Under Your Spell
More Than Friends

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by Louise

Rating: NC-17 // 18

Pairing: B/W

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns everything Buffy. I only own the story.

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Summary: Buffy walks in on Willow casting a spell...

Willow kneeled in front of three flaming pink candles. Her eyes were closed and she was quietly chanting rhythmically.

The cloudy white energy collecting around the redhead shot forwards into the middle candle, travelling through it and flowing across the darkened dorm.
"Hey Will," It was Buffy. She closed the door behind her as Willow opened her eyes.
The glowing mist hit the slayer mid-chest, pushing her back against the door Willow jumped up to help her friend with a mix of worry and guilt on her  pretty face.
Buffy blinked through the haze of the blast and looked up, "Willow..." Her voice came out in a low husk.
"Buffy?" The witch placed her hand on the blonds shoulder, "are you - " she stopped when she noticed the expression on the slayers face. Her lips were  curved and slightly parted, her eyes were lazily half-closed. Willow recognised the sparkle in the hazel pools.
Before Willow could react, Buffy had leaned in close, her hands wandering down the redheads back, grazing her buttocks and settling at her hips.
The hot breath on Willows lips set off the sensation between her legs.
She didnt push Buffy away or try to stop her in any way at all. Did she like this? No, of course she didnt. Buffy was her best friend and she would never -
Her thoughts dissolved immediately as she realised that Buffy-hand was makings its way up her short skirt and past her panties. Willows wetness greeted the lusty slayers fingers as she located her centre and started to circle it.
The redheads eyes fluttered shut as she relaxed onto Buffys small, yet powerful frame, leaning forwards and resting her forehead on her shoulder. The scent of her hair and her arousal sent shivers though her body.
Buffy lifted off Willows top and kissed around her neck, trailing her tongue down to perky breasts. She took each rose-coloured nipple into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it.
As Willow neared climax, the slayer realised that her friend could not stand to stand any longer and pushed her over to her bed and laid her down, her hand still working on Willows centre under her skirt.
Using her other hand Buffy delved three fingers into the witch, causing her to thrust against her hand which pushed harder in and further out, exploring much of the inside of the other young woman.
Both hands quickened their pace as Willows muscles contracted and her back arched as a raging orgams tore through her.
As she settled and her head cleared a little, the redhead felt Buffy crawl up to lay beside her and kiss her deeply.


The next morning Buffy woke to the bright sun shining through the window. She immediately realised that she was not in her own bed and the thing in her arms was not her favourite stuffed toy, Mr. Gordo.
Looking down at the red hair splayed out over her bare chest, she knew it was Willow.

The blond froze and her eyes widened. It wasnt as if she had never shared a bed with her best friend before, it was that they hadnt been naked or wrapped around each other.
The sleeping redhead stirred and slowly opened her eyes, "Buffy?" She said drowsily, looking up at her strangely, noticing their nakedness, "Oh, God!" She pulled heself away.
"What happened?" Buffy asked nervously.
"You dont remember?" She was shoked, but after a moment realisation started to flood over her, "the spell."
"Huh?" Was all that the slayer could say.
"I-I was casting a l-love spell...And when you came in last night..."
Buffy raised her eyebrows.
"For Oz..."
"...Oh," She understood.
"But, um...What happened, I mean last night, with us..."
Buffy had a clear idea what they had done, "Was a huge misunderstanding - "
"Because of the spell." Willow interrupted.
"Exactly...And it will never happen again. Right?"
"Right." Willow reassured her, nodding her head too much.
An awkward silence followed until Buffy broke it, "So...Clothes." She began to get out of the bed, it was too small for the both of them, especially because they werent wearing anything.
"Good idea..." The witch trailed off as she caught a glimpse of Buffys naked form,
"Yeah?" She turned to see her friend, her lover, crawl out after her.
"I-I just wanted to say...Im really sorry."
"Dont be. We wont let this ruin our friendship."
Willow nodded again and reached out to touch her hand to Buffys cheek gently, her reaction wasnt the one the redhead had expected, she was glad. She didnt know exactly why, or even how, but she did know that for some reason this felt right.
"Will, I - "
Before Buffy could finish Willow leaned in and kissed her, pressing her lips against the blonds.
To Willows surprise she returned the kiss, taking her into her arms and holding her close.
They wandered back to the cosy bed and cuddled each other under the ruffled sheets.
Watching her close her eyes, Buffy kissed Willows forehead and closed her eyes as well. She had always known that they were more than friends and she was so happy that the chance had came along for them both to give in to their feelings.