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by Louise

Rating: NC-17 // 18

Pairing: W/T, B/F

Spoilers: None.

Status: Complete.

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, Im just borrowing them.

Summary: Steamy scenes and a fateful reunion.


"We really shouldn't be in here - "

"It's ok." Willow pulled her girlfriend by the hand into the empty room at the University.

The redhead moved so she was in front of Tara at the front desk.

"B-but someone might see us." She stuttered.

"They won't, trust me." Willow smiled. She leaned close to Tara, resting her hands at her lovers' waist.

Tara moved her head towards Willows'.

Willow felt Tara's warm breath against her lips. She remembered the first time she had felt it

The blond pulled Willow into a kiss, resting back onto the desk.

After a while they both drew back for air, wanting more. Tara let her hands wander up to the bottom of Willow's T-shirt. With one quick move the smaller witch was standing in front of her, T-shirtless.

Tara leaned forwards, planting soft kisses down the redhead's neck.

Willow started undoing Tara's top as Tara removed Willow's bra.

They kissed again, this time with more lust, more want.

The kiss ended and the rest of their clothes were discarded.

Willow traced down Tara's breasts and stomach with her fingertips. She carried on her journey downward until she reached Tara's already wet centre, she started to circle around it.

The blond closed her sapphire eyes and tilted her head back. Willow got closer and kissed down Tara's neck to her breasts; she kissed around her nipples, teasing.

Tara placed one of her legs between Willow's thighs as she brought the offending fingers up to her mouth and tasted herself.

Willow also positioned one of her legs between the blond's. "Baby, that's so hot when you - " She paused as Tara set the pace, "Uh-uhh"

Tara smiled at this.

The pace quickened as the heat rose between the two witches.

Pushing her lover onto the desktop, the redhead climbed on top of her. Tara loved it when she took control over her. "Oh, Mistressss" Tara moaned.

"Uhh" Is all Willow could say as the pace got even faster, she nibbled on Tara's neck, both of them panting.

They both almost screamed as they climaxed at the same time.

They collapsed onto one another, basking in the afterglow.

"Willow, t-that was ama - " Tara started. The door rattled, someone was trying to get in.

"Shit! Quick!" Willow jumped off of Tara, grabbing her clothes, frantically putting them on.

Tara did the same. Just as they had finished dressing, the door flew open.

"Excuse me, what are you doing in here?" The old man asked, puzzled.

"Oh, you found us! We got locked in." Willow replied.

"Well, hurry up out! I have to clean in here!" They hurried past him, giggling.


The Scooby gang had assembled at the Magic Box, all except Willow and Tara.

"Do you think they're - " Xander was stopped by a glare from Buffy, " - Busy at theerr, library?"

Dawn looked up from her homework, "Don't mind me. I do know about this stuff you know."

"Well you're not supposed to." Buffy told her younger sister. The gang stared at her. "What?"

The bell rang as the door opened. "Hey. Sorry we're late," Willow said as she walked over to the others, hand-in-hand with Tara, "We had some errands to run."

They smiled at the group as they sat with them at the table.

"Right, as we're all here, finally, I have some good news and some bad news." Giles took a sip of his tea.

"Ooh, good news first." The redhead said enthusiastically.

"Good news is more for Anya actually," At this the ex-demon grinned, "The Magic Box has doubled its takings recently."

Anya's grin grew wider. Xander kissed her, "Well done, baby."

"It's not just her who runs this shop." Giles said.

"Well I would have kissed you too, but I didn't think it would be appropriate." Xander replied to a rather embraced-looking Giles.

"And the bad news?" Buffy asked.

"Yes, the bad newsI have received information that Faith has returned to Sunnydale."

"W-what?" A shocked Buffy asked Giles.

"Faith is back in Sunnydale, and we don't know what her intensions are."


Faith sat on her small motel bed. She had a picture in her hand. A photo. A photo of Buffy.

"Soon you'll be mine Slayer. Soon."


"What are you going to do?" Dawn sat on the sofa in the Summer's living room. It was late.

"I don't know, patrol, I guess." Buffy answered, still a bit shook up from the news.

"'Cos if she comes here, I'll help you kick her ass."


"What?!" She asked, surprised.

"Oh, nothing. I'm just tried." Buffy got up, "I'm gonna crash. Night." She kissed Dawn on the head and went out of the room.

"Ok" Dawn also got up and went upstairs. She walked up to Willow and Tara's room and knocked.

After a while Willow opened the door very slightly, "Oh, hey Dawny. You Ok?"

"Um, yeah. Buffy went to bed and I was bored so I thought maybe we could hang out?"

"OhW-we're a bit busy at the moment" Dawn noticed Willow's hair and top were ruffled and her belt was undone.

