      "I'm fourteen years old, and I've been to lots of R rated movies, so" Dawn stuck her tongue out at the detective to emphasize her point.

      Five pairs of eyes full of mischief stared at her waiting for an answer, Kate sighed in defeat, "from the time we met, or from when we started dating?"


      "Two weeks." 

Dawn's jaw dropped, "that's it?!  Shame on you."  Everyone else in the room cracked up laughing.

"Fine then you all answer the question."  Kate said moodily.

"Sorry never slept with C."  Faith said through her laughter.

"You know what I mean you ass."  Kate smiled to take part of the sting off her words, the challenge clear though.

Iz answered the challenge first, "three and a half years exactly from the day Sammy and I met, which would be two and a half from the time we started dating."

"Damn you must have had some lonely nights, close your ears Dawn," Dawn clamped her hands over her ears not wanting to hear anything about her sister sex life `cause that was just eeewwww, "B and I waited four months from the time we got together officially."

"Ah ha and what about all those night of slaying together, you guys never hit the sack, after all what is it you always say `hungry and horney'?"

"Nope, but not for lack of trying on my part, B was to obsessed with soul boy back then."

"Xander slept together the night we decided to be together, or we decided to be together the night we slept with each other, I can't remember the order really."  Anya answered; getting a far off look, no doubt remembering said night.

"What do you consider `officially dating'?"  Tara asked a look of concentration on her face.

Faith shrugged her shoulders, "when everyone knows about it."

Tara smirked, "well then Willow and I made love before we were dating."  Now everyone's jaw dropped, two people they never thought would do something like that would be shy little Tara, and babble proned Willow.

"Really?"  Anya's interest was now piqued.

"Well we slept together some time before Oz came back, but Willow didn't tell anyone till after that."

Dawn again put on her tisking face, "shame on you too."

"Alright Miss Moppet isn't it bedtime for you?"  Faith asked, "B'll kill me if you're all tired tomorrow, not to mention she never finds out about this conversation."

"Big bad slay `fraid of Buffy?"

"Hell ya."

Tara sighed, "wonder what they're up to."


      "Oh come on that's not fair," Cordy pouted.

      "I thought it was priceless actually, everyone knows del stands for delete not deliver, that doesn't even exist, and I had to get you back for the Sears comment."  Willow laughed with her friends at the look on Cordy's face.

      "You people sound like you were down right evil in high school," Sam said laughingly.

      Cordy sighed wistfully, "I was the queen of the school, everyone feared me, not to mention rich, man I miss that.  What were you and Iz like in high school?"

      "Well we never went."

      "Huh?"  Willow asked dumbfounded, "how did you not go to high school?"

      "It didn't exist anymore, we were given basic education at the center where they trained us."

      "Trained you?"  Buffy asked, they had never really asked about the future they prevented from happening, it always seemed to make Iz too sad.

      "To fight, what you think Izzy can kick ass because of some natural skill?"

      "Well she is Angel's daughter," Willow offered.

      "Actually Izzy's mom taught us how to fight, she was out instructor in most everything we learned, Angel was always out fighting some evil thing, he was hardly ever around."

      "So you guys grew up together?"  Marci asked.

      "Not really, after my town went boom I was sent to live with them, my father knew Angel somehow, I've know Iz for about six years now."

      "Wow I'm glad that that future wont happen now," Willow said thinking how horrible it all sounded.

      "Alright we are getting way to deep for a party.  Lets do something we haven't done since the carefree days before true evil was real," Cordy said getting up.

      "Like what?"  Willow asked, all she could remember doing back then was homework and the occasional trip to the Bronze to drool over Xander drooling over other girls, and that just didn't sound very fun anymore.

      "I don't know, I came up with the idea to do something, someone else has to come up with what to do."

      "Face it guys, we're boring."  Marci said with a smile on her face.

      Willow frowned; they weren't boring, were they?  Then she got an idea, something she had always wanted to do when she was younger, only she was to scared to ever actually do it.  "I've got an idea of what we could do."


      Buffy looked around her, "ok Will why are we at the beach?"

      Willow had a playful smile on her face; if nothing else it would be fun to see her friend's reactions to her idea.  They were young, and dammit it was time they did something crazy that didn't involve an apocalypse.  "Well I always wondered what it would be like to go skinny dipping at the beach, but being friends with only Xander and Jesse in high school, I never did it."  Willow replied the smile never leaving her face.

