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by Vanesa

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Rating: PG
for the whole F/F kissage. 
Pairing: Pure W/T

Status: Complete

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Spoilers: If you didn't know Willow and Tara are/were together,then Season 4. And,if ya haven't seen or heard anything about the end of Season 6,steer clear of the notes section here.

All characters belong to Joss,Mutant Enemy,and UPN. I'm just borrowing them. I'll try to put them back when I'm done.


Notes:Thoughts in **. Also,takes place three years after Season 6. Tara never died (obviousley).


"Happy Anniversary, baby." Tara said, handing her girlfriend the small box.

She leaned forward and softly kissed the redhead on the lips.

Willow's eyes filled with tears as she opened the box and saw what her lover had given her. It was a gold, heart-shaped locket, with tiny vines and leaves etched onto the front. It hung on a delicate gold chain.

"Oh....Tara. It's beautiful." Willow said in just over a whisper.Tara smiled. "Open it." Willow did - inside was picture of the couple, taken last year at Willow's birthday. "I love you."

Willow closed the space between their lips in a silent `thank you`. The two had just finished a picnic on the beach, and were now enjoying watching the sunset together.
Willow tugged gently at Tara's hand. "Baby, let's walk down the beach."

Tara smiled, and they began to walk along the shore. After about a half hour of just walking and enjoying each other's presence, Willow stopped at the top of a small hill. She wrapped her arms around her lover's waist and smiled.

She was ready. She knew this was the woman she loved, the woman she would never stop loving. Willow reached up and brushed a strand of blonde hair out of Tara's face, tucking it behind her ear.

*Goddess,you are so beautiful. You have no idea what you mean to me.*

"Tara..." Willow began. "I love you. You're everything to me-you're my always.I love you more than anyone could love another human being.

You're so beautiful,and sweet,and caring,and loving,and romantic,and passionate,and just....everything I don't deserve.Tara,every morning,I wake up in your arms and I have to tell myself it's not a dream. I love you with everything I am,and I cannot imagine spending the rest of my life without you...."

Willow knelt down on one knee,took out a little black box,and opened it to reveal a gold ring inlaid with three small diamonds.

                      "Will you marry me?"

Tara just stood there for a second,tears streaming down her face. Then,she knelt next to her girlfriend and wrapped her arms around the other woman's neck."Oh....Willow. Yes. Of course...yes. I love you so much." Tara whispered through her tears into Willow's ear. She kissed her neck, then her lips, passionately.

Willow smiled and slipped the ring over Tara's finger, and then, still smiling, embraced her lover, her everything, her always."Happy Anniversary" She whispered.