"Ah. Ok," She paused, "Can I go over to Janice's?"

"UmSure Dawney. Be back by eleven, yeah?" Willow smiled at her.

"Thanks, I will."


"What did Dawney want?" Tara was laying on their double bed, topless.

"She wanted some company, Buffy went to bed. I said she could go over to her friend's house."

"Oh." Tara got up. "You could have said she could join us."

"Huh? Tara!" Willow started, shocked.

"No! No, no. I mean to talk or watch TV or something." She laughed at her girlfriend's dirty mind.

Willow smiled, "Hey," She moved closer to her, "You know, if Buffy's gone to bed, we have to be quiet."

At this Tara slid two fingers up willow's skirt and into her. "Uh"

"Shh." Tara told her, moving her hand slowly.

The redhead leaned against her, her eyes closed.

Tara smiled and drew back her hand. Willow pushed her onto the bed again and climbed on top of her, straddling her.

Willow took off Tara's trousers; put her leg between Taras' as she did the same.

Willow set a fast pace.

Tara moaned.

"Who am I?" Willow demanded.

"Mistress. Oh, Mistress!" She moaned again.


The two witches' breath quickened as did the pace. Sweat ran down Tara's breasts.

She opened her eyes and saw Willow's expressive face, mouth open with pleasure.

Willow stared back into the blond's deep blue eyes. Her own eyes sparkled like emeralds, a tear forming.

Tara caught it as it made it's way down Willow's pretty face.

Willow kissed her way down her girlfriends neck and chest until she reached her breasts; she started to suckle, but was stopped when her body jerked in time with Taras'. "Fuuuck"

As they climaxed, Willow nuzzled down into her lover's cleavage.

Tara screamed as she had a second orgasm.

Willow rolled off of Tara and lay beside her, panting.

"Oh, Goddess" Tara whispered.

"I think you woke Buffy up." Willow giggled.



Buffy walked down the quiet road towards the Magic Box.

It was a hot day; she closed her eyes as a soft breeze whispered against her skin.

She opened her eyes to a familiar face.

"Hey, B. How's it goin'?"

"Faith." Buffy greeted the other Chosen One, wearily.

Despite the warm weather, Faith was dressed in tight black leathers. Buffy noticed her hair was slightly longer then the last time she had seen her, but still as full and luscious, as were her lips.

"So you wanna get rough with me?" Faith asked Buffy.

"Wha - huh?"

"I remember, Slayer."

"R-remember what?" Buffy stood straight.

"You know as well as I do, B"

"Do I?"

Faith reached out to Buffy's face and brushed a stray hair to the side. Buffy let out the breath she had been holding.

Faith took her by the hand, "Come on."


"Where are we going?" Buffy asked.

"Don't you recognise the way?" Faith grinned.

"No - No, no, no. We can't - You can't! Dawn and my friends are there!" Buffy stopped.

"I can sneak past them."

"Wait." Buffy told the brunette. But she didn't listen.

The small blond tugged Faith's hand, causing her to stagger back, and punched her pale face.

Faith grabbed Buffy's shoulders and pushed her to the ground. But Buffy held onto her hand, Faith landed on top of her.

"You'd rather do it out here?!" She smiled down at the beauty she'd been fantasizing about since they'd met.

Buffy sighed, annoyed.

"Fine. Whatever."


"Hey Buff." Xander called as she opened the back door.

"We're in here!" Willow was home, which meant Tara was too.

"Everyone's here." Buffy whispered to Faith, "Come on."

They moved quickly and quietly to the stairs. "Wait here."

The blond slayer entered the living room. She smiled at her friends. "Where's Dawn?"

"Dawney's in her room." Tara told her.

Buffy groaned. "I'm gonna go to my room. Tired."

"Ok. But if ya want, you could join us, we're watching a movie." Xander offered.

"Na - "

"There's Popcorn!" Anya added.

Buffy smiled, "No, but thankyou."

Willow waved as the Slayer left the room.


"Room's not changed much." Faith said as Buffy closed her door behind them.

"I guess."

"So, B, you wanna be on top first?" She grinned.

She rammed the sexy brunette, Buffy landed on top of her on the soft double bed.

"Looks like I am gonna be."

Faith took a moment to look into Buffy's eyes; she stared back into hers'. "I don't usually do the mushy stuff" Faith trailed off.

The smaller slayer smiled.


"I changed my mind. It's movie time, guys. Gimme Popcorn."

Dawn sat on the sofa next to Tara who was snuggled up to Willow.

"I heard footsteps on the stairs, Buffy's home?" Dawn asked.

"Yup. Didn't wanna join us though." Xander answered.

"Oh. Ok. Good movie?"

