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by Wiccie

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Buffy, Willow, or Tara, although I covet them greatly. Joss, man, I'd switch teams for ya just because you made such cool fictional people. Did I mention that any team-switching on my part would require you to keep your pants on?

Pairing: Willow/Tara

Rating: R or "Mature" in America; in other countries with less Puritanical ideas about sex; knock yourselves out, kids.

Squick Factor: It has been brought to my attention that some persons of the male persuasion might be squicked by even a casual, non-graphic mention of the feminine cycles. Get over it!

Spoilers: None for any specific episodes, but this series takes place mostly in the late 4th to early 5th season.

Distribution: Anywhere, with credit and disclaimers intact.

Feedback: Try backing the mike away from the monitors, or if you'd rather pet my ego, email me (danacory@usa.net).

'Plot' Summary: Such as it is, Willow & Tara on a humorous high-hormone, uh, high. This series isn't exactly Dostoyevsky - Hell, it isn't even Pushkin on a vodka binge;~)

"Pants Day!"

Willow gasped between searing kisses. The receptor of her desire, Tara, mumbled an affirmative response as their writhing, naked bodies further mussed the already must-be-discarded-as-way-too-musked sheets.

"Pants Day" actually translated into "We're both ovulating today, therefore constantly horny for what Giles would call 'a good hard shag', so we should wear clothing that maximizes the friction co-efficient when we can't help but find each other between classes for a quick dry-hump (although there's really nothing dry about it)".

In the throes of early-morning wake-up sex, the couple had found it much easier to say "Pants Day".

With a few more frantic thrusts against each other's thighs, Willow and Tara simultaneously screamed as their activity reached a foregone conclusion. Willow collapsed on top of the blonde in happy satiation, enfolded in a buxom embrace. The lovers slowly caught their breath as they basked in the afterglow.

"Oh, yeah, definitely Pants Day."

Tara acknowledged as she snuggled closer to her lesbian, gay-type girlfriend.

Today was one of the benefits of syncing cycles for the two wiccans. As they had discovered early into their sexual relationship, that's what happens when ovaries unite.

They had developed various code phrases to describe the ups-and-downs of their mutual cycle, both for efficiency and lessened embarrassment around others.

There was Red Flag Week (self-explanatory), Weepy Week (preceding Red Flag Week), Spelunking Day (the one day between WW and RFD, when penetration was a must-have, even for Tara who normally operated with a strict "nothing goes in, nothing comes out" policy). Pants Day, however, was by far their favorite.

"Mmmm, we have to get ready for class."

Willow whined and started to extricate herself from the tangle of limbs and damp fabric. Tara yawned and followed her lover out of bed a few moments later. They donned robes for the short trip to the dorm showers.

Discreetly tucked into the last stall together, Willow and Tara attempted the intricate planning necessary for Pants Day, while driving each other to serious distraction.

"OK, I'm done with Sophomore Level Psychology at 8:50, and I have to be across campus for Physics at 9:05 - oh goddess!"

Willow struggled to concentrate, as Tara made sure her breasts were squeaky-clean. When she was satisfied with the results, Tara pulled Willow closer to reach behind and lather her bottom as she answered the redhead.

"Hmmmm, and I have Greek Art with Buffy at 9:05. No time to come back here."

"Damn, I hate it when this falls on a Wednesday. So, library - Occult section - at 8:55?"

Willow slipped her hand between Tara's legs and almost prevented the blonde from answering.

"Oh, yes! I'm there! I'msorightthere."

The witches then spent several minutes and gallons of water exploring the effect of soap on the friction co-efficient of two heated bodies in motion, and how said bodies could continue such motions throughout the busy school day.

Back in the dorm room, the now-running-late lovers quickly changed into jeans and sweaters, ran combs through damp hair, and raced off to class.

Of course, the evolution of Pants Day had been a series of hit-and-miss experiments. The exact moment that Willow and Tara realized how Fun With Friction was an hourly addiction one day of the month, they had the misfortune of both wearing skirts and being in study hall together.

That fateful day their knees touched under the Reference table, eyes met, pupils dilated, and then Willow invented the flimsiest excuse known to humankind to dash to the darkest corner of the library with Tara - much to the professor's consternation.

The frenzied 3 * minute coupling resulted in shredded underpants, snagged threads, and stains that were not easily explained when the witches returned to their table flushed and musky.

A combination of appreciative leers and looks of disgust from their classmates prompted Willow and Tara to begin carefully planning their lustful spontaneity.

So, after months of precise, scientific trial-humps involving tights with skirts, kulats, polyester slacks, and organic hemp draw-string pants, Willow concluded that wearing jeans commando-style (no undies) was the best way to achieve Maximum Friction.

Which brings us back to the current Pants Day, as Tara anxiously awaits her rendezvous just outside of the library. She checked her watch for the 12th time in the past 30 seconds - 08:56:45. Tara scanned the direction Willow should be coming from, and tried to ignore the overwhelming, pulsing, needy ache in her -

"Hey, Tara!"

The blonde turned towards the sound of her name, and her heart fell to see Buffy instead of Willow striding up the steps to greet her. Tara tried not to show her disappointment.

"Oh, hey Buffy."

"I'm glad I caught you before class - I have some questions about Chapter 10." Buffy paused to take a breath and looked at Tara's ensemble. "Cool jeans - I like the beadwork. You don't usually wear jeans do you?"

"I" Tara's stammer threatened to return under the scrutiny. Buffy never noticed Pants Day before! The witch shifted her weight, extremely self-conscious of the moisture between skin and denim. "Have to meet Willow and-"

"Here I am!" Willow suddenly appeared beside Tara, and rested a reassuring hand on her lover's back. Tara sighed in relief and beamed at her as she continued in full Willow-babble mode. "For the meeting thing, which we have to go do - right now. Bye Buffy!"

The redhead grabbed Tara's hand and hauled her into the library before the Slayer could respond.

"Uh, hi and bye to you too, Willow." Buffy shook her head in confusion over the wiccans' hasty exit. It seemed like the few times she'd notice Willow and Tara both wearing jeans, she wouldn't see much of them that day.

"Weird." Buffy mused for a moment, then proceeded to her class, still worried about Chapter 10.

Tara tried to keep up and not fall as Willow dragged her into the deepest regions of the Occult section.

"Willow, I don't think we have time anymo-" The blonde's concerns were smothered by her lover's lips and tongue as Willow pressed her into the wall. Both women groaned into the kiss as their thighs found warm purchase and began pushing against each other.

Willow broke the kiss to breathe.

"Less talk, more rub." She mumbled while sucking Tara's neck.

The blonde moaned and cupped Willow's butt to assist their motion.

They had tried, and failed, to resist the pull of Fun With Friction on other days such as this - when their schedules kept them on opposite ends of the campus all day.

Yet some deep physiological "I'm dropping eggs - use 'em or lose 'em" instinct always won out, and the will succumbed to the needs of the flesh.

They had processed the phenomenon for hours, as all good lesbians do. The Friction Addiction wasn't nearly as strong when Willow was with Oz, or when Tara and Willow were still "just friends". The only reasonable explanation was that somehow, because it was women as mates, their bodies pushed them to try even harder for fertilization. As if the simple, pure animal act of thrusting and grinding would eventually pay off in breeding, and when it didn't, the hormones would rage even higher to try again.

This conflagration of chemistry turned two usually shy, modest witches into the steaming heap of passion that was now polishing a small piece of library wall.

The need to be quiet only added fuel to the fire, and in a new record time (Willow often joked that speed isn't usually a good thing in this event) of 1 minute 23 seconds, one quick final press of denim against warm, wet flesh brought the lovers to a sharp peak.

They bit each other's shoulders to keep from crying out and bringing undue attention to their activity. This time, they managed to avoid breaking the skin.

"Classlate...now." Tara panted as she and Willow took a few moments to rest and lean on each other.

"MmmHmmmMust go to class." Willow sighed and reluctantly pulled away from the embrace.

They straightened up their clothes and hair, and quickly kissed again before leaving the safety of the shelves.

"So, Wilkins Hall first floor bathroom after Physics Class?"

Tara inquired with a hopeful smile.

"Yep, see ya at 10:35 for more Friction Dynamics."

"Love you."

"Love you more."


Willow winked in reply as they squeezed hands and went their separate ways - for the time being.


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