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by Wiccie

Disclaimers: I'm one of the few people in the world who do not own a piece of, or profit from, the characters of Willow & Tara (& Spike & MKF). I only borrow Mr. Whedon's wonderful characters for fun, disinfect them when I'm done, and put them back (and boy, wasn't that a fun trip to the ER!). I also have no proprietary interest in the movie "Better Than Chocolate". I assure you my interest is purely prurient.

Pairing: W/T - in love. They're lovers. They're lesbian, gay-type lovers!

Rating: Better go with NC-17 for this one. The hot girl-girl ak-shun gets pretty hot, some Spicy Talk, and heavy abuse of addictive stimulants - sugar and caffeine!

Spoilers: Up through mid-5th season; after "Checkpoint", but before "Crush".

Choking Hazards: My friend and editor Barron warns you all not to drink mochas or any other kind of liquid while reading this story.

Carpets and Curtains Notice: Due to Tara's ever-changing hair color, and for the purpose of clarity as to who is cleaning whose carpet, I shall continue to refer to Tara as "blonde", 'cuz "brunette" or "that other sort-of redhead" or "the wiccan formerly known as blonde" just doesn't scan.

Distribution: "Any woman, any time, any place". (Brownie points if you can guess what movie that quote is from). Seriously, post it as you like, with credit and disclaimers intact.

Feedback: Check the levels on the main, and see if the amp is grounded - or, you may email me to demonstrate your love of my art (danacory@usa.net).

'Plot' Summery: After viewing a "wimmin's film" and drinking mochas, Willow & Tara retire to their room to practice single entendres. Second installment (after "Pants Day") of the "Fun With Friction" series, which is about...Um, Willow and Tara making tender Sarah McLachlan and Hot Monkey Love, while trying to keep up with their schoolwork. If you call that a plot, you have more imagination than I do!




A chorus of annoyed "shush's" barraged Willow as she noisily finished her iced mocha latte. She blushed self-consciously and sank into her theatre seat. Tara reached for her hand in the dark to comfort her lover.

"Done already? The movie just started." Tara whispered in Willow's ear, and took the opportunity to nibble a bit. Willow squirmed in a combination of arousal and embarrassment, then returned the favor.

"It's just so good with a shot of hazelnut," she nibbled and upped the ear-ante with a lick. "I want more, please?"

More "shushing" and harsh glares came raining down on the two witches from the rest of the audience, most of whom were actually paying attention to the UC Sunnydale Lesbian Alliance's screening of "Better Than Chocolate".

They slumped lower in their seats, as if it would make the conversation quieter. Tara stroked Willow's palm seductively as she answered.

"You know I'll do anything for you."

Willow smiled an evil Willowgrin.


Her hand moved to the blonde's knee. Tara shivered and touched her lips to Willow's earlobe.

"Anything, anytime, anywhere, any way you want it."

The redhead bit her own lip to keep from groaning at the subtle vibration and warm breath in her ear. She moved her hand up Tara's thigh and turned to respond.



The wiccans jumped at the loud interruption, and sheepishly looked behind them at two very angry, very butch, very leather-clad "wimmin". The humiliated lovers mouthed "sorry's" and faced forward.

Tara mimed that she would go get Willow another mocha (since she had seen this movie before), and Willow silently blew her a wink and a kiss in gratitude.

After a few minutes, Tara returned bearing one iced mocha latte with a shot of hazelnut syrup for Willow, and an iced double mint mocha for herself.

The blonde sat down and handed her lover the coffee just as the film's first sex scene got underway. The witches gaped at the screen, drinks half way lifted to their mouths, as the main lesbian characters screwed like minks in the back of a van.

"Oh, wow."

Willow exhaled when the scene was over. She took a long, but carefully quiet, draw from her iced mocha to help lower her suddenly elevated body temperature. Her free hand unconsciously began to stroke Tara's thigh.

"It gets better."

Tara mirrored the hand-on-thigh action, and wrapped her lips around her straw in a blatantly seductive manner.


Willow's pupils dilated in arousal and she almost schnurfled her coffee through her nose.

