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by Louise

Rating: NC-17 //18

Paring: Buffy/Willow

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters.

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Spoilers: Tiny spoiler for Season 4's episode 'Beer Bad'.

Summary: Buffy drinks too much magic beer. She starts to act strange, especially towards Willow...

Buffy leaned on the doorframe of the dorm she shared with Willow, her hand wandering over the cool wood. She stared straight ahead into the room at the little redhead lying on the bed.

"Buffy?" Willow looked up from her books.

Buffy tilted her head to one side, her face blank.

"Willow." A grin spread across the slayer's lips as she stepped forwards, "My little Willow." She said slowly.

Willow got up and walked over to her friend, her face filled with worry, "Are you ok?"

"Ok...Im ok. Are you ok?" She leaned close to the witch's face and sniffed her hair, "You smell ok..."

"Uh, Buffy?" Willow asked, surprised at Buffy's actions.

"Mmm. Willow." The blond mumbled, her face now buried in red hair.

Willow brought her hands up to Buffy's shoulders and gently pushed her away. Her brow furrowed, "What are you doing?"

The slayer's reaction a was to tilt her head to one side and using the tips of her fingers she stroked the side of her friend's face as if in amazment.

Willow let her eye lids slide closed, her skin danced under Buffy's touch.

Buffy leaned in close once more and inhaled the redhead's unique scent. She pressed her body against the other girls'. Her warmth startled Willow a little, an almost silent moan came from deep in the blond's throat.

Willow's eyes shot open and she pushed the slayer away again.

But this time, Buffy scrunched up her face, "No! I want Willow!" She said, almost demanding.

"You've got Willow. See? Right here." She pointed at herself.

"I don't want Willow there. I want Willow...here." She told her, motioning at the floor directly in front of her.

"Um, Buffy - " She stopped at the slayer's pout, "Ok..." She stepped forwards, "Ok?"

Buffy wrapped her arms around the witch, holding her close, her fingers working into red hair.

The redhead knew what Buffy was like when she was drunk and this wasn't it. Yet she smelled beer on the blond.

Buffy's hands grazed down Willow's back, around her sides, up her stomach and up to Willow's breasts.

The intimate touch startled the witch. 'This shouldn't be happening.' She thought. But it felt so good. Buffy felt so good. 'Should I let this continue...?'

"Buffy..." Willow moaned a protest.

"Shh." Buffy ordered and began to kiss the redhead.

Against Willow's will her hands moved up behind the slayer's head and pulled her even closer, deepening the kiss.

As they parted Willow thought to herself, 'This isn't so bad. I mean, I really don't wanna piss her off with objecting...especially when she's drunk and all..."

The blond looked into her best friend's eyes as she reached for her hand. Willow noticed something she had never seen in Buffy's eyes before, it was almost predatory.

Before Willow knew what was happening Buffy had swung around and closed the door before pressing Willow up against it, her body holding the redhead in place.

Willow licked her lips absently, the slayer took this as an invite and delved in for a long and lusty kiss, her hands sweeping up and down the redhead's body causing soft moans from each girl.

This was new teritory for both Buffy and Willow. The speed and depth of their intimacy was speeding ahead of Willow as the slayer removed hers and Willow's tops, then Willow's skirt.

The witch couldn't resist the tiny blond any longer, this time she leaned in and kissed Buffy, who took her in her arms. Willow wrapped her legs around the slayer's waist and rested back against the door, still lost in the powerful sensations of the kiss.

Buffy's mouth and tongue make their way down Willow's neck and stopped at her breasts. She swriled her hot tongue around each nipple and left tiny kisses and bites on her silky skin.

Pangs of pleasure errupted from Willow's centre.

After a long look shared between the two, Buffy brought a hand up and stroked one finger down the middle of the redhead's stomach, inside the top of her panties and into the searing heat between her legs.

A gasp escaped Willow's open mouth, as Buffy began to pump into the witch's tight pussy. Another came when the slayer used her thumb to circle her glistening centre.

The scent of arousal filled the dorm. It make the witch hotter and the slayer rougher and more in control.

Willow was helpless, her whole body arched and shook as a screaming orgasm tore through her.

Screams of lust and ecstacy echoed into the night.

The two girls slumped onto one another, their breath short and jagged. Yet the slayer never seemed to tire.

"Oh...God...Buffy..." Willow breathed against the blond's delicate skin of her neck, her heart rate coming down ever so slightly.

Soft skin was coated with sweat and nether juices. The heat in the dorm was unbearable, but neither noticed as they were so enveloped by each other.

The scents, tastes and touches between the best friends were so intense. Every singe peek, every single look of total pleasure she was giving the blond made Willow feel as if she were in a dream.

Buffy was not herself, the redhead knew there was something different about her but she still knew it was actually Buffy. The witch looked deep in the slayer's half closed eyes, she saw the primitive look, but this time she noticed something new; love. She felt the same.

"I love you Buffy."

"Me love Willow too." Buffy told her, stroking her hair gently.

"Whats's going to happen? I mean with us?" The redhead asked, supporting her weight on her outstretched arms, still leaning over her new lover.

"Us? I love you. I love my Willow. We will be together..." She leaned up and planted a kiss on the witch's lips, "Forever."

They engaged in a deep kiss, arms wrapped around each other's naked bodies.

"Beer not so bad..." Willow mumbled, dazed from the kiss.

The slayer smiled and said, "Me and my little Willow. I like it."

The redhead rolled off of her and settled beside her, her head in the corner or the blond's neck. Comfortable and warm, "I like it too..."