      "Never?"  Buffy and Cordy asked at the same time.

      "Whoa, whoa you two have?"  Marci asked, she had never been, and didn't see why that would be a big deal.

      "Cheerleading," Buffy said as if that explained it all, Cordy just nodded her approval of the answer.  Marci, Willow and Sam, (Tabitha said she was just too damn old foe what ever they were going to do and had gone home), just gave them questioning looks.  "It was sorta this thing you had to do when you became a cheerleader at Hermy, the seniors were evil and made all the freshman strip and hop in the pool."

      "Yup that's the way it was at Sunnydale too."  Cordy added.

      "Well then you guys must be old pros at it, Marci, Sam?"  Willow asked before her nerve left her.

      "Am I the only one who remember that the rest of you have girlfriends who may not be to happy about this?"  Marci asked, receiving only slightly guilty faces as an answer.

      "Well then we wont tell them," Buffy said turning around and starting to take off her shirt.  Cordy followed and so did Sam and Willow, Marci finally gave up on getting out of this and started to strip as well.

      Finally when they were all disrobed they ran for the ocean and started playing in the water like little kids.  Marci looked towards the shore and said, "oh no."  Standing there was a beach cop looking overly amused by the display before him.

      "Sorry but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you to get dressed and come with me."  He pulled out his radio and called it in with his back turned as the five women climbed out of the water and started getting dressed.

      "They're gonna kill us," Cordy said with dread in her voice.  Everyone just nodded their agreement.

      "Hey Will look at it this way, most people show up hungover to their wedding, you just being incarcerated."

      Willow hung her head, "oh no."


*W&T's apartment*

      Tara hung the phone up with a statement that was somewhere between highly amused and bewildered.  "What is it?"  Faith asked, almost wishing she hadn't.

      Tara burst out laughing before she could answer, it took her about ten minutes before she calmed down enough to tell them what was going on.  "Well it seems my fiancÚ and her accomplices are in jail for indecent exposure."


      "They went skinny dipping at the ocean and got busted, Cordy called hoping Kate could get them out."  Now rest of the group started laughing, and they were worried about the others finding out about the truth or dare game.

      "Tara if you wedding wasn't tomorrow I'd say leave in there for the night, but I guess we should go collect them huh?"

      "Oh I'm gonna have so much fun with this one," Faith smirked as she headed for the door with the rest of the group.


*Sunnydale Jail*

      "Did she sound mad or upset?"  Willow asked for what had to be the hundredth time since Cordelia got off the phone with Tara.

      "Did didn't sound anything, she kept all emotion out of her voice."  Cordelia sighed, "you know we're never going to hear the end of this."

      Buffy groaned, "god especially with Faith knowing, she's gonna hold this over my head just as much as the stuff from when we were turned into kids."

      "Hey at least they're going to get us out, they could leave us here."  Marci added helpfully.

      "Next time one of us has a bachelorette party, we play go fish."  Willow said grumpily, this was not how she wanted to spend the night before her wedding, even if the whole damn thing was her idea.

      "Well, well, what do we have here?  Shameful criminals that's what."  Dawn said as she walked into the holding room.

      "Dawn what are you doing here?"

      "Well they very well couldn't leave me alone while they came and got you, Kate is signing a bunch of stuff now, so you should be out in no time."

      "Yo squirt where'd ya go?"  Faith asked then caught sight of Dawn standing in front of the bars where the unruly women were being kept.  "There you are, now what have we taught you about talking to people, these are criminals, you wouldn't want them to lash out on you or something."  Faith said playfully admonishing the young girl.

      Dawn caught the hint immediately and decided to play along, "your right I'm sorry, they just looked so innocent."

      "A lot of law breakers do, come on now, we shouldn't stare, it's offensive."  Faith put her arm around Dawn's shoulders and started leading the girl out.

      "Ok, ok, we get the point Faith, can you get us out of here now?"  Buffy almost begged.

      "Well would ya look at that, she knows my name, should I be worried?"  Faith asked Dawn with mock worry on her face. 

      Before Dawn could answer Willow spoke up, "Faith!"

      "Chill Red, you'll be out in no time, Kate is just finishing up talking them outta doing anything involving your permanent record."

      "Is Tara mad?"