Four love scenes, seven mochas, and dozens of non-orgasmic Naughty Touches later, two extremely aroused witches exited the campus theatre and hastened home.

Willow and Tara held hands as they walked briskly back to the dorms and discussed what would transpire when they arrived.

"How about with whipped cream?"

Willow bounced up and down in anticipation - with a little help from her friends Sugar and Caffeine.

Tara - also practically vibrating from the pancreas-blasting infusion of artificial stimulants - answered with equal enthusiasm.

"Oh, yes! And we could drink at the same time!"

She grabbed Willow's arm with both hands as they picked up the pace.

"Well, well...Wiccans' night out I see."

Spike suddenly stepped into their path from behind a tree, and lit a cigarette in a sad attempt to look menacing.

"Hi Spike! Bye Spike!"

Willow barely acknowledged his presence as she and her lover sped past him, causing him to drop the cigarette.

The vamp took a flustered moment to recover, then followed the witches, still trying to maintain his cool fašade.

"My, my - aren't we frisky little kitties tonight?"

Spike was almost jogging to keep up with the lovers, who ignored his attempts to get a rise out of them. He persisted, sniffing at the women in an annoying fashion.

"Mmmmm...Smells like sex and candy with you two," Spike leaned in to the power-walking women for another whiff.

"And coffee and mint and...Hazelnut?" He pondered curiously.

Willow finally stopped walking - causing Tara to stumble slightly at the unexpected change of pace - and turned to give the vamp her full attention. The mixture of hormones and chemicals rushing in her blood stream did not bode well for William The Bloody. The d redhead got in Spike's face and poked his chest to accentuate her words.

"Spike!"[poke] He stumbled back a step. "I am going to go home [poke] and make mad [poke], passionate [poke] love," [POKE!] Spike stumbled again with that last, extra vicious finger-jab. "With HER!"

Willow used the pokey finger to point at Tara, who shyly smiled and nodded in agreement.

The vampire was at a rare loss for words at this uncharacteristic outburst, and Willow didn't allow him to recover.

"And YOU are absolutely, positively, NOT INVITED!"

With that, Willow turned and resumed her speed walking, with Tara in tow.

"Ow!" Spike rubbed his sore chest, and called after the departing lovers. "Well, afterwards, y'know if you see Buffy tell her I..." He realized they would never relay the message. "Oh, bloody hell!"

The dejected and Slayer-love-struck vampire shuffled away.

"Sodding witches!"

Willow's emphatic declaration of passion and intent burned brightly inside of Tara. Willow was by far the more touchy-feely one in their partnership, but as they ascended the steps to their room the usually shy blonde found her hands wandering all over Willow - witnesses be damned!

Mostly they both tried to keep a sexually low profile in public or around their friends (unlike Xander and Anya), but at certain times it became considerably more difficult for the witches to control their urges for each other; Pants Day, Spelunking Day, or on a multiple-mocha high like tonight. Well, mused Tara, Spike wasn't exactly a friend and she didn't much care what he thought about her and Willow.

Although it seemed like Willow had been more "out" since the interview with the Council of Watcher's - not that they were ashamed or closeted before that, it's justThe longer the wiccans were together as a couple, the more blatant the PDA's and declarations of love became.

The blonde wasn't at all concerned by this development - she loved belonging to someone, especially to smart, kind, gentle, brave, beautiful Willow.

"Tara honey, not that I don't enjoy a good frisky-frisking, but you have the keys tonight - remember?"

Her train of thought derailed like a miniature in a Bruce Willis movie. Tara realized they had arrived at the door to their room, and that her hands were inside Willow's front pants' pockets - not with the intent of finding keys.

"Oops" Tara giggled and moved her hands to her own clothes in search of keys. Willow smiled and turned around to face her lover.

"You need any help with that?" She teased and pressed closer, starting her own inner-fabric quest on Tara's body.

"Got 'em!" The blonde gasped at Willow's touch and fumbled to unlock the door. It swung open just before the lover's reached the point of not giving a flying fig about anyone and jumping each other's bones right there in the hallway. As it was, they started kissing passionately as they stumbled into the room, kicking the door shut behind them.

