Under Your Spell
Still Extra Flamey

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by Louise

Rating: NC-17 // 18

Pairing: W/T

Status: Complete

Spoilers: Season 4, after New Moon Rising.

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters mentioned.

Summary: What happened between Willow and Tara after she blew out the candle. A beautiful night.


As Taras eyes adjusted to the darkness she had just created, she placed the extinguished candle onto the dresser beside her.

Soft silver-blue moonlight shimmered through the small window at which the blond had been sitting beside, alone just a few minutes ago.

She remembered how isolated she had felt. Then Willow came and changed everything; she lit up Taras whole being.

Willow felt her heart thundering, the promise she had made was echoing in her mind, to make it up to Tara. She noticed how the moonlight outlined the shape of the girl standing before her, as if she was glowing.

The redhead reached her hand up to Taras face; she touched her cheek reassuringly. The blond caught her hand and held it in her own for a moment, before moving her free hand from her side to Willows lower back. She pulled her closer.

Willow placed her hand at Taras waist. She felt warm skin on her palm where her top didnt quite meet her trousers.

After a second of feeling hot breath on her lips, the redhead leaned in and kissed the blond. The moment she felt the other girls lips touch her own, emotion surged through her like electricity.

Their first kiss. It burned into their memories, never to be forgotten.

When they parted, Tara looked at her love and smiled, "You m-make me feel like no one ever has." She brushed fiery hair back and leaned in again and kissed her passionately.

"...Still extra flamey." Willow mumbled, dazed from the kiss.

She traced the hem of Taras top with her fingers. She slowly pulled it up and off.

The blond witch felt a little self-conscious, standing half naked in front of the girl she had been dreaming of since the first time she saw her.

The redhead felt safe with her, this is where she always wanted to be. She planted tiny butterfly kisses all the way down Taras neck and breasts. She felt the blonds nipples harden at the warm, wet touch of her mouth, suckling.

Tara let out the breath she had been holding. Willow returned to face her, looking into her gorgeous sapphire eyes.

The blond moved her hands up and removed Willows sweater, then her spaghetti top. She walked around to her back. Willow felt full breasts lightly touching her skin. Tara kissed her neck as she took off Willows bra.

Tara let her hands wander around to the top of the redheads skirt and panties. After a second they dropped to the floor.

Willow felt her knees go weak as the blond moved slowly in front of her, pulled her close and snuggled in the corner of her neck. The redheads hands drifted down each side of her loves naked torso, ending up with the last pieces of clothing discarded.

They walked over to the bed, away from the shedded clothes. Willow lied down on her back and Tara climbed on beside her.

Tara caressed Willows stomach with her fingertips, travelling down. She marvelled at the delicate form of her lover. Her hand reached the redheads nether-realm, and began to circle her centre.

She closed her eyes as Tara quickened the pace a little. Revelling in the touch of the girl under her.

After Willow climaxed, she leaned on the blond as she wrapped her up in her loving arms.

A minute or two later her breath had calmed, she climbed onto Tara, straddling her, "As I promised..."

Taras heart trembled, the redhead crawled backwards. She leaned forwards, her head between the blonds thighs. She stroked the soft skin at the top inside of her leg before circling Taras wet centre with her exploring tongue.

The sensations running through the blond made her set an even faster pace. She clung onto the back of Willows head, moaning softly.

After an eternity of wonderful Willow-tongue, Tara almost screamed as she climaxed.

The redhead returned to lying in the arms of her lover. She still tasted the blond in her mouth.

Willow closed her eyes, feeling warmth pulsating around them, "I love you."

"I love you." Tara whispered back as she closed her eyes as well.

They both dreamed of what they experienced together; making magic, making memories, making love.