      "Well it was hard to swallow being told my fiancÚ is in jail the night before we get married, it makes me wonder"

      "Oh Tara please I'm so sorry, I never meant for this to happen, please"

      Tara decided to take pity on her love, "it's ok Willow I'm just playing, but what on gods green Earth possessed you guys to go skinny dipping?"

      Everyone turned to Willow and glared at her, "um, it was kinda, um my idea, and we thought it might be, ah fun."

      Tara started cracking up, her lover could just be so cute sometimes, "ok, next time you feel the need to strip and get wet, take a shower."


      Kate then walked in with the officer that had brought them in, "well ladies, it seems you're free to go, and congratulations miss," he said to Willow as she walked out and into Tara's arms.

      "Thanks."  Willow said sincerely to the officer and they all started to walk out of the police station.

      "So now that we've already seen each other can we sleep at home tonight?"  Tara asked her voice still playful.

      "Well if you insist."  Willow smiled, relieved that Tara really wasn't mad at her.

      Tara leaned over and whispered in her lover's ear, "you look really good in handcuffs, to bad we don't have a pair of our own."  For good measure Tara licked Willow's ear.  For her part Willow turned the color of her hair and starting walking a little faster to the car, not being able to wait and get Tara home, in bed, and naked.


*Wedding Day*

      "You look nervous," Buffy said looking at her bestest best friend in the whole wide world.

      Willow glared at her for a second before she went back to wringing her hands and pacing back and forth, "I'm not nervous, I'm justnervous."

      "Oh well that makes perfect sense.  Oh come on of all the people I've ever met you two were so made for each other.  You're going to ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after, so dammit quit walking a hole into my carpet!"

      Willow stopped immediately, frozen in place.  "I know all that Buffy it's just, well the ceremony and all, let me put it this way I don't want the goddess mad at us or anything."

      Buffy looked at her friend with an anxious face, "mad how, `cause let me tell I don't want to fight two gods in one year."

      Willow sighed, she didn't really think anything bad would happen, but she was proned to worry, probably due to living on the hellmouth for so long.  "Well in the ceremony we ask the goddess's permission to join together, and if she thinks the union is wrong she can say no, and well the book mentions lighting."  Buffy's jaw dropped, "not that that will happen, it's just, well it could."  Willow went back to pacing, and this time Buffy joined her.  Making them an odd pair to see when Tabitha walked in.

      Tabitha stood in the doorway for a few minutes watching the girls walk back and forth; only when she got dizzy did she say anything, "please stop that.  Now come on its time to go to the field for the ceremony, wouldn't want to keep your bride waiting now would you?"

      Willow smiled her biggest and brightest smile, "nope, definitely don't want to do that."  Tabitha led the way down the stairs to where Faith and Dawn were waiting for them, and for just a second Willow scowled when she saw Faith, `looks like I owe Buff $10, darn'.

      "Wow Willow you look beautiful," Dawn said somewhat in awe.

      Willow blushed and uttered her thanks.  The all climbed into Tabitha's car, smiling as they watched Spike tell the caterers and florists where everything should go, who knew Spike had a secret calling for such things.  The field where they were having the wedding was just outside of Sunnydale and it took just under 20 minutes to get there.  As the car pulled up the first thing they saw was the other cars of their friends parked there, and a path of flower pedals leading the way to the alter.

      The women followed the path laid out and saw where the everything was set up; all they had to do now was wait for the sun to go down and the moon to come out.  Willow started pacing again.


      The women who were the coven for the night stood in a circle around Willow, Tara, and Giles.  "Ready?"  Giles asked the two girls he thought of daughters, and who thought of him as a father.  They both nodded in affirmation, and grabbed the other's hand.  "Spirits of the Earth I call upon you to hear these girls plea of joining.  Let their hearts tell you of their love so that you might join their souls forever."  Giles read the words from the book then walked out of the circle, a slight wind had already picked up, telling all those present that the spirits and the goddess were listening, now all they had to do was say the right thing.

      Buffy stood directly behind Willow in the circle holding the ring Willow as to give to Tara, she glanced to the other side of the circle where Faith stood, similarly holding the ring was Tara was to give Willow.  She smiled to her girlfriend, who smiled back, and the thought struck her, `no way anyone would deny them, they're perfect for each other, just as much as Faith and I are.'  This thought made her smile more, and she tuned back in to the conversation in the center of the circle Tara was just about to begin her vows, which would doubly serve as her plea for Willow's soul.