Now safely inside, the witches felt less frantic and slowed their kisses, taking the time to savor the taste and touch of each other. Willow's hands continued their trek under Tara's shirt, moving equally over back and front. For her part, the blonde was unbuttoning Willow's pants by feel. Once loosened, Tara worked her hands under the back waistband to cup her lover's bottom. They stayed this way for several minutes, enjoying the mocha-minty-nutty-Willowsweet-Taratart-goodness of lips and tongues.

"MmmmHow about we move from frisking to a strip-search?" Willow queried between kisses. Tara was breathing too hard to verbalize, so she simply nodded and lifted her own top off to answer. Willow's mouth descended down her lover's neck as her hands set about unhooking the 36C bra.

Tara moaned her approval of these actions and took action herself, pulling Willow's peasant blouse up and over the red head, revealing small, perfect and completely bare breasts. Their mouths met again as each woman helped the other shuck her pants and step out of the restricting garments.

Miss Kitty Fantastico watched this ridiculous human ritual from her vantage point on the bed. She voiced her disapproval at being ignored.

Come on, my people! Enough with the mouth-on-mouth greeting! Pay attention to me! It's bad enough they put my Live Prey Toy where I can't even reach it, but lately I'm lucky if I get a pat on the head and some kibble every night. This bites!

Which all sounded like "Meow", but the humans were far too distracted to hear it. Willow was quite occupied with kissing her way down the front of Tara's body while simultaneously removing the blonde's underpants. Tara, for her part, was moaning much too loudly to hear a small kitten's voice.

Rats! Now they're pawing each other's teats. This part of the cleaning ritual always takes forever I'm hungry and need love!

What's the big deal about a couple of teats? I haveUhWay more than that!

As the lover's kissed and groped, Miss Kitty Fantastico rolled on her back flirtatiously.

Look, my people, I am warm and fuzzy and squeezably softI'll even let you pet my teat-covered tummy, and I promise I won't freak out and bite you this time - really!

Willow and Tara continued their lustful oblivion to their kitten's mewls. The blonde reluctantly broke off their kiss to begin the more important - and slow - journey southwards. The artificial stimulants in Tara's system transformed her into a Scorpio Sex Goddess; sensual, deliberate, and determined to play Willow like a Stradivarius. Conversely, the caffeine and pheromones coursing through Willow's veins caused her to shift into Spastic Naughty Babble Mode as soon as Tara's lips left hers.

"Goddess! Tara, you feel so good! That van scene in the movie got me so hot, let's get a van and drive each other crazy in it, we can park it on campus and it'll be great for Pants Day - oh! Oz and I screwed in his van before Graduation, oops, sorry I shouldn't talk about that, you know you're so much better than him in bed, you do things I never dreamed about"

Tara paid little mind to her lover's ramblings as she kissed and caressed and licked and suckled her way down Willow's torso. When they first got together, the shy blonde wiccan had tried to listen intently and respond to Willow, but she soon found that made the actual act of lovemaking more difficult. In times of great arousal the stream-of-consciousness metaphors, anecdotes, analogies, similes, and perverse requests Willow spewed forth became absolutely incomprehensible.

"Oh, Yes! The Nile floods its banks as Isis feasts before the sky filled with stars bursting through the Big Pineapple to spank the wicked pony who"

So Tara had developed a well-timed system of generic affirmative replies, that used minimal brain power whilst she concentrated on pleasuring the babbling little redhead.

"Oh, Willow!"

She gasped as she knelt in front of narrow hips and pulled down a pair of very soaked white, frilly underpants. Willow didn't miss a beat as her panties were removed and Tara gently lifted each of her feet out of the fabric, then tossed it aside.

"All sweaty and gooey and that funny spray you get at Spencer's Gifts, y'know the glittery stuff, not the cheese or string, but that other kind of"

"Oh, yes!"

Tara moaned as she leaned in to nuzzle soft, damp red hair. She absorbed the delicious Willowscent and ran her hands up the back of Willow's legs to grasp her petite derriere. The blonde knew it was time to do the one thing that never failed to stop the Naughty Babble; she closed her eyes, wrapped her lips around the first warm, small, slick, hooded object she found, and sucked - hard.

