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The Wish

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by Louise

Rating: R // 15
Pairing: Buffy/Willow
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters.
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Summary: After Willow tells Buffy shes in love with Tara, the sayer makes a wish that Tara had never come to Sunnydale.

"Why complicated?"

Willow took a deep breath, "It's complicated...Because of Tara."

"You mean Tara has a crush on Oz? No, you - oh. Oh." The information hit her like a blow to the head, her secret love was in love with another, "Um...Well...That's great. You know, I mean, I think Tara is a really great girl, Will." She said, standing and walking around the end of Willow's bed to the dresser.

"She is. And...There's something between us. It wasn't something I was looking for. It's just powerful. And it's totally different from what Oz and I have."

The slayer dug her nails into the wood as she registered what the redhead was telling her. "Well, there you go. I mean, you know, you have to follow your heart, Will. And that's what important, Will." She said, trying to cover her pain.

Willow sat up with a furrowed brow, "Why do you keep saying my name like that?"

Buffy smiled fakely, "Like what, Will?"

"Are you freaked?"

"What? No, Will, don't " The blond saw the hurt and questioing look on her best frind's face, she relaxed a little and sat down on the edge of the bed again, "No. No, absolutely no to that question. I'm glad you told me."


Buffy hurried down the hall and out of Stevenson's main entrance. She reached a near-by bench and collapsed onto it, her face burried into her palms. Silent tears rolled down her cheeks.

"I love you, Willow..." The slayer cried to herself. She had always loved the cute little witch, fom the moment she saw her.

The reason she had came to see Willow today was to tell her how she felt, but thought better of it.

Buffy was so wrapped up in her feelings and her life that she hadnt even noticed the developing relationship between Willow and Tara.

"I wish Tara had never come to Sunnydale!"


The slayer hadn't been aware of the figure which had approached her until she heard through her whimpers the feminine, yet rough voice.


Buffy's head shot up and she caught a glimpse of Anyanka, the vengeance demon before everything turned black.

When Buffy came to, she was lying on her side. But she could tell that something wasn't right. She wasn't lying in her own bed. She soon noticed the arm draped over her waist.

The slayer turned her head to see striking red hair on the pillow next to her. It was Willow. A smile creeped across her face and she closed her eyes again.

Willow's eye flickered open and she rubbed her hand over Buffy's stomach, "Morning."

"Mmm, morning." The slayer said as she leaned back into the witch's embrace, "What time is it?"

"...Eight o'clock."

Buffy turned her body so she was facing Willow. 'This is going to be good', she thought, before leaning in and kissing Willow gently.

"So what are your plans for today?"

The slayer froze. She didn't have a clue... "I-I don't know. I-I think I might just rest, I feel all tense...From slaying...and stuff." She gave a quick smile.

Willow shifted, "Yeah, good idea, this Faith thing is eally getting to you."

"Huh? - Oh yeah. Yeah, it is..." Buffy was worried, haddn't Faith gone?


"Wanna catch a movie tonight, Buffy?" Willow asked, slipping her hand into the slayers'.

Buffy revelled in her soft touch, "Ok, sounds good."

"See you at nine?"

"You betcha." She smilled and kissed her girlfriend.

Buffy looked up as Willow moved along the row of seats towards her with countless sodas and popcorn.

"Hope you're hungry." The redhead grinned and sat next to Buffy.

The slayer nodded, she eyed Willow up and down, 'Now Tara's out of the way, you're all mine...' She thought with a triumphant smile.

"What're you smiling about?" Willow whispered in Buffy's ear, sending shivers down her spine. The movie had started and the theatre darkened.

The blond didn't answer, she rested her head on the witch's shoulder and she entertwined her fingers in the other girls'. She looked straight ahead at the screen but she couldn't take anything in, the thought of the girl sitting beside her being her girlfriend was overpowering. After all these years of longing, it had finally happened.


About half of the way through the movie, Buffy still hadn't got a clue what it was about. Willow's calm breathing grazed her skin with each exhale. She felt a hand slowly move up the inside of her thigh and up her skirt.

Buffy looked down and saw it was Willow-hand. She closed her eyes for a moment taking in the sensations until the hand reached it's destination. Her eyes shot open.

The touch was so powerful it made the slayer hot and wet in a second. A moan escaped her throat as she turned her head to kiss the soft skin of the redhead's neck. She tasted like strawberries.