      "Willow, I love you.  I've spent the last month trying to write down just how much, but eventually I figured out that the words to tell you just don't exist.  There isn't a word for how beautiful you are to me.  Or one for how you make me feel when you just walk into the same room.  Every time I look into your eyes my heart does summersaults, every time you hold my hand my knees go weak, every time I think of you I want to be near you.  The only word in our language that can do any kind of justice to the way I feel about you it's, love.  I love you."  When Tara was done speaking she had tears in her eyes, as did Willow and most of the people surrounding them.  Tara turned behind her where Faith was, and Faith handed her the ring, which she slipped onto Willow's finger, but not before she noticed the inscription.  When Willow saw it she smiled even more, they were perfect for each other.

      Now it was Willow's turn, and for once in her life she had absolutely no problem trying to say what she wanted to say.  "I gave you my heart Tara, and when you're not around I feel empty `cause my heart is gone.  I never want to be with out you, ever.  I tried once to imagine my life without you, and it hurt to just try, I never want my life to be without you.  I love you with everything that I am, and everything that I could ever hope to be.  You taught me how to be strong, how to love totally and completely, and you showed me what true magic is, it's the feeling I get inside when you're with me, you are my magic, I love you."

      Buffy handed Willow the ring to give to Tara, as before she slipped it on her finger she let Tara read the inscription, "My love for you is magic."  Tara looked into Willow's eyes as the ring was put on her finger, never to be taken off again, and mouthed the words `I love you'.  The wind around them that had up till then been getting stronger and stronger was now accompanied with the loud claps of thunder in the distance.  Flashes of lightning could be seen, but the two girls didn't even notice.  The gravitated toward each other and their lips met in a soft passionate kiss and suddenly, everything stopped.  Not even a cricket made a sound as their lips caressed each other.  The goddess had accepted their union.

      The group around them burst out in applause as they pulled away from each other.  Wife and wife.  They received hugs from all of their friends, along with congratulations.  Both Willow and Tara were floating on cloud nine, anything and everything they could have ever asked for in their lives, they had, and they had it together.


*Wedding reception*

      The entire Scooby gang from near and far were gathered in the Summers' home partying to their friend's recent nuptials.  Willow, Tara, Buffy, Faith, Anya, Xander, Iz, Samantha, Tabitha, Giles, Danny, Marci, Dawn, Cordelia, Kate, Wesley, Oz, Gunn, Angel, and Spike were in various stages of dancing, drinking, talking, and just roaming around in a state of bliss.  Whoever said that you couldn't be completely happy obviously wasn't there.  Even Miss Kitty and Amy the rat were around playing, not with each other of course.

      Tara walked up behind Willow and whispered into her ear, "dance with me?"  Willow nodded her head and Tara led her to the part of the house designated for dancing.  A slow song that the couple had had one of their first dances to was playing over the small sound system as the girls pulled each other close.

      Willow rested her head on Tara's chest and sighed a sigh that was completely full of contentment, "I could stay like this forever."

      Tara gave a gentle smile even though Willow couldn't see it, she rested her cheek on Willow's head lighted and said playfully, "I couldn't."

      Willow stopped moving to the music, pulled back, and looked into Tara's eyes questionly, "huh?"

      Tara leaned in so her forehead was resting against Willow's, "we just got married honey, I can't wait to get you home to ravish you, and I can't do that if we stay like this forever."  Tara smiled playfully to go along with her statement, and now Willow was smiling too.

      "I love you, and I can't wait either, but you know they're not letting us out of here anytime soon." 

      "Hmm," Tara put on her best concentration face, "we could always freeze them and sneak out."  Tara wiggled her eyebrows suggestively causing Willow to giggle.

      "Down girl.  One hour."

      Tara's statement changed to one of a pout, "fine, but there is no way I'm letting you out of bed tomorrow."

      "Deal."  Willow leaned forward again and rested her head on Tara's chest listening to her wife's heartbeat.  She closed her eyes and just enjoyed the peace that always surrounded Tara, and let her mind play with ideas of things the two could do in bed, all day tomorrow, and she had anything to do with it, all next week too.