True to form, all of the blood (fueling the words) in Willow's brain was quite suddenly pulled to her nether realms, leaving synapses struggling to piece together phrases as simple as "Fire bad, tree pretty". The effect was immediate.

"Succulent succubus incubating in my thespian masticati - OoohhWeeeooowwTaraaah-"

The hands that had been gently petting Tara's head during the Babble Fest now grasped firm fistfuls of hair as Willow gaped silently frozen in ecstatic surprise. The blonde backed off a bit, but still maintained oral contact with her lover. After a few dazed moments Willow began to breathe again, though still deprived of speech, and gradually lowered her head to gaze lovingly down into clear blue eyes. Tara stared right back into green as she made her lingual movements more dramatic for her beloved.

Meanwhile, two feet away on the bed, Miss Kitty Fantastico was becoming Miss Kitty Pissed-off-ico.

Oh, great! Long Hair's cleaning Short Hair's fur. Sheesh, for creatures with only one little patch of pelt they sure do spend a lot if time grooming it! I'm gonna have to get proactiveHey, my tail!*spin, spin, spin, chomp*OW! What?Oh, yeah. I'm gonna have to get proactive with these stupid, compulsive fur-cleaning freaks or I'm NEVER going to get food and love!

The half-grown kitten jumped off the bed and marched towards her neglectful humans, twitching her tail in righteous indignation.

Ha! See if they can ignore me when I rub up against their ugly, hairless legs and turn up the purring.

Tara felt Willow's knees start to wobble from her loving attention and, knowing she wasn't strong enough to completely support her in this position, gently pushed forward urging Willow to move towards the nearby bed.

The redhead automatically stepped backwards, her eyes still locked on her lover, completely enraptured by the sight, sound, and feel of Tara's mouth. The blonde stayed attached, shuffling on her knees.

The lovers had no idea that their cat was playing furry iceberg to their naked Titanic.


"Wha-?!? AAHHH!"

Willow tripped and started to fall backwards, then over-corrected and fell forward into Tara's face.


"OW! Mby nobse!"


Tara's nose and Willow's pubic bone impacted painfully and both women fell to the floor, landing on Miss Kitty's tail.




"Babd Kibby!"

The wreckage of fur and flesh lay in a tangle at the foot of the bed. Tara cupped her bleeding and swelling nose, Willow curled into a fetal position to protect her bruised "area", and Miss Kitty Fantastico recovered her dignity in record time and retired to the corner to lick her sore tail - as if this fiasco was exactly the result she had hoped for.

Five minutes later Tara was laying on her back - still naked - her head upside down over the edge of the bed, and her nose stuffed with tissue to stop the bleeding. Willow was making ice packs from their mini-fridge, and Miss KittyWell, let's just say she was having a Time Out in her plastic carrier.

Clumsy humans! This never would have happened if they had just paid attention to me in the first placeAt least I have food and water and - Oooh! Catnip toy! Yummy!

Willow - also still naked - knelt gingerly on the floor next to Tara, placed the twin ice packs on the bed, and gently removed the used tissues from her girlfriend's nose.

"My poor Tare-bear. Are you sure we shouldn't take you to the hospital?"

The concerned redhead ran her fingers through long blonde hair as Tara picked up an ice pack and held it against her own nose.

"Nob, I'lb be OK. Ibt's nobt bwoken, jubst sorwe. I'mb sowwy"

"What? No! It was an accident, don't be silly. I just worry about you"

Willow placed the other ice pack on her own injury and hissed at the cold.

"Arbe youb OK?"

"Oh, yeah, it's just so embarrassing. I sure hope I'm not walking funny tomorrow or Xander will never let me live it down."

The lovers smiled and giggled at the ridiculousness of their situation.

"I hadb hopedb to habve you walking fubby forb abother weason."

The blonde tried a sexy smile on her injured face. Willow leaned in and placed a soft kiss on Tara's forehead.

"Well, if you feel up to it you can still kiss the boo-boo and make it better."

Tara dropped the cold pack on the floor and craned her neck to look into Willow's eyes. The love and concern and desire she saw there stirred a longing that far outweighed the soreness of her nose. The ice had already reduced the swelling quite a bit, anyway.

