Under Your Spell
I can't Take My Eyes Off Her

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by Louise

Rating: G

Pairing: W/T

Disclaimer: I do not own Willow or Tara.

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Summary: A beautiful moment from Willows p.o.v.

Note: I originally wrote this about a girl called Jenny.

I watch her from across the room. She moves so gracefully without even trying to. Her long blond hair falls over her face, she sweeps it behind her ear and looks up at me. Im sure she knows Ive been looking at her. The way she is looking at me makes me lower my eyes and a slight blush comes to my cheeks. She turns her head and I look back up at her, her profile is amazing. The gentle slope of her nose, the tiny smile playing on her lips and the blue of her eyes holds me in a trance. I dont want to look away, so I dont. It seems like hours have passed as I sit here, people are talking all around me, but I cant hear them. Even as she looks back up at me I cant take my eyes off her. She sees my loving gaze and she smiles. She smiles at me. My heart races. I smile back and she looks down again, the smile still on her perfect lips. Ill never forget that moment of complete bliss. Her face will be in my memory forever.