"Uh-huh." Xander replied, eyes fixed on the screen.

"It's about two women who fall in love, you know, the usual lesbian storyline." Anya filled her in, her voice one-tone.

"Oh" Dawn said to herself. She no longer wanted Buffy to join them, to send her to her room because it's not 'suitable' for her to watch. She hated that Buffy was like that; after all, Dawn lived with two lesbians.

She looked at the TV screen; the two main characters had drifted together in a kiss. Dawn felt so alone. 'Everyone has someone special; Willow has Tara; Xander has AnyaI guess us Summers girls are destined to be alone' She thought.



Faith smiled as she circled her tongue around Buffy's very wet centre.

Both slayers had already disrobed and their clothes were scattered all around the room.

Faith had Buffy on her back on her bed with her head between the blond's thighs.

Buffy grabbed Faith's shoulders and pushed her hard onto the floor, where she leaped off the bed to join her.


"What's that?" Dawn asked the others, "Did anyone else hear that?"

"Yeah we heard it." Tara said for everyone.

"Hey, d'ya think Buffy's got 'someone special' up there?" Xander asked sarcastically.

'So it's just me that's gonna be alone forever'

"I doubt it very much, it's way too early for Buffy since Undead Bleach-boy." Anya said, at which everyone frowned, but agreed.


Buffy had Faith pinned to the floor with her super-strength; Faith not even trying to fight back.

"Whatchya gonna do now slayer?" Buffy asked Faith, playfully.

"What about - " Before Faith could react, the blond slid two fingers into Faith.

As she moved them up and down, the brunette kissed around Buffy's breasts, sucking them.

"Am I better than Angel?" Buffy withdrew her hand and punched the other Slayer. She rolled out from beneath her and took Buffy's hand. "Only joking, B."

"Yes. Yes you are. Much fucking better."

Faith used Buffy's hand to rub her clit, "F-Faith"

The smaller slayer broke free of her grip and kissed her deeply.

"My turnDo you trust me?" Faith asked, holding up a pair of handcuffs.

Buffy looked at them and remembered when Spike had handcuffed herBut all she could see now, all she could think of, was Faith.



"You wanna go upstairs, baby?" Willow whispered in Tara's ear.

"Yeah." Tara kissed Dawn, "Night-night Dawney."

"We're going to bed - tired." Willow clearly was lying.

On the stairs the two witches fell into a long kiss. They parted and Willow led Tara up to their bedroom.

As soon as the door was closed, they started to strip each other.

The banging they heard in Buffy's room was soon forgotten. Tara was on all fours on the floor with her head between her lover's thighs.

"Tara" Willow moaned.

Sweat ran down Willow's stomach, her breathing very quick.

"Yes, honey" Tara stopped before the redhead climaxed.

She sighed, but as she was about to do the same for Tara, she had pinned Willow down. "I haven't finished yet." She said with a grin.


Xander wiped a tear from his face as the credits rolled.

"Aw, XanderLook Dawney, he's crying!"

"I am not!I've got something in my eye." Dawn laughed.

"Wanna see another movie?" Anya asked Dawn and her fiancée.

"Shouldn't Dawn go to - "

"No! It's still way too early." She said before he could finish.

"Ok, but you're gonna have to deal with big-sis-slayer in the morning." Xander told her as he put another video into the machine.


"Faaaith!" Buffy exclaimed as she tried to break free from the handcuffs.

"Sorry, B, extra-strength cuffs." She told her. But as Buffy climaxed, they broke and fell to the floor.

"Your stronger when you're enjoying yourself. Maybe I should come on patrol with you." Buffy grinned, panting.

The blond Slayer stood up with the brunette. They just stood together for a while, close. Buffy traced up and down Faith's back, while she kissed around Buffy's slender neck.

They walked over to the bed. Faith leaned over Buffy and kissed her gently. "I love you."

Buffy stared back into Faith's dark eyes and saw something she had never seen in them before. They kissed again, as they broke apart Faith moved so they were lying side-by-side. Buffy stroked Faith's hair. "And I love you" She whispered in her ear.


After Willow and Tara had both climaxed at the same time, they were lying on their bed in each other's arms, asleep.


"Morning, Dawney," Willow greeted Dawn in the hallway, "Good night's sleep?"

"Yeah, Ok. You?" She smiled at her.

"Um, yes. I did thank you." She smiled back and went to see if Buffy was awake yet. She knocked on her bedroom door.


Inside Buffy's room, she woke at the sound of knocking. Her heart raced when she realised what she had done last night, then she smiled. She opened her sleepy eyes expecting to see Faith.

But Faith had gone. There was a note on the bed next to her; 'B. didn't want to get you in trouble with your friends, love Faith.' Buffy smiled again.