"Obnly ibf we cabn drignk at the sambe timbe."

Delight washed over Willow's face.

"We'll just be really, really, gentle, OK?"

Tara smiled and answered by scooting more onto the bed so that her head and neck were completely supported. Willow stayed kneeling next to the bed as she covered Tara's face with butterfly kisses.

The blonde closed her eyes and sighed contentedly, basking in the tender affection. Willow planted soft little kisses everywhere but on her lover's lips - the anticipation arousing Tara even more.

"Do you know how much I love you?"

Willow whispered rhetorically into Tara's ear, causing an arch and a gasp. The redhead moved to hover upside down over the blonde's lips, teasing her by lightly nipping and licking, then pulling away. Willow remained aware of her lover's partially impaired airway, and encouraged Tara's tongue to meet hers outside of their mouths.

The lovers breathed into each other as they playfully competed in lingual dexterity - a promise of things to come, as it were.

Miss Kitty Fantastico, full of kibble and catnip, observed from behind bars.

Again with the mouth-on-mouth! Why can't they rub cheeks or butt-sniff like civilized creatures?*sigh* Might as well take a nap. At this rate they won't get to the actual fur-cleaning for a looooong time.

Miss Kitty Fantastico curled into a ball and was asleep in seconds.

From her kneeling position Willow continued to torment Tara with too-soft kisses, and began to stroke the blonde's upper body with equally arousing and frustrating caresses. The prone wiccan's breathing increased as her lover's touch grazed over shoulders and arms and breasts.


Tara couldn't stand it anymore and pulled the redhead into a deeper kiss. They moaned and sighed together, pushing the passion up to the next level. Willow eventually broke the kiss to climb further into the bed, licking and nibbling her way down Tara's neck and chest. The blonde mirrored the kisses and gratefully mouthed a small breast when it came within range.

Supporting herself on her forearms and half-kneeling, Willow adoringly nuzzled and suckled the generous bosom. She loved getting lost in Tara's cleavage. Some nights if they were too tired to make love, she'd content herself with falling asleep on the twin pillows. Tara would tease her as they drifted off about smothering to death in her sleep, and Willow would always supply the requisite "But what a way to die!" answer.

Tara's hands rubbed her lover's upper back and shoulders. The blonde also took turns pulling each A-cup breast all the way into her mouth, taking breaths around it, which added an extra-lovely sensation of warm and cold air against damp skin for Willow. On a particularly powerful pull, the redhead was forced to abandon her own suckling mission to express her joy.

"Goddess, Tara!"

Willow cried loudly, trying very hard not to come too early in the proceedings. She panted from the extreme pleasure, struggling to maintain control but unwilling to break contact.

Miss Kitty Fantastico awoke at the loud noises.

What the?Aaah, moved on to the licking and suckling. The licking I can understand - I just feel sorry for them that they're not limber enough to clean themselves - but suckling?

What, are they babies? And if they are they can't both be the mommy, and I haven't smelled any milk, but then again sometimes I like to knead on something soft and pretend to suckle, but they're not pretending andOw, my brain hurts.

Stupid creatures! I hope they're done before I have to use the litterbox.*yawn*

The kitten stretched out to resume her napping, and covered her ears with her paws in a vain attempt to filter out the sounds of human mating.

Willow decided - with what little blood remained in her brain - that she had better be easin' on down the Yellow Haired Road or her journey would end too quickly, and without Tara. On her lover's next breath, Willow seized the opportunity and climbed all the way on the bed, licking and kissing a path across the blonde's stomach.

Tara adjusted her oral actions to match, and raked her nails lightly across Willow's back for good measure. The measure was almost too good, and the redhead picked up the pace to her final destination.

The lovers shifted into prime positions - arms wrapped around thighs, faces in dark places. Although they were each quite literally dripping with arousal, the need to proceed carefully in injured areas prevailed.

Tara reached her tongue out to test for tenderness, mentally noting what seemed to be a pain response and what was pleasure. After several exquisite minutes of exploration, the blonde concluded her best bet was tongue thrusts - which just happened to be one of Willow's favorites anyway - with a few gentle clit licks.