*W&T's apartment*

      Willow and Tara walked into their home for the first time as wife and wife; it was a wonderful feeling to say the least.  As she closed the door Tara leaned against it and sighed, "I didn't think they were ever going to let us get out of there."

      Willow smiled warmly at her wife and leaned into her embrace.  They stayed like that just enjoying the closeness and the quite.  Then the not doing anything started getting to Tara, she wanted to make love to her wife already.  Tara lifted her head so that she could place kisses on Willow's neck.  The redhead let out a soft moan and leaned her head farther to the side giving Tara better access, "I love you."

      Tara smiled her lips still attached to her lover's neck, and mumbled, "love you too."  Tara's hand found it's way to the waistband of Willow's skirt and pulled the shirt out of it's tucked in position, then started inching upwards in search of Willow's soft breast.  As Tara's hand found it's intended target Willow moaned and her head fell back on her shoulders, Tara's hand and mouth were doing wonderful things to her body and she didn't think she could keep standing much longer.

      "Do you really want to do this in the foyer or can we go to our soft bed?"  Willow asked then letting out a small gasp as Tara lifted her so that her legs were around the taller girl's waist.  Once she was sure Willow wasn't going to fall Tara started walking toward the bedroom, her mouth never letting off the assault of Willow's neck.  The apartment being small it didn't take them long at all to get to their bed, once there Tara leaned forward so that Willow fell softly on her back on the bed, with her body still between the smaller girl's legs.

      Tara finally let go of Willow's neck so that she could claim her lips instead.  For hours or seconds it didn't really matter they just let their lips and tongues dance with each other.  Finally Tara pulled back, only centimeters though, "I love you too."  Willow felt a lump rise in her throat even as the heat rose in her more southern regions.  She wanted to feel Tara's skin against her own, now.  Softly but with urgent hand Willow started to pull Tara's shirt up.  Tara assisted the process by putting her weight on her knees and rising up to pull the offending article up and off, followed by her bra.  Then she set about getting Willow into a similar state of undress.

      When their bare chested bodies crushed together both let out a moan, the contact between them electrifying.  Again their lips met, slowly at first, then with growing passion as the lust for the other rose with in them.  Suddenly they were way to overdressed again.  Tara rose back to her knees this time taking Willow with her, she rested her feet on the floor and put her fingers under the waistband to Willow's skirt, slowly and sensually, never taking her eyes off Willow's.  As Tara kneeled before her now naked wife she placed a small kiss just below her bellybutton.

      Willow pulled her fingers through Tara's baby soft hair.  Enjoying the feel of it slipping through her fingers.  Tara stood once more, and let her own skirt and panties fall to the floor.  They stood before each other in all their naked glory, and neither had ever seen a more beautiful site.  Tara lifted her hands to Willow's neck and pulled her into another heart-stopping kiss.  Softy Tara urged Willow back onto the bed and place her body full long on her wife's, so that every body part that possible could touch, did.  Tara ran her hands down Willow's arms till she reached the hands that were just slightly smaller than her own and laced their fingers.

      Willow opened her eyes and looked at her lover, her eyes now a dark emerald from the lust that was even now growing stronger with in her, "Tara?"

      Tara looked up into her lover's eyes, her own darkened to that of the crystal blue sea, "yes love?"

      "Make love to me."  Tara smiled, needing no more invitation she unlaced one hand from Willow's and started trailing down her body.  Stopping briefly to play with the breasts that were just perfect.  She trailed the hand farther down and drew little circles around Willow's bellybutton, then roamed even further.  She ran her fingers threw the thick patch of bright red hair that covered the most secret place on Willow's body, a place where Tara could spend her life happily if possible.

      Tara first slid one finger in between her lover's outer lips, feeling the wetness that was practically pouring out of her lover coat it.  She brought the finger back up and circled Willow's clit softly, adding more pressure when she heard Willow moan out her name.  There was no sweeter sound on Earth than when Willow called out her name in the throws of passion.

      After a few minutes of playing with her lover's clit Tara slid her finger down and entered Willow's tight passage.  Willow bucked her hips up when she felt the finger move inside of her, and called out Tara's name again.  Her breathes now coming in pants, a light sheen of sweat covering her body.  "More, please."