Buffy's initial fears were swept away by the breathtaking feeling coming from between her legs. She moved a hand up to the back of Willow's head and gently toyed with the fine strands of fiery hair.

The blond's kisses now were on Willow's lips and she kissed Buffy back.

As Buffy neared climax, she burried her face in Willow's neck and gripped the edge of the seat as she tried to stifle a load groan.

As the slayer's breathing returned to it's normal rate, she looked up at her lover.

"I love you Willow." Her voice was low and sexy, the redhead stirred as it reached her ears.

"Come on." Willow grinned and stood up, she pulled Buffy along the row of seats and out of the theatre.


Willow shut the door to their double bed dorm and pressed Buffy against the cool wood, she kissed her with such passion it took the slayer by surprise.

Buffy's hands were everywhere at once, she took in every inch of the other girls form, basking in the love and lust radiating from her.

The blond easily lifted the witch and placed her in the middle of the bed. She climbed on after her, straddling her hips.

Buffy rotated her hips and watched as the young woman beneath her closed her eyes, pure pleasure clear on her features.


In the morning the phone's impatient ringing woke the slayer. She blindly reached for it and lifted the reciever.

"Buffy?" It was Giles' hurried voice.


"Yes. Come quickly. It's about Faith."

"She's killed again."

"W-What?" Buffy asked Giles, stuttering.

"Faith killed another young woman last night. Willow's spell effected her, Buffy, she's completely insane." The watcher said gravely.

"Another? She - "

"What are we going to do, Buffy?" Willow questioned, fear obvious in her tone as she looked on at the slayer for an answer.

Buffy was struck with disbelief. She opened her mouth to reply, but closed it again due to lack of a plan.

"You should go home and rest for now Buffy. You're obvoiusly tired. You can search for Faith later tonight, as it seems her pattern is only to strike at night." He explaned.

The blond nodded, her brow still furrowed, trying to understand. 'Faith is still in Sunnydale. Willow must have done a body-switching spell and it turned Faith insane. But when she did it with Tara - Oh God, it's my fault, if Tara were here...'

Her thoughts were interrupted by the redhead tugging on her hand, "Come on Buffy, lets go home."


As Buffy and Willow walked down the street heading for the University, Faith suddenly jumped out of a doorway, stopping them dead in their tracks.

"Buffy." Faith growled.

"Buffy!" Willow tightened her grip on the slayer's arm.

"Faith." She turned to the witch briefly, "Stay behind me."

Willow stepped behind Buffy, peering over her shoulder. Buffy spread her feet, ready for an attack.

The dark slayer only laughed, "I'm not going to hurt you, B." She pulled out a large knife, "But on the other hand, maybe I will!" She lunged forwards.

Buffy skillfully jumped aside and landed on her side taking Willow down with her, "Don't move." She told the redhead and planted a tiny kiss on her cheek before getting up and facing Faith.

"Still with the bitch then, B?"

"Don't ever call her that!"

"Why not, B? I mean, I loved you, but you didn't want me, did you?" She held up the knife, "But she's different, is she?!"

"I love her. I could never love a murderer."

The brunette slayer dived forward again, but this time she landed a punch to Buffy's jaw. Buffy punched her back, but Faith kicked the blond hard in the middle of her stomach, which caused her to fall to her knees.

Faith darted behind her and drove the knife into Willow's chest just as Buffy turned around.

"No!" Faith had gone, the devistated slayer crawled to her lover, "Will! No! Oh God no!" She held her hand over the bleeding wound as the small redhead stared into Buffy's tear-filled eyes.

"B-Buffy?" She breathed, "I love you..." Her whole body went limp in the blond's shaking arms.

"Will? Willow? No, please, I love you!" She leaned close and kissed her lips so softly, "I wish I never made that stupid wish..." She hugged Willow's body whilst she cried shamelessly over the loss of her love.


"Willow..." Buffy cried, her eyes shut tight.

A familliar voice broke the silence in the slayer's head.


Buffy looked up to see Xander in front of her. Willow was no longer in her arms.

"Where is she? ...Xander? W-Where - " Buffy stuttered through her tears.

"Buffy, where's who? Will? She's at Taras', why? What happened?" He was concerned and confused.

"Tara?" It suddnely dawned on the slayer. The wish was taken back. Everything was normal again. Willow was alive! But she wasn't in love with her...