Willow delayed her own dining experience to enjoy the Tenderness Test and to practice not pushing herself into Tara's face (as per usual) for both their benefits.

Satisfied that the Ouchie Ends were off to a good start, Willow lowered her head and began the beloved routine of lick-flutter-suck that drove Tara wild.

The joyful noise all this activity created was not conducive to a catnap.

Miss Kitty Fantastico sat glowering in her plastic carry-crate.

At least they finally got to the damn fur! Of course, no telling how long this'll lastdays maybe? Hey, Is that what I think it is?

The kitten perked her ears at a sudden change in pitch from the loud humans.

Long Hair makes the low growl, Short Hair starts the high panting whine - yes! This means the cleaning is almost over! Come on, come on, come onWait for itAndScream!

Yay, they're done! Whoo-hoo!

Willow collapsed onto Tara, then moved to her side carefully to avoid bumping Tara's nose.

Miss Kitty Fantastico pawed and cried fervently to get out of the crate.

OK, my people - Lit-Ter-Box! Got-To-Pee! Let-Me-Out! Got-To-Pee!

The lovers slowly floated back to earth from one of the best mutual orgasms in their history - although for them, history changed every night. Willow caught her breath as she rested her head on Tara's thigh and absently ran her fingers through short, blonde, curly hair. Tara hugged her lover's thigh and raked her fingernails around Willow's hip and bottom. She tentatively inhaled through her nose for the first time since the "incident", and noticed it wasn't nearly as stuffy or sore.

They lay like that for long moments, reveling in the afterglow. Tara turned her head to kiss the thigh on her shoulder. A tear ran down her face to join the other drying fluids on Willow's leg.

"I love you so much, Willow, sometimes I don't know what to do with myself."

The redhead welled-up too at the statement, and repositioned herself so she was on top of her lover, face-to-face. They looked into each other's eyes as a few tears dropped down. Overwhelmed with emotions beyond words, Willow simply kissed Tara, conveying perfectly everything she felt.

They broke apart to breath and giggled at their own sappiness.

"You're face looks like a glazed donut."

The blonde teased as her hands tickled Willow.

"Look who's talkin'."

The redhead teased back and tried to stop the tickling hands - without moving away of course.

They laughed and played and wrestled for a while, until at last Tara noticed Miss Kitty Fantastico mewling and pawing to get out of her cage.

"Uh-oh, I think someone needs a litterbox break."

"That makes two of us. All those mochas - what was I thinking?"

"Maybe you were trying to satisfy an oral fixation?"

"Maybe my oral fixation has just begun..."

Willow smirked and got up to let the kitten out, then ducked into the bathroom. While Willow took care of business, Tara rearranged herself so her head was on the pillows and her body was hidden under the covers. When she heard the toilet flush and the faucet running, she turned over and pretended to be asleep.

Willow opened the bathroom door and smiled when she saw what her lover was up to. She played her part by lifting the covers at the foot of the bed and crawling under them to spoon Tara. They both knew sleep would not come soon with the amounts of sugar and caffeine and pure lesbian lust in their systems, but this was another fun game they had developed. After the initial round of lovemaking, whoever had to get up to pee first got to "convince" her "sleeping" lover to continue.

Willow planted warm, wet kisses along Tara's upper back.

"We don't have any whipped cream, but maybe if we shake the milk a lot we can make some from scratch."

She playfully nipped a shoulder blade. The blonde turned around and ran her tongue slowly over Willow's lips.

"MmmmI kind of like the taste of the whipped cream we already have."

"Really?" the redhead licked back and inquired further. "Is it better than ice cream?"

"Mmmm-Hmmmm." Tara's lips hovered close enough for Willow to feel the vibration.

"Is itBetter than chocolate?"

"Oh, yes!"

"Is itBetter than mochas?"

"It's the only thing that comes close."

"Comes close? How close?"

"Very, very, veryClose."

The lovers kissed sweetly, and proceeded to show each other exactly how close for the rest of the night. Miss Kitty Fantastico returned to her crate - by choice - and resigned herself to the noise.