      Tara slid another finger inside Willow, pumping in and out with a fast motion, bringing her thumb up to massage Willow's clit again.  Tara let her mouth descend to take one of those perfect breasts into her mouth.  She soft grazed her teeth along the hardened nipple and Willow let out another groan.  Not being able to stand the sweet assault any longer Willow cried out about to orgasm. 

Tara felt the chambers of Willow's sex clench at her fingers and slowed her motions, and let her thumb hover over Willow's clit, not letting her release just yet.  When Willow had calmed some she began the assault once more, a little faster this time.

      Tara switched breasts and began to give the other the same sweet torture as she did the first.  Willow again felt an orgasm coming, no pun intended, and this time Tara didn't stop, but instead sped up her motions even more.  Willow's whole body seemed to try and fly off the bed as the biggest orgasm of her life sped through her body, but Tara firmly resting on top of her kept her from going to far. 

As the walls surrounding her fingers slowed their convulsing Tara removed them and rolled off her lover.  Pulling Willow to her Tara held her as she came down from the highs she had just been sent to.

      After a few minutes Willow could breathe normally and speak again, "wow.  That waswow."  Tara smirked and kissed the top of Willow's head, which now rested comfortably on her chest.

      "I aim to please."  Willow looked up into eyes that were both filled with love and passion, and playful.  Putting on a minxy smile of her own Willow rose up and sat down on Tara's midsection so that she was straddling the other girls sex. 

Leaning forward she kissed Tara' lips, then placed small butterfly kisses down her neck.  Thrusting her own sex into that of Tara's.  Tara let a small whimper at the contact.  Putting her arms around her lover holding her tightly to her.

      Willow continued thrusting as she pushed herself up so that she was resting on her outstretched arms just about Tara.  She smiled at her again, then lowered herself to suckle on Tara's breast, all the while thrusting their lower bodies together.  Tara let her fingers slide through Willow's silky locks, just as Willow had done earlier with her own.

      Willow lifted her mouth and changed her position just slightly so that she could torture Tara's other breast, making the hardened nipples even harder as she blew cold air on them, then let her mouth descend to surround them in the moist chamber of her mouth.  Tara was letting out the sweetest sounds, somewhere between a whimper and a moan, Willow loved the sounds her girlfriend, no her wife, made while they were making love.  Each time falling a little further into the lover they held for each other.

      Tara's breath hitched, then stopped altogether as she felt the first waves of an orgasm hitting her body.  Willow rose that she could see into her lover's beautiful face as she came, still thrusting into her with her own body.  Seconds, minutes, maybe hours later Tara's breath came back to her and she looked up into Willow's eyes.  When Willow saw Tara had returned from the ecstasy of her orgasm she leaned down and captured her lips once again, in a soft, sensual kiss, conveying all the love she felt for her.

      "I think I'm gonna have to go with wow too."  Tara said smiling up to her lover, who still sat straddling her.  Tara put her hand on Willow's hips holding her in place as she leaned up and again let their lips meet.  When they pulled away finally both their chests were heaving from the lack of oxygen.  "I love you so much Willow Rosenberg-MaClay."

      "I love you just as much Tara Rosenberg-MaClay."  Willow laced her finger with her wife's, their new wedding rings clinking softly as they touched, the gems in the center glowing slightly.  Neither woman noticed though, as they were about to embark on the second round of lovemaking for the night.  Which was only the beginning of a long, passionate week, in which Willow and Tara didn't leave their apartment, at all, ever.


*Summers' Home*

      Xander helpfully let Anya lean against him as he walked her out to the car, thinking about how much fun it would be in the morning when her hangover hit.  The music inside the house was still playing as Buffy and the other residents cleaned only the necessary stuff before bed.  Anya was looking around at her surroundings, everything swimming before her eyes; all in all it made for a neat sight.

      She glanced at the neighbor's yard and saw something she didn't think she would ever see.  There were four little pink elephants dancing in a ring-around-the-rosy type fashion.  She pointed her finger and opened her mouth to tell Xander what she saw, but one of the elephants turned to her, putting it's foot in front of it's mouth in the universal motion for `shush'.  Anya closed her mouth as the elephants went back to play, she promised herself that she would never drink again.  Those things creeped her out almost as much as bunnies did.  A shiver ran through at just the though.  Xander thinking it was merely `cause she was cold wrapped her in the warm blanket of her arms and continued on to the car.  She sighed, ok maybe she would drink again, who knew.