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The 'Fun with Friction' Series:
Rating: R
Status: Complete
Summary: Such as it is, Willow & Tara on a humorous high-hormone, uh, high. This series isn't exactly Dostoyevsky - Hell, it isn't even Pushkin on a vodka binge;~)
Rating: NC-17
Status: Complete
Summary: After viewing a "wimmin's film" and drinking mochas, Willow & Tara retire to their room to practice single entendres. Second installment (after "Pants Day") of the "Fun With Friction" series, which is about...Um, Willow and Tara making tender Sarah McLachlan and Hot Monkey Love, while trying to keep up with their schoolwork. If you call that a plot, you have more imagination than I do!
Rating:  NC-17
Status: Complete
Summary: If you've come this far in the FunWith Friction series, you've realized this category is pointless. Nevertheless - *sigh* - Willow and Tara get a plain-brown-wrapped Package from Good Vibrations; wackiness ensues.

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