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Blowing Bubbles

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by Louise

Rating: G

Pairing: Buffy/Willow

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story.

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Summary: Buffy is blowing bubbles...



Willow sat out on the grass at UCS campus with books and papers spread in front of her.

As she turned the page of one of the books a multicoloured bubble floated past her.

She looked up and a smile came to her face.

Buffy sat down directly in front of the redhead with a bubble bottle in her hand, blowing bubbles.

Willow raised her hand and with her index finger she burst a few of them.

"Hey! Thats naughty." The slayer scolded her friend playfully.

With that the witch burst one more with a grin.

"Right..." Buffy put down the bottle and pounced on Willow, knocking her to the ground.

Their faces were so close together, they could feel each others breath.

Willow relaxed under the weight of the blond, leaned up and captured Buffys lips with her own.

The slayer began to pull back, instead she pressed her lips harder against Willows, deepening the delicate kiss.

When they parted, Buffy took a deep breath and exhaled, "Wow..."

"Was that my punishment?" The redhead asked with a smile.

"No. You like it too much."

"I did?"

Buffy paused, "D-Didnt you? I-I thought you did, I mean - "

"I did. I loved it...I love you Buffy." The witch told her, stroking the blonds face with her finger tips.

The slayer leaned in for another long kiss and whispered, "And I love you."

These words sent shivers all over Willows body, "So, uh, y-you wanna go b-back to the, uh, the d-dorm?" She stuttered.

Another smile graced the blonds face, "Always." She stood up and held her hand out, the redhead placed her hand in it and Buffy pulled her up.

They just stood there for a long moment, looking at each other and taking in the situation that they both had been longing for for years.

They turned and walked hand-in-hand